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Need SEO Optimization Services for Websites?

Looking for quality comprehensive SEO optimization service? Take advantage of premium services by MotoCMS to get your site rank high in SERPs bringing you clients and steady income.

Dream of high rankings in SERPs for your website and increased ROI for your business? MotoCMS team can make your dream come true. We provide reputable SEO optimization service that will turn your website into the constant source of new clients and income. Whatever your business niche is, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to get your website noticed by search engines and potential customers.

  • Long-tail niche keywords research and targeting

  • Unique clearly structured content creation and SEO-friendly website URLs

  • Overall website performance optimization and appropriate Google indexing

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  • ETA:

    20 business days

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Features of MotoCMS SEO Optimization Service

By using our SEO service for your website, you get all necessary services for high rankings and consistent traffic at one place. We take care of every detail meaningful for your SEO. Not to beat around the bush, with MotoCMS SEO optimization service you obtain the following

Top Long-tail Niche Keywords

Top Long-tail Niche Keywords

We find keywords with the best specificity and high volume of searches capable of increasing visibility and generating more traffic. You get winning long-tail niche keywords together with those vital for local SEO.

Relevant Meta Titles & Descriptions

Relevant Meta Titles & Descriptions

Our on-page SEO team takes good care of unique meta tags for every analyzed page of your website to improve CTR. Each meta title and meta description includes the right keywords and a strong and clear call-to-action.

Unique Clearly Structured Content

Unique Clearly Structured Content

We create quality exclusive content with the keywords weaved naturally into it. Our SEO-texts boast perfect structure and originality at the same time. The average volume of the text per page is 250 words.

Best Practices with Robot.txt File

Best Practices with Robot.txt File

SEO optimization service helps you create correct robot.txt file also known as the robots exclusion protocol or standard. Due to it, search engines will find out which pages they should or shouldn’t crawl.

Logical Structure of XML Sitemap

Logical Structure of XML Sitemap

We create clear XML sitemaps that tell search engines everything about the structure and content of your website. With a good sitemap, you can be sure that your content will be indexed accurately.

Right Website URL  Structuring

Right Website URL Structuring

Thanks to our SEO optimization service, your URLs will be logical, niche specific, and readable. We help you avoid such errors in URL structuring as duplicate URL issues or dynamic URL generation.

ALT Texts for Your Images

ALT Texts for Your Images

Our SEO ranking service writes useful ALT texts that describe your images accurately and succinctly. It increases their discoverability thus helping search engines to crawl your website better.

Faster Webpage Loading Speed

Faster Webpage Loading Speed

We can optimize the size of your images to make your web pages load quicker. As you know, load speed is crucial both for good user experience and Google rankings. So, faster speed guarantees better performance!

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Offer Milestones - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details

    When you place an order, we’ll get in touch with you to find out your website details and specific requests. If you have any texts on your website, we’ll analyze the current content. This step is vital for identifying strong and weak points of your website structure and information. So, we’ll want to have a clear, complete picture of your business and website details. After that, our professionals will create a list of focus keywords to meet targeted searches. We’ll send you this list, and you will have to approve it.

  2. Development of On-Page SEO Strategy and Website Content Creation

    After you have improved focus keywords, we’ll start creating your unique content. Our copywriters will do their best to produce appealing texts. At the same time, our experts will change website settings, edit your sitemaps, and fix possible issues. Our SEO strategy service is aimed at developing an individual strategy for every client. On-page SEO optimization includes every factor that helps search engines recognize and crawl your website. Everything from keywords, meta tags, and alt attributes for images to coding check, XML sitemaps, robots.txt and internal links matters.

  3. Content Update and Website Indexing

    When our team finish site improvements and text writing, we’ll give you all the content to insert on your webpage. You will have to update your site using the texts we have created. If you need any help, we can offer you additional services of changing your webpage content here. After you finish with updates, you have to inform our experts. They will send your website for indexing.

  4. Careful Measuring and In-Depth Analysis

    To ensure that the SEO strategy works, your website requires tracking its performance. Our SEO ranking service doesn’t leave you to the mercy of fate after optimizing your website. We continue monitoring its performance and tracking your rankings in the search engines for two weeks. We don’t stop until we see that your organic traffic has increased as well as your position in search results.

SEO Optimization Service Pricing


  • Website analysis
  • Search Console integration
  • 3 pages keywords mapping
  • 250 words/page SEO copywriting
  • Robots.txt best practices
  • Sitemap.xml best practices
  • Website indexing

$199 BUY NOW


  • Website analysis
  • Search Console integration
  • 6 pages keywords mapping
  • 250 words/page SEO copywriting
  • Robots.txt best practices
  • Sitemap.xml best practices
  • Website indexing

$349 BUY NOW


  • Website analysis
  • Search Console integration
  • 11 pages keywords mapping
  • 250 words/page SEO copywriting
  • Robots.txt best practices
  • Sitemap.xml best practices
  • Website indexing

$549 BUY NOW


Why go for MotoCMS SEO optimization service?

The on-page SEO process isn’t a piece of cake. It can be challenging and time-consuming. Actually, combining excellent website design with SEO that is done correctly is a kind of art. It requires specialized knowledge and skillful hands of an SEO service expert. MotoCMS team is here to save your time and help avoid the stress concerning on-page SEO issues. Our SEO optimization service is especially for you if:

  1. You are going to launch a website but don’t know how to make it rank;
  2. You are familiar with on-page SEO process but don’t have time or desire to stuff your head with it;
  3. You already have a website, but it fails to rank well in search engines.

Whatever of the mentioned above is your case, our SEO ranking service is at your full disposal.

What does each on-page SEO pricing plan include?

Each on-page SEO pricing plan includes:

  • Overall organic performance analysis;
  • Semantic analysis & keyword mapping;
  • Search volume analysis & local keyword targeting;
  • SEO competitors evaluation & competitive strategy planning;
  • Meta tags optimization (meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, title tags);
  • Web content keyword optimization & keyword density updates;
  • Unique content (up to 250 words of SEO-texts per page);
  • Image alt text optimization;
  • Internal Linking;
  • Technical issues detection and fix recommendations;
  • Creating a reference for future updates and focused pages & content planning.

What is the process of on-page SEO optimization?

As soon as you order MotoCMS SEO optimization service, we immediately start paving your way to the top. First and foremost, we ask you to answer several questions concerning your business and SEO goals. The more information you provide, the better the result will be.

After we receive all the information, we begin working out your individual on-page SEO strategy. We get back to you in the shortest possible period with a keyword map, content plan, and other optimization suggestions.

A keyword map shows the keywords chosen for each particular page. The best thing is that every keyword is accompanied by two crucial metrics: search volume and competition. Consequently, you’ll see their potential by yourself.

Then we ask for your approval of the keywords to make them the basis of your website on-page SEO optimization. When we get it, the central part of the process begins.

We create unique meta titles and meta descriptions for every page. We write specific URLs and the SEO-related well-structured content for each of the pages. Our SEO experts work on your robot.txt file and generate a sitemap to help search engines discover your pages. Next, we send it all for your approval, and you can update the existing copy.

Also, we create a Google Search Console account. It enables us to take control of indexing and track the statistics. As usual, it takes several days to collect the current data such as clicks and impressions. With this data, you can check the progress.

Finally, we give you recommendations concerning the additional improvements you can implement, for instance, creating more content for particular pages. When our work is done, further growth and development of your website will depend on the off-site factors, your backlink strategy, and promotion.

Is there a refund if I'm not satisfied with the SEO optimization service?

In case the result of our SEO optimization service doesn’t satisfy you, you can require for a refund. The refund sum varies (10-40%) depending on the optimization stage and the amount of data we’ve already provided. Please, note that there are no refunds after the project is complete.

What CMSs do you work with?

We work with all CMSs that exist today. Whether you need SEO services WordPress, MotoCMS or any other platform, we get you covered.

I have not yet launched a website. Can I use your service?

Yes, we can help you plan the keywords and targeted pages to run your project smooth right from the start.

Can I get SEO for eCommerce store?

Yes, we will check your sitemap, indexed pages and make sure you don't get search engine penalties. Also, we can make recommendations on what categories and product pages your store needs to lead even more organic users.

Will you do all changes and insert the texts yourself?

Unfortunately, the content inclusion and code fixes are not included in the offer. If you use MotoCMS 3-powered website, the transfer can be done by our production team. Similar offers are available for HTML, WordPress websites. However, if the website is customized and not developed by our team, we can`t guarranty to make all the fixes and you wight need help of your webmaster. If you would like to order custom content insertion - please, consult your personal SEO strategist for more details and additional quote.

How fast will you complete the project?

We value your precious time and take care of fast, timely delivery. We complete our SEO projects within 20 business days starting from the moment of the detailed specification of your task and our acknowledgment of its receipt.

When will I see the result?

In contrast to other companies, we show our clients the first results right after the website indexing that is manually done by our SEO specialists. This means that you will see the traffic change within 3-5 days after the content update in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

What business do you provide SEO services for?

We provide SEO services small business as well as on-page optimization for a mid-sized and large business. What’s more, we serve any business niche.

What languages do you produce content in?

Our SEO experts are multilingual. It enables us to produce quality content in three languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Do you have any special plans and offers?

We value our loyal clients. That’s why we have additional plans and discounted offers for multi-page commercial websites and long-history customers.

Do you need my revision of materials?

We give you access to all the materials throughout the optimization process and don’t do anything without your approval.

Can you give UX and design recommendations?

We can make some reasonable recommendations concerning your website layout and structure for better user experience and increased conversions.

Will I get experienced SEO services?

We have in-depth expertise in SEO and are aware of the rules of the game as no one else. We understand search engines’ best practices and know how to get the job done well.

Do you sell backlinks?

No, we are using only white-hat SEO practices and work with your website content and structure, to make sure it naturally grows and won't get penalized after the next algo update. The results we show are long-lasting and your website will continue to grow and get new leads even after the offer completion.

Why should I get started with MotoCMS SEO Optimization Service right now?

Are you ready to improve the SEO ranking of your website? Do you want to get more organic traffic and increase your website CTR rate as well as your ROI in times? Then don’t waste time and contact MotoCMS SEO optimization service right away.

Your potential customers are searching for your products and services just at this moment. Don’t let them find your competitors instead of you. The sooner we help you develop an efficient SEO strategy, the sooner your website appears at the top of SERPs. Isn’t it the primary goal of your online presence?

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Oliver Bailey

When I launched my dental website, I knew nothing about online promotion and couldn’t understand why crowds of clients didn’t knock at my door. My partner recommended me to try MotoCMS SEO services. I’m really grateful to him for such advice. These guys work wonders! Due to their effort, my website brings me new clients regularly.

Zoe Beattie

I had a pleasure to work with Allison and her SEO team on optimizing my site. I can’t but admire the quality and fast rate of their services. Everything was done timely and at the top level. Now I’m going to keep on collaborating with MotoCMS and order a couple of posts for my blog with their copywriting services. Thanks, Allison, to you and your team for your professionalism.

Liam Cote

Since we turned to MotoCMS for SEO audit and optimization, the situation with our E-Commerce site has changed for better. We stuck to their advice as for the keywords and content structure. Together we worked on additional pages that helped to increase our visibility. Today we see that the work done is worth every penny we spent. Our site flies and yields much more profit than ever before.

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