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Make Website Online In Just 5 Days

1 Day

First step to developing your own website with MotoCMS 3

  • 1 Choose a template you would love to use
  • 2 Customizing your website homepage
2 Day

MotoCMS 3 Media Library Overview

  • 1 Managing media files
  • 2 How to use the Tile Gallery widget
3 Day


  • 1 Social media integrations settings
  • 2 Appointment scheduling feature - Acuity Scheduling
4 Day

Optimizing Your Website

  • Boost your business by optimizing a website for search engines
5 Day

Final Steps To Launch Your Website

  • 1 Get hosting and domain name
  • 2 Installing your website
Make a Website with MotoCMS 3
The online world has been evolving extremely quickly for the last decade. So why not try to become a part of this world and make websites for money? With MotoCMS 3 website builder it may actually be much easier than you have ever expected!

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This Tutorial is Manageable
All the information you are going to get within a 5-day period is clear. The tutorial is structured the way that every day is devoted to one certain content block. For example, on the very first tutorial day, you will learn about three basic concepts in the process of creation a website with MotoCMS. These concepts are a demo version, a hosting provider, and a website domain name. You will know what benefits brings a demo version. Moreover, you will be able to explain how to choose a reliable hosting provider and a successful website domain name. The whole tutoring process will not take more than an hour. As you understand, you are not expected to devote all your free time to the tutorial. Just concentrate on one topic at a time and create your own vision for your future online venture.

This Tutorial is Trustworthy
If you are planning to make a website - HTML and other programming skills are no longer required. You deserve to learn from the top professionals in the web programming and this is what we at MotoCMS strongly believe in. We are offering you a unique chance to develop your own website under our guidance.
If you are stuck going through the tutorial, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support. Address your questions and get right answers within a few minutes.
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