Responsive Landing Page Templates

The primary purpose of single-page website templates on MotoCMS easy landing builder is to briefly present a company, promote products, and drive more clients from the web. Our landing page designs with a one-page layout will boost your business significantly. Use our responsive landing page templates if you need a turnkey solution to help you run a website in one day with no coding!

Engineering Company Website Template
Road Construction Website Design
Handmade Furniture Website Template
Furniture Makers
Flooring Landing Page Template
Cover fl
HVAC Landing Page
Equipment Rental Template
Equipment Rental
Doors Website Template
Windows and Doors
Painting Contractor Website Design
Pest Control Landing Page
Pest Control Landing
Irrigation Landing Page
Home Inspector Website Template
Home Control
Dermatology Website Template
Skin Care
Haircut Website Template
Landing Page for Startup
Pressure Washing Landing Page
Mortgage Landing Page Template
Green Bank
Package Delivery Website Template
Zoom Express
Handyman Landing Page
Capitan Repair

Best Responsive Landing Page Templates

Each landing website template from this collection has a niche-oriented design, supplemented with corresponding content. Thus, you can easily pick up a website template, personalize its content, and start selling online within a few days. The design of one page website templates is modern and corresponds to the latest trends in web development. Moreover, all responsive landing page templates are fully responsive and look great on both mobile and desktop devices.

Landing Page Templates for Entrepreneurs by MotoCMS

Nowadays, any entrepreneur needs a website online to promote services and attract new clients from the Internet. Using our responsive landing page templates, even those who have zero coding skills can create a modern website and publish it on the Internet with no effort. Our single page website templates have a businesslike layout that supplements with advanced features for promoting services online. A crucial element of our company landing page template is call back form that for receiving requests from your website visitors.

Personal Page and Resume Landing Page Design

Share your skills online and captivate users’ attention from the first sight with beautiful typography in our responsive landing page templates. Resume website templates imply sections where you can present yourself and show examples of your previous work online. The contact section includes your email address and phone number, a stylish contact form to receive messages from potential employers, and links to your social media profiles. You can easily create custom sections, change colors, and highlight crucial sections by using hover effects in the personal landing page design.

Responsive Landing Page Templates for Educational Services

The flexibility of our landing page templates responsive allows you to find a ready-to-use solution for almost any online education project. Our educational website designs will promote online teaching services and help you build a school web portal with no coding. An educational website template by MotoCMS can become an almost complete educational site available 24/7 on the Internet. You can present an educational program by using teacher website design by MotoCMS. Thus, everyone who wants to get additional skills can access it at any time.

MotoCMS Single Page Design for NGO

Check out our charity website templates with a professional design built for NGO organizations. Our responsive landing page templates for charity purposes supplemented with essential elements that will help you to represent your organization, write your story, collect donations online and share the results of your work by using an online backend application. With the help of full-screen galleries on the foundation landing page template you can show photos of completed fundraising projects and share photos of those who are in need in a few clicks.

Responsive Landing Page Templates for Public Events

Are you planning a public event and looking for a comprehensive online solution to help you gather everything in one place? Take a look on our landing page for event. Using our ready-to-go landing page design, you can launch a website and publish it on the Internet with no effort. A large assortment of inbuilt features will help you inform website visitors about an upcoming event, display when your event starts with the help of a countdown widget, and show its location on Google Map. Moreover, you can add a registration form on your website and sell tickets online.

Holiday Landing Page Templates by MotoCMS

Spread celebration atmosphere around the globe with our holiday landing page templates. The design of holiday website templates built especially for a particular feast. There is a large variety of holiday designs presented in our collection. In case you want to run a promotion company at a particular feast use our Black Friday landing page and Halloween landing page design.

The most expected holiday of the year is Christmas. Thus, we developed single-page website templates for Xmas with an appropriate design. Our Christmas landing page template is a perfect turnkey solution for an online holiday gift shop. The unique design of our celebration website templates attracts from the first sight. The user interface of the X-Mas Landing Page Website will help you convert website visitors into satisfied clients easily.

How to Create Landing Page with No Coding?

Launch your website with no coding using the MotoCMS website builder. The codeless website creator avoids you from editing even a line of source code to tune up a website template. Unlike WordPress landing page templates, there is no need to be a tech guru to install our responsive landing page templates and publish them on the Internet. Even newcomers can build a leading-edge website using the most user-friendly landing builder by MotoCMS.

1. Select Your MotoCMS Landing Page Design

Browse our responsive landing page templates and pick the best one that suits all your needs. The amount of topics presented foresees the ability to find a perfect website design for any niche. Our one-page website templates look great on any device due to the flexible layout. You can check the design of a picked website template on different devices using the live preview feature. In case you need professional assistance, run the live chat. Our pre-sales representatives will help you to find the best financial landing page template that will help you to boost your business.

2. Purchase Your One-Page Website Template

After selecting an appropriate single page website template, you need to make a purchase. Once your payment is received, we will send you the template’s source files with a unique license key for further template installation. Please note that responsive landing page templates by MotoCMS come with a single-usage license. Hence, you can use your website design template for one project only. In case you want to use a responsive landing page design for multiply projects, consider purchasing a developer’s license that grants permission to use the startup landing page design for up to 3 different websites.

3. Launch MotoCMS Installation Wizard

The process of installing one of landing page templates on a server is quick and easy thanks to the advanced MotoCMS installer tool. After uploading the installation wizard on your server, you will need to run the MotoCMS installer and specify your license key. After this, the system will upload all source files on your server and proceed with the installation by itself. When your website is live, you’ll be redirected to the admin panel for further modifications.

4. Add Unique Content to Your Landing Page

Responsive landing page templates come with default texts and images. To convert a default website into a fully-functional site, you need to fill it up with your content. Thanks to the WYSIWYG website builder, you can replace the default content on the corporate landing page design with no effort. Upload your photos and videos to the media library in one click and update default images using the inbuilt image editor. Thus, you can personalize any landing page web design with no coding and third-party software.

5. Modify Your Landing Page Template

If you want to modify the design of a purchased website template, you can easily do this by using only a PC mouse in your hand. To improve the visual appeal of your website template, you can update a background, change typography, pick up a new color scheme, etc. Our responsive landing page templates design supports the video-background feature. Furthermore, you can add any Google Font or upload a custom font without source file editing. To update a default site’s color scheme, you need to pick up primary colors from the pallet and save changes in the admin panel.

6. Finish Customization and Publish Your Website

When your website design is fully adjusted, you can update contact information, add your location on Google Map, configure a site’s sharing options, and set up SEO settings with no special qualification. MotoCMS drag & drop website builder, integrated to the best responsive landing page templates foresees the ability to set up all back-end settings directly in the admin panel.

Particular Qualities of Landing Page Templates by MotoCMS

MotoCMS responsive landing page templates built by user interface experts. Blocks with the content on our one-page business website template arranged according to the marketing rules and supplemented with calls to action. Our landing page website template will help you promote your products and accept online payments.

Niche-Oriented Landing Page Design

Each website design from our collection of responsive landing page templates has a particular niche focused design. Thus, you can find a website design built for your products or services and launch a professional website with a high conversion rate. Our designers picked up colors for each website design accordingly to a particular niche. Moreover, our content creation specialist supplements pre-launch landing page templates with appropriate texts and images to provide you with a ready-to-use solution right out of the box.

Fully Responsive Layout

More than half of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays. Thus, the layout of the landing page design templates is fully responsive. When a MotoCMS website loads, the system measures the screen dimension of a previewed device and renders the content according to its screen width. Moreover, the system creates thumbnails for all images in the media library to display pictures with a smaller dimension on smartphones and tablets. The landing builder foresees the ability to make typography on mobile devices noticeable by increasing the font size on mobile devices. You can easily configure the font size on the mobile app landing page template for different devices in the admin panel.

Effective Products and Services Promotion

Using our responsive landing page templates, you can present your products and services, collect users’ emails, and run marketing campaigns efficiently. Full-screen banners with captions on single page website templates will help you showcase your best products and inform clients about discounts on your website.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost sales by promoting new products and offering special discounts to your customers. Furthermore, by using email marketing, you can keep your customers updated about new arrivals and share the latest news in your niche. Use one of the most effective marketing tools by MailChimp to integrate responsive landing page templates by MotoCMS to drive more sales. With the help of a MailChimp subscription form on the taxi landing page template, you can collect customers’ email address and run marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

Online Sales with PayPal Integration

In case you want to build and an eCommerce landing page website and accept payments online, a progressive payment processor is required. Hence, there is a PayPal integration available right out of the box. Using the PayPal button, you can sell products and receive payments online by using one of the world's most popular payment processors. Additionally, the inbuilt PayPal button allows you to accept donations and run fundraising projects.

The PayPal button functionality allows you to set up a particular price tag for each product and configure currency. Furthermore, you can supplement a price tag with shipping expenses and specify a tax rate in percent. The donation feature of the PayPal button integrated to MotoCMS responsive landing page templates allows you to specify a fixed contribution amount or leave this property empty. Thus, your website visitors will have the right to donate any amount. MotoCMS website builder foresees the ability to use the default PayPal button design or apply a custom one from a list of design presets available.

MotoCMS Account and Free Services

Every MotoCMS client gets a large pack of additional services to build a professional website with no effort. After purchasing a website, we will provide expert assistance and guide you through any website creation circumstances. You’ll get a personal MotoCMS account for managing your purchases, subscriptions, and demo templates. Furthermore, we will provide you with extra bonuses like free technical support, and full access to our user’s guide with detailed instructions, helpful website development tips, and step-by-step tutorials on how to use the fashion landing page template. Moreover, every MotoCMS client can participate in our loyalty program. Complete tasks in your account and achieve up 50% discount on responsive landing page templates permanently.

Free Software Updates by MotoCMS

All landing page templates responsive and come with free software updates that bring new features and enhance the system. Our developers release monthly software updates for the website builder. These software updates will help you to keep your website updated to the latest trends in web development. It will help your website to take topmost positions at Google search.

Specials for Resellers Web Developers

If you are a web developer, you will appreciate the presented specialties for resellers and expert website creators by MotoCMS. MotoCMS landing builder with its responsive landing page templates provides the option to broadcast the content from external resources by using the IFrame widget or add custom code from third-party developers. Thus, you can supplement the travel landing page template with custom solutions and create a website that completely meets all your requirements.

If you want to create websites by using our responsive landing page templates and resell them under your brand, use the white label solution by MotoCMS. Using the white label feature in a personal account, you can easily replace all MotoCMS logos in any of your website templates, update links and titles, change colors and disable particular features and integrations into a specific MoroCMS website admin panel.

Customer Care & Free Two-Week Demo

If you need professional assistance or have any questions on how to create a landing page by yourself, refer to our customer support team. We provide 24/7 customer support for all clients via emails and live chat for free. Our pre-sale specialists will answer all your questions and pick up a one-page design for your site. Our tech support specialists will help you implement any custom solution and resolve any possible issue in a blink of an eye.

Create a Landing Page Easy with MotoCMS

Do you have any doubts if you are capable enough to build your website? Pick up the best design from this of responsive landing page templates and register a free 14-day trial to create landing page for free! You will get complete access to any of our landing page templates free of charge. Moreover, you can save your modifications and transfer them from your demo account on a live website with no effort.

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