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Insurance is always associated with reliability. Personal Internet resource is the hallmark of the company. Therefore, your site should inspire confidence in potential customers. MotoCMS insurance website builder guarantees the correct location of information blocks, intuitive navigation, and ergonomic use. With one of insurance website templates, absolutely everyone can create insurance website in just a few days without special skills!

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Feature-Rich Insurance Website Builder

Everyone will be able to create insurance website with MotoCMS insurance website templates. With the help of insurance website builder, you can make a website from scratch, while not possessing specialized knowledge and skills in the field of web development. What do we offer our customers?

First of all, you will appreciate the ease of use when working with the insurance website builder. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can combine site elements and choose the right design. All business website templates for insurance web pages are fully adapted for mobile devices. You have to check how the site will look on a tablet, smartphone, on the screen of a laptop and a desktop computer.

Insurance agency website builder provides maximum opportunities for you to make your website more convenient and attractive to customers. For our part, we will ensure stable and reliable work for your resource. At any time you can contact our professional technical support.

MotoCMS Insurance Website Builder - General Information

MotoCMS has extensive functionality so that each user can create a great Internet resource, attach social networks to it, place the essential content - video, music, maps, calendar. Using these opportunities, you will develop an Internet project without the help of web developers and additional investments.

A website created with a favorable insurance company website template will be no different from any other ordinary webpage. And its design and functionality depend only on you. You can make a landing page for your company, blog, forum, etc., in a matter of days.

To create a web page yourself, you do not need significant investments. Sign up with MotoCMS and select the appropriate insurance website templates. You get access to the control panel of the insurance website builder and its high-end features for free.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive insurance agency website design provides the correct display of site design on any device. All insurance website templates are fully mobile-friendly and have the property of cross-platform. Insurance website builder pays particular attention to adaptability. Thanks to this, your website will have several advantages:

  • High loading speed. All pages that you create using the insurance agency website builder will load in milliseconds. Your potential customers will not have to wait long to find out the essential information.
  • Automatic site tuning for any browser. The web page will automatically adjust to the screen of the tablet, mobile phone or computer, thanks to this user it will be convenient to work with all versions of the site. The functionality is completely identical.
  • Increased number of views. The implementation of a responsive design gives growth in page views per visit and can boost the conversions from mobile devices.

Insurance web templates by MotoCMS insurance website builder focus on the basic needs of visitors and current trends in web design. For the minimum number of clicks, the client will be able to find everything one needs. Navigation and structure allow you to quickly get acquainted with the new information and fill out the feedback forms. It is easy to create insurance website with MotoCMS as it seems like an exciting computer game.

Quick Edit

Insurance website builder has very convenient tool navigation. Despite the advanced functionality, it is complicated to get lost in the constructor. Editing of individual elements occurs step by step, which allows to save your time and simplify the work as a whole. All insurance website templates are ready-to-use. You only need to fill them with content. Working with the appearance of pages and the location of widgets takes place on the Pages tab in design mode.

The whole workspace of the insurance agency website builder splits into three sections, such as a list of available pages and pop-up notifications, visual representation, and a separate block with advanced settings for editing. If you want to change the structure of the future site drastically, it is possible to do this in the same section. Browse the control panel of an appealing insurance website template, select the page you want to edit and go into edit mode.

For the convenience of users, the editing mode has blocks and widgets. In the block mode of the insurance website builder, you can change parts of the page, including the footer, header, the section with contact information and the main content. If you need to make changes to several pages, you will surely find it handy. Widget mode gives more room for creativity. Widgets are structural units of a page. The Facebook button is a separate widget; the map with a label is also a different one.

Drag-and-Drop Insurance Website Builder with Control Panel

Insurance website templates combine ergonomic design, concise website builder admin panel, simple navigation, and usability. A complete set of widgets available on the dashboard of the insurance website builder has a beautiful design, extensive functionality, and intuitive control. Each option has a tooltip. It is very convenient, especially for beginners who do not have web programming skills.

With the help of the insurance agency website builder you can:

  • manage blocks and fill them with content;
  • edit galleries and add players for audio and video files;
  • integrate social networks and add blog to your site;
  • take advantage of iframe widget, apply tools for organizing events, and more!

The enterprise website builder has a considerable number of useful features and widgets. Better try them yourself right now! All insurance website templates have the same functionality. Select any of them to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your future site.

Focus on Typography with Insurance Website Builder

Search engines work so that the user can quickly find quality information. For sure, a compelling insurance website design is essential if you want to draw visitors to your web page. However, the popularity of the site also depends on its informativeness. The content that you post must be not only beautiful but also readable.

Typography is not only a font but also an organization of textual information within the framework of a traditional design. It is a continuation of the visual presentation. For this reason, professional developers pay attention to typography as much as creating navigation and interfaces.

Why is it better to create insurance website using a website creator? The advantage of this solution is that each template has a clear structure and thoughtful design. Each text block of the insurance website builder has harmonious proportions. Convenient line width, leading, font size, and combinations of headings make it easy to read a text.

Vibrant Templates with Attention to Details

Insurance website builder gives users complete freedom of choice. We provide general recommendations and useful tips, but no more. You can use a ready-made solution and fill the insurance website templates with content. You can also play around with the settings, add new widgets and expand the general functionality.

Do not like template pages and design? Want something more unique? The media library and editing mode will help you to realize an idea. An insurance agency website builder can please any customer. Anything on the page can be edited, dragged, enlarged, reduced. Editing mode also provides a choice. Feel free to either change each structural unit separately or set a standard format.

The navigation panel of insurance website builder has six tabs, including the admin panel. Set the general format on the Settings tab. There you can find many additional options, including analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc. In the Settings mode, you can also see the list of used fonts and edit them if necessary. In the SEO section you can make additional adjustments and proceed with the sitemap creation. Features of insurance company website templates allow you to link a website with email.

Special Offers to Insurance Website Builder

A personal website is, first of all, a set of advantages and benefits for business owners. Technology trends are changing at an incredible pace. But the requirements for online resources by customers remain unchanged: the minimum implementation time, high quality of the final product and ease of use. It is not always possible to use the services of the development team.

Sometimes it is more important to invest in a different business structure. Insurance website builder solves these problems and fully meets the requirements of customers. You can try any of the insurance website templates for free. Demo version lasts for 14 days. During this time, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality or create a ready-made site. The main tools located in the admin panel have easy management and editing of internal elements.

By purchasing one of the insurance company website templates at a price that is indicated in the catalog, you will acquire a license for one-time use. However, upon purchase, the system will offer many promotional offers. In total, for a small surcharge, you can get a subscription for one-year hosting, installation and additional configuration of the template.

Additions to the Insurance Website Builder

Working with the insurance website templates clarifies the creation of an online business card. Without special skills, significant investments, you get the finished product. Even a child can handle the insurance agent web templates. With MotoCMS insurance website builder, you can quickly launch a website in less than a week. However, for your resource to remain accessible and not inferior to competitors, you should regularly update it and care about the quality of the content.

You can learn how to ultimately create insurance website in five days with the help of a particular guide. To get it, sign up for our free online website creation course. If you have any questions related to insurance website builder, responsive technical support will gladly help you at any time! We know that promoting a site and filling it with unique content is much more difficult than setting up the templates. Therefore, we offer many supplementary services that will simplify the work with online marketing.

Premium Support for Insurance Website Builder

MotoCMS support is high-speed. However, sometimes a situation happens when the help of a specialist does not require the delay. With the premium support service, each of your applications will process within two hours. The consultation for a chat and a telephone call will be a priority. You also have the opportunity to get individual expert advice regarding the development and customization of insurance website templates.

SEO Service Line

You can work with the basic settings of the SEO website builder. And it is also necessary to think over the keywords, the correct headings and to make the text correctly. But people who are poorly versed in web design and online marketing do not always want to delve into the concept of search engine optimization. Take this case to a specialist and get a better hobby! MotoCMS with its insurance website builder also provides professional SEO audits and comprehensive on-page SEO packages for your convenience.

High-Quality Content

Composing articles and informative texts for a blog is a real art. You have to lure with your writing and to persuade visitors to act on your site through them. Sometimes, content creation even takes more time than the complete website development! Nevertheless, you can delegate this to our professional copywriters who perform explicit web copywriting services. Thus, in just a week, your resource will have a compelling, original copy!

Developer's License for Insurance Website Builder

Get a developer’s license for insurance website templates to work with multiple domains. This service is necessary for those who are planning to expand their business and have several sites. With a developer’s license, you can use the same template across three domains. Save time and money with MotoCMS insurance website builder!

As far as you can see, MotoCMS offers plenty of extra services so you could save your time and let dedicated specialists fulfill your website and improve it in the best way possible. If you are interested in a complete list of available add-ons, take a look at the customer services list.

Get Started with the MotoCMS Insurance Website Builder

You want to get a multifunctional web resource quickly, but do not understand at all the development of sites? Ready-made solutions from MotoCMS allow you to create a high-quality website without programming skills. Just add and drag items as you like, watching the changes in a bright visual editor. Now building a full-fledged site will be comfortable and enjoyable fun.

MotoCMS insurance website builder has a large number of ready-made insurance website templates. Choose the one that best suits your business. If you do not like the current options, you can always wholly change any template as you wish. Edit pages, add and remove widgets, configure individual parts of the site as you want. Do not waste time searching for the development team; better start working on your website yourself with MotoCMS!

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