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First step to developing your own website with MotoCMS 3
First step to developing your own website with MotoCMS 3
  • 1 Demo version – how does it work?
  • 2 How to choose a reliable hosting provider
  • 3 Best practices to choose a website domain name
MotoCMS 3 Admin Panel Overview
MotoCMS 3 Admin Panel Overview
  • 1 Pages Section
    • 1.1. Widgets
    • 1.2. Desktop, tablet and mobile layout options
  • 2 Design Section
  • 3 Settings Section
  • 4 How to order your modified MotoCMS 3 template
Adding new website pages and sections
Adding new website pages and sections
  • 1 How to work with the navigation menu
    • 1.1. Editing pages
    • 1.2. Setting up a page template
    • 1.3. Designing pages
  • 2 How to work with the Media Library?
    • 2.1. Adding and editing images
Changing the design of your website
Changing the design of your website
  • 1 Website background settings
  • 2 Managing the color palette
  • 3 Editing text styles
  • 4 Functions of the “Themes” section
Working with the widgets in
MotoCMS 3
Working with the widgets in
MotoCMS 3
  • 1 Setting up the widgets on the website
    • 1.1. How to add Video content
    • 1.2. Adding a map to the site
    • 1.3. Social media integration
  • 2 Necessary widgets
    • 2.1. Container
    • 2.2. Row

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