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Website Creation from Scratch

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Website template customization services from our team is a safe and convenient way to launch your website as soon as possible. We can cover it all - from adding a logo to changing a color scheme and activating a contact form with foolproof testing. Our seasoned managers, content writers, designers, and web developers will partner to create a stunning web project for you!

  • Updating 6 pages with your content

  • Hustle-free installation of a chosen template

  • Activating a contact form with foolproof testing

  • Languages:


  • CMS:


  • ETA:

    up to 10 business days

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Website Creation for Small Business and Big Corporations

Browse through our list of convincing reasons why website creation services are essential for non-developers.

Data Safety Guarantee

Data Safety Guarantee

The core point of our website customization services is that they include an SSL certificate that ensures the reliability of your website.

Reasonable Website Creation Cost

Reasonable Website Creation Cost

Also, the cost of website template customization services covers all the aspects of a modern website, i.e., hosting, design, and content update.

Full Content Update for up to 6 Pages

Full Content Update for up to 6 Pages

What is more, website creation services are a must if you want your logo, texts, and images look appealing and go online within the shortest terms.

Personal Manager at Your Hand

Personal Manager at Your Hand

Finally, with website creation service from our team, you get assistance from a personal manager, responsible for your web project.

Our Results in Numbers


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Problem-free website performance for our clients


Complete client satisfaction in a final website for our users

Website Template Customization Services in Action

  1. Choosing Hosting

    Firstly, we will ask you to inform us about your current hosting situation. If you already have a hosting provider, please provide us with FTP details (or your hosting control panel login details) and login access details to your database server.

  2. Installing a template

    Once you are ready with hosting, we will proceed with template installation. For installation, please provide your site's URL, FTP details, and access details to your database server. By FTP access details, we mean: 1) server address (e.g.,, 2) username, 3) password. The database access details should contain the following information: a) database hostname, b) database username, c) database name, d) database password, e) table prefix.

  3. Website customization services

    Having installed a template, our team will ask you to send us the content you want to see on your website. Usually, we start with a logo change, so please provide us with your logo and specify company name and slogan (if they are not part of the logo). After that, our designers change a color scheme. To do so, they need RGB color codes. Please, select colors, using one of the following online tools:,, or We can also change navigation menu button names. If you are interested in this change, please provide us with a list (in the needed order) of new menu names.

  4. Replacing Texts and Images

    After that, we will replace textual and visual content on up to 6 pages of your new website. To start the process, please, create a separate folder with website texts in .DOC or .PDF format for each page with detailed instructions. We will also need image files in high resolution with the instructions on what default images you want us to replace. Please, note that layout change is not included in website creation cost.

  5. Client Revisions and Approval

    Once we are ready with the website creation from scratch, we will let you examine the result. You can submit up to two revisions with additional suggestions. An assigned personal manager will make sure that our team will implement all your ideas within the shortest terms.

Website Creation Cost

Website Creation from Scratch

Website Creation from Scratch


  • Template installation

  • SSL certificate

  • Changing a logo and a color scheme

  • Activating a contact form with foolproof testing


Will you create texts for me?

No, copywriting is not included in website creation cost. If you want us to create appealing texts for your target audience, please check out our web copywriting services.

Can you SEO-optimize my website?

SEO optimization of a website consists of two different aspects. The first one is a template SEO. You can find this built-in feature in all of our MotoCMS templates. The latter aspect is content optimization. Our website creation services do not include SEO optimization of your texts and images. However, we can offer you to consider our On-Page SEO services.

How long does it take to implement my revision ideas?

In general, it takes from 2 to 4 days to put your revision ideas into action.

Do your website template customization services include original images for my future website?

No, our website creation services do not include original images for your website. However, if you need some professional images for your website. we can use your photos or suggest you to use stock images at a discounted price. For more details, please, consult your personal project manager.

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Jaden Pierce

Thank you for assisting with the template installation. For me, the service has been a blessing. I can’t imagine how much time I would have spent on my website without you. Great job!

Laila Metta

I fully appreciate your efforts in handling the entire process. Once I am completely set with this website, I will place another order. Thank you so much for your support.

Jasper Broom

My website is confirmed live now! You are the best when it comes to website creation for small business. Thank you for all. Well done with your job, cooperation, and patience!

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website creation services?

Looking for website creation services?

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