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Professional Website

Easy Website Creator for Beginners

Enjoy our easy website creator with 2500+ designs and build a professional website without the efforts! Try MotoCMS for free to explore the CMS impressive benefits and features for a super-quick website launch.

Drag and Drop Builder

Forget about the problems related to creating a website! With MotoCMS easy website creator, you’ll be able to build a professional website without any coding or design skills. If you don't like something about the current version, it is the fastest and most convenient way to change the design of all the necessary elements of your project:
  • titles, subheadings;
  • texts;
  • gallery;
  • buttons;
  • colors;
  • images;
  • videos;
  • the background image, etc.
Besides, our drag and drop builder allows you to select any necessary block or element from the list of suggested ones, put it in the desired place in the project and fill it with unique content easily. Be sure that the site will look the same after publication.
Save your time and money to create an appealing and responsive website of your dream.
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Professional Flexible Design

We appreciate your time, and that is why MotoCMS presents you with awesome templates adapted to new trends in design and functionality. We offer eye-catching widgets, different types of video and audio players, galleries, advanced sliders, integrations with social media, PayPal, Google Maps, and more!
Besides, with our intuitive, easy website creator, you can modify and customize the template according to your needs, while our in-built smart design supervisors will correct its look automatically.
All in all, you can choose from a wide variety of themes with high-quality design and usability tools to build a professional website. Explore our pre-designed blocks with attractive style, colors, typography, and buttons that will grab your website visitors' attention. All you need to do is just to add content and start promoting your services!

High-End Functionality

Build a professional website and impress your clients with MotoCMS template. Nowadays, creating the site is a driving force to fight competition and move to a new profit level. Thus, we offer templates with high-end functionality, specially sharpened for the chosen business area.
Due to a fast website loading speed, you’ll get a positive influence on conversion and sales. It will allow you to quickly set up any of the site blocks by dragging and dropping objects to the required positions, customize fonts, site structure, widgets, images, and color schemes.
As a result, with our easy website creator, you get dozens of features and useful options to create a responsive website in a blink of an eye.
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SEO Features

SEO optimization is an essential step towards successful website promotion. With MotoCMS easy website creator, you'll monitor the statistics, increase traffic, the number of customers, and conversion on your own.
It is possible to provide high search engine ranking and visibility and achieve desirable results without programming skills. So, you can promote your site and attract new visitors right from the start using SEO settings.
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Useful Services

Satisfied clients and their success are what MotoCMS strives for! Thus we continue to develop modern, responsive, flexible, and SEO-optimized templates and offer you some free services that will make your site stand out from the crowd:
  • custom URLs for all pages with relevant keywords;
  • meta titles and descriptions which you can edit in a special section without coding skills;
  • H1-H6 editing without professional help due to a structured heading hierarchy;
  • automatic and custom XML sitemap just by pressing a particular button;
  • built-in robots.txt generator for controlling search engines;
  • image alt to add text to images and make them visible to all Internet users;
  • canonical tags;
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
In conclusion, MotoCMS easy website creator impresses with templates’ unique in-built features and useful services to achieve the best results.
Services Offered
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Round-the-Clock Support image

Round-the-Clock Support

MotoCMS makes everything for our clients’ comfort, and we are always ready to help you and give a piece of advice in any troublesome situation. You can contact us 24/7: we’ll answer in a couple of minutes and make everything possible to find the appropriate solutions.
Choose the means of communication that fit you best and get a professional recommendation and answers to all your questions. Just trust our customer support - there is no such problem that we cannot deal with!
Professional Website

How To Build a Professional
Website with MotoCMS?

  1. From more than 2.500 ready-made templates, choose the one that fits you best!
  2. Try a 14-day free trial for developing your site.
  3. Add unique content and customize the template with a user-friendly admin panel according to your needs.
  4. Get a professional website and start making profits.

Breathtaking Designs - Wide Range of Categories

MotoCMS offers a massive collection of pre-designed website themes in 60+ categories that count more professional designs than such website builders as Wix or Squarespace.
Rocket Startup template
YELLOWBAG template
Fresh template
Don't see what you're looking for?
Check All Templates

Our Pricing


  • Easy Website Builder
  • Full Website SETUP
  • 2500+ Modern Designs
  • All-devices Responsive
  • Lifetime Updates
  • FREE Domain Name for 1 year
  • Secure Website (SSL)
  • FREE hosting
  • VIP Live Chat & Email Support
  • Priority Response
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  • Intelligent Site Builder
  • 2500+ Templates
  • Modern Block Design
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Live Chat & Email Support
  • Lifetime Updates
Please note that this plan is self-hosted, so it doesn’t include hosting and domain name support.

Free Full-Featured Demo Version

MotoCMS has a solution for those who are not sure yet whether they’re ready to create a website on their own. We present you with free 14-days demo versions of all the templates to choose the one based on your desires. So you can try the full functionality of the future website by adding the content and updating the design up to your needs before buying.
We assure you that fantastic results will be achieved and you won’t be able to leave your website anymore. Moreover, we offer you to save the final version, which you can transform into a professional, high-quality, and astonishing site!

Easy Website Creator FAQ

Do I need a website for my business?
How easy is it is to build a website with MotoCMS?
It is easy to build a professional website even for those who don't have any design or coding skills. At first, you should choose the necessary category and design that you like most of all. Then you can lead to the development of your website:
  • Edit font styles, images, colors, and sizes with an admin panel.
  • Add the unique content and customize the site.
  • Move the blocks you want using a drag and drop editor and get an optimized, responsive, and appealing site quickly.
Can I try to build a site for free before buying a template?
MotoCMS offers a 14-day free trial to make sure you've chosen the template to create the website of your dream. During this period, you can make changes and understand how everything works. If you are satisfied with the results at the end of a free trial, we'll help you save the final version and give you the opportunity to continue working on it after purchase.
How much does it cost to get a ready-to-use website?
You can choose your pricing plan depending on your requirements.
Can I improve SEO indicators?
MotoCMS offers SEO-friendly templates. Using an easy website creator, you'll succeed in setting up SEO tools, improving indicators, and getting your site on the top of search engine results without any skills. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics integrated into the control panel will help you track the results better. Besides, we offer professional SEO optimization services, including deep analysis and using a specific strategy.
Can you provide me with design/copywriting/development services?
MotoCMS provides you with premium design, copywriting, and development services. We are always opened to help you improve your website! Our copywriters present you with original and unique content for your site, SEO copywriting, rewriting, and promoting social media pages. Get high-quality texts for affordable prices within 3-5 days!
Can I use MotoCMS for building websites for my clients?
MotoCMS offers you the opportunity to make money in 3 easy steps
  • Edit our template and create a website for a client using a 14-day free demo.
  • Get confirmation and payment from your client and still freely make changes on the site.
  • Buy a template and complete the project.
You can sell your product at your price and develop your brand. Moreover, we present you with wholesale purchases, instant discounts, and premium tech support.

Opportunity to Learn and Get Necessary Help

Customer Care

Enjoy MotoCMS high-quality and timely support. We always try to make it truly useful and user-friendly: when users seem to be at a loss and contact technical support, our experts actively interact with them, know what problems they have most often, and suggest enhancements that will improve their experience. Our specialists are ready to help 24/7 and find solutions to your problems. Choose the most convenient communication channel for you - online chat, mail, or phone call for any questions that arise.
We are sure that quality support is an integral part of clients' interaction with our company that significantly influences user experience and product satisfaction. Thus, we are happy to give you recommendations at any time of day and night!

Free Education

After you've become our client and purchased a template, we'll help you launch your website. You'll get a MotoCMS account, and a personal expert will tell you how to boost your site. You'll also receive lots of new files and information, so we'll send you some materials and detailed instructions for learning and using your template. Besides, we offer useful tips and 24/7 support for you to cope with problems.
MotoCMS appreciates every client and makes everything for your success.
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