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Need a Reliable SSL Certificate for Website?

Want to provide your website with the highest level of protection? You are at the right place! With MotoCMS, you can buy an SSL certificate for 1 year to ensure your site security and have complete peace of mind.

It’s not a secret that nowadays basic antivirus software and firewalls aren’t enough to protect your site and home computer. Loads of malware fall on Internet users regularly. Therefore, online visitors, as well as search engines, prefer websites that ensure the safety of transactions and personal data. The easiest way to guarantee Internet security is to use an SSL certificate right from the start. With MotoCMS, you can buy an SSL certificate while purchasing a template.

  • Easy domain validation

  • Free site seal

  • 128/256 bit encryption

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    1 hour

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Benefits of Purchasing an SSL Certificate

When you buy an SSL certificate, you undoubtedly make a good investment. It lets your online business become PCI compliant, which is a must for its success and your stable income. An SSL certificate installation gives you the following benefits:

High Encryption Level

High Encryption Level

SSL certificate Comodo thoroughly encrypts sensitive data such as credit card information, usernames, passwords, etc. Thus, it protects your site from data breaches phishing scams, and other threats keeping the info safe from hackers.

Free Secured Site Seal

Free Secured Site Seal

After an SSL certificate installation, your website gets a free visual indicator ensuring visitors in its security. This secured site seal encourages your customers for completing transactions as they see that their privacy will never be violated.

Top Search Rankings

Top Search Rankings

When you buy an SSL certificate, your website begins to rank higher in various search engines. The matter is that all search engines strive to protect users from insecure sites. That’s why they consider an SSL certificate one of the essential ranking factors.

Enhanced Users’ Trust

Enhanced Users’ Trust

Unquestionably, online customers prefer sites that make them feel confident in the security of their personal data. SSL certificate Comodo proves the authentication of your business. It increases brand reputation & trust among visitors ten times.

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SSL Certificate for Website – Workflow

  1. Purchasing SSL Certificate for Website

    Getting a certificate doesn't take much effort. When you buy any template from MotoCMS, just add an SSL certificate to your order. It will allow you to pay for the certificate in the same transaction along with your web theme purchase.

  2. Verification & Installation

    As soon as you buy an SSL certificate, you get it together with the email from the certificate provider. The email includes detailed instructions on the verification and installation processes. Simply follow these instructions to have your certificate installed correctly.

  3. Implementing Redirection

    After you install an SSL certificate, you can automatically redirect visitors to the secured (HTTPS) version of your website. To implement redirection, you can either follow the instructions or contact our tech support team for free assistance.

  4. Updating Information

    The final step is to review your website pages for any links to other pages on your site and update them to HTTPS. Also, you should update the information in your Google Analytics profile to make sure that you’ll be able to track visitors accurately.

SSL Certificate Price

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate


valid for 1 year
  • easy domain validation

  • free site seal

  • 128/256 bit encryption

  • fast issuing


What is required for the SSL certificate installation?

A dedicated IP is a must for any SSL certificate. The certificate we offer is not an exception. Whereas some hosting packages include it (for instance, VPN), others don't (any shared hosting). This means that your hosting provider may charge additionally for having your website hosted on a Dedicated IP.

Is the SSL certificate you offer entirely reliable?

Yes. When you buy an SSL certificate, it comes backed by the Comodo brand. Comodo is one of the most trusted names in internet security.

How does an SSL certificate work?

With an SSL certificate, all sensitive data is thoroughly encrypted before being transmitted via the Internet. Only the server to which you send it can decrypt this data. So, each time a customer enters his personal data into your site, SSL makes sure that all info will travel securely from his browser to your web server.

How will my visitors know that my website has an SSL certificate?


Firstly, if you buy SSL certificate for website, your site URL has https:// at the beginning instead of http://. Secondly, browsers will show that the connection is secure by displaying a green “lock” icon in the address bar or the name of your company.

What happens if my website doesn’t have an SSL certificate?

If you don’t buy an SSL certificate, you compromise your visitors' and customers’ security. Without an SSL certificate, there’s a high risk that their personal data will be stolen. What’s more, your website is not likely to get top positions in search results because search engines value security.

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Noah Turner

I’m an owner of the online store and can’t afford myself to lose potential customers because of their distrust. Thank you, guys, for an opportunity to show visitors that my store is a secure place for making purchases.

Mason Sanders

I’m not a technician and know little about the IT-sphere. That’s why I had to ask the MotoCMS support team to make redirection for me. They responded in no time and helped me with my problem. Thanks a lot.

Gordon Barker

It’s a good idea to provide an SSL certificate together with a template purchase. It saved me from looking for a certificate myself and making additional orders. I got everything I needed in one place. Just perfect!

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