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New Website Launch

New website launch has never been easier. With MotoCMS customer services you will be able to get a responsive, ready-to-go website in several hours. Want to know more? Check the services along with a helpful guide below and get ready to take off!
Template Installation
Please Note: Hosting Requirements: PHP v. 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1; with MySQL database support.
Our technical support team will gladly assist you with the template installation. All you need to do is to pick the service and provide your hosting access details. After that, you will have your template installed within 3 hours.
1 Year Hosting Service
Please Note: FREE domain name is included
Picked a perfect template and don`t have a reliable hosting service provider? A yearly hosting plan provided by highly-trusted providers will be your salvation. The best thing is that as a MotoCMS client you get the biggest discount!
eCommerce Plugin
Want to transform your website into a fully-fledged online store? Install an eCommerce plugin and sell products and services online. Apply shipment and payment settings, manage customers, add new products and track the statistics.
Advanced Contact Form
Feel that a standard contact form functionality is not enough? Add this plugin to your MotoCMS 3 site and create automatic notifications, forms with an unlimited amount of fields, add validation rules and reCAPTCHA. It will be installed by our specialists.
GDPR Compliance Audit
Please Note: The compliance to GDPR is risk-based ongoing process that involves your whole business. We are not eligible for any claim or action based on any information or functionality implemented with this offer. Privacy Policy page and Cookie Policy page are included into your template by default, but with sample content that should be changed with your own.
Make your website absolutely GDPR (General Protection Data Regulation) compliant. All you need to do is to pick the GDPR Compliance Audit service. After that, you will have the required modifications integrated into your template to match GDPR rules.
White Label
Web developers and web studios are welcome to retail MotoCMS templates and use them for client projects. Set your brand, use white label option and all designs will look like created on your own without MotoCMS brand mentioning.
1 Year Positive SSL Certificate
Please Note: A dedicated IP is required for any SSL certificate, including this one. Some hosting packages include it (VPN), some don't (any shared hosting). This may mean that additional charges may be applied by your hosting provider in order to have your website hosted on a Dedicated IP.
To rank well and gain trust among the visitors, you should keep your website protected. The easiest way to guarantee Internet security is to use SSL certificate right from the start. And here you can get it together with your template purchase.
Premium Support for 3 Months
In-time technical assistance can save your website and business. With premium support you get 2-hour ticket response, chat priority and phone consultations, free installation of your templates and 3-hour advanced webmaster assistance.
How to Build a Website from Scratch
If you came up with the idea of a new website launch – you are in the right place. Here you can find several useful services and a helpful guide on how to start a responsive website without any coding skills and additional efforts. For starters, let's go through a beginners checklist for website creation. Here are several things you will need:

1) Nice website design. You can spend hours to create it on your own, spend thousands of dollars for a custom design created by professional web studio, or simply choose an appealing website template from our collection of more than 2500 items. Using MotoCMS you will pay once and have a responsive website with a user-friendly admin panel till the end of times.

2) Hosting. If you have already picked a perfect template for a new website launch, you need a reliable hosting provider to store it. Keeping it in mind, we have added 1-year hosting with a huge discount to our customer services list. Thus, you can pick a provider you like and even ask our technical support guys, to install the template for you.

3) Security. Make sure to keep your website safe and sound. The first thing you can do is to use SSL certificate which also goes with MotoCMS customer services.

4) Sales. In case you are planning a new website launch aimed at selling goods and services – make sure that you have the right ecommerce functionality. With MotoCMS ecommerce plugin you will be able to transform any template into a fully-fledged online store with advanced payment, and shipment settings.

5) Support. You have already started a perfect website, and want it to work like a clock? No problem because with premium support customer services you will always get instant help and advanced assistance which will help to forget about the technical side and concentrate on your business.

We hope that you will follow the steps, and your new website launch will be a pleasant undertaking. In case you have already made the things done, make sure to check two other sections on how to optimize your website and promote your business online.

Website Optimization

How to optimize your website after the launch? Use customization customer services from MotoCMS and bring your website to perfection. Below you will find some useful services and practical advice on how to optimize your website for UX, SEO, and readability.
Custom Hourly Development
Get a personal assistance from our developers with any customization needs and minor fixes. Pay per hour and get the things done quickly. The offer includes all kinds of customization services as well as the integration of third-party functionality and software.
On-Page SEO Optimization
Please Note: This offer includes optimization of up to 6 pages of your website with getting them indexed, and overall website performance improvement.
Want your website to get high SEO ranking and much well-targeted organic traffic? Improve all aspects of on-site optimization, make necessary changes, and be sure that your website is successfully crawled by search engines and easily found by users.
Website Design Audit
Please Note: The service is provided for launched websites (completely customized). Languages: English, Russian.
Get a great website design audit to realize what’s wrong with your website navigation, images, CTAs, fonts, and colors. Change it according to recommendations - provide the best UX for your visitors and ensure effective lead generation on your website.
Template Customization
Please Note: If you buy this offer, you don’t need to buy the Installation additionally.
Let us assist you with a ready-to-go website and take advantage of the template customization service. Get your template installed, logo placed, color scheme changed according to your preferences, and the content updated.
Web Copywriting Services
Deadline: web copywriting services completion can take up to 7 business days.
Please note: This offer is provided for websites with English content only.
Need high-quality content that will fit your website structure and work for your brand recognition and SEO? Let our copywriting team take care of it. On average, our clients get well-written content in less than 3 days after you provide the details.
SEO Audit
Please note: This offer is provided for websites with English content only.
Want your website to rank well and appear in top search engine results? Start with a professional SEO audit. You will get an overall report and recommendations related to your website improvement within the MotoCMS admin panel.
Page Speed Booster
Deadline: 2 business days.
People tend to leave web pages which load slowly. That is especially crucial for mobile browsing. Therefore, if you use speed booster to optimize the website images and speed up your website, it will result in better UX and conversions.
How to Optimize Your Website
Website optimization is a never-ending process, which should become an important part of your daily routine. If you are thinking how to optimize your website and keep it professional, you should keep in mind both SEO (search engine optimization) and UX (user experience). Thus, you will make sure that users will feel like home visiting your site and that Google will treat you right. MotoCMS team knows your website needs and suggests you use some of the most professional website optimization customer services.

Firstly, we can change your template`s design and customize it according to your preferences and business needs. Want your logo to be placed? No problem. Need a different color scheme? We will pick the right one and incorporate the changes so that you could enjoy the final result. Secondly, we can create top-notch unique content to fit your website's layout and place all the necessary information in the right places. People like reading and using well-written texts you will guarantee the best user experience. What is more, using web copywriting customer services you will never have troubles with the duplicated content and will have more chances to get high rankings.

Thirdly, to maximize your website SEO performance, we are providing our clients with SEO audit and Page speed booster website optimization customer services. Take advantage of SEO audit and get instant SEO reports with the useful instructions which will help you get top positions in search engines. Or go deeper and optimize your website images to make it load faster so that your users could buy products even with low Internet speed on PC and mobiles.

Are you still thinking how to optimize your website? Don`t waste your precious time and make your site a better place right now with MotoCMS website optimization services. Though, if you are already using them – don`t hesitate to look through the third part “How to promote your business online” to know more about your website marketing and promotion.

Website Promotion

Here we will give you more insights on how to promote your website online. We want to show that marketing your website is not a rocket science, and can be done on quite a low budget with MotoCMS customer services. All you need is a recognizable brand image, and professional social media and AdWords materials, and here they go!
Must-Have Pack
Use this service and you will get some essential graphics and plugins to transform your website into a successful online project. The pack includes a page speed booster, 45 images for social media, 40 AdWords banners, 60 icons, and an eCommerce plugin.
Google AdWords Pack
Please note: The process may take up to 10 business days since you provide all the details. The advertising budget is not included in the service price and the campaign results depend on your budget. Languages: English, Russian.
Want to increase your profit, attract customers and beat competitors? Pick this pack and we will help you to create a Google AdWords Account, launch advertising campaigns, choosing the right audience, and keywords.
Google AdWords Account Audit
Please note: The process may take up to 5 business days since you provide all the details. Languages: English, Russian.
Want to review your Google AdWords Account and realize what's wrong with your advertising campaign? Use our Audit service, and get detailed recommendations on how to improve campaign management, and how to increase your conversion rate.
Facebook Ad Campaign Launch
Please note: You should have a Facebook business page before we start the service. The ads expenses are not included into the service price and the campaign results depend on your budget. Languages: English, Russian.
Run and manage best advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram! The service includes: Facebook Pixel setup for retargeting, audiences creation, campaign setup and settings, ads copywriting, images conversion, tracking & statistics.
Facebook Ads Audit & Optimization
Please Note: Languages: English, Russian.
Get the most out of your Facebook marketing. This offer includes an audit of your current ad campaigns, recommendations on optimization, ad sets, and expenses. Audit Services are provided on all levels: account, campaigns, ads sets, and destinations
Email Campaign Creation
Please note: This service is provided for MailChimp users only. Languages: English, Russian.
Launch an email campaign for your business with the help of professionals. Be it a newsletter, greeting email or sale campaign, this pack is the best solution for you. The service includes 1 email campaign creation using Mailchimp service.
Logo Creation Services
Deadline: Logo creation services are completed within 10 business days, 3 revisions are available.
Want to represent your brand with an attractive memorable custom logo design? Let our designers create a custom logo for your company. Unique design, several color scheme options, horizontal and vertical display and all popular formats included.
Visual Content Creation
Deadline: 5 business days.
Professional images are the best way to make your website visual content more appealing. Using the service you will get 10 photos retouching, 10 unique images for your niche, FB cover, website banners, and a custom color scheme for your website.
Google AdWords Banners
Deadline: 5 business days.
AdWords campaign will work just in case you use relevant and attractive Google AdWords banner designs. Use the offer and create advertising graphics which will represent your brand in the best possible manner and in accordance with the Google requirements.
Social Media Pack
Please Note: Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required.
Spread the word about your company through the most popular social networks. It will be easy with the social media pack which includes trendy horizontal, vertical and square image templates designed for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
AdWords Banners Set
Please Note: Basic knowledge of Photoshop is required.
Want to run an AdWords campaign quickly but lack the graphics? We can provide you with 40 ready-made PSD AdWords banners for any occasion. All you need to do is to change the text and add your brand name and logo.
15 Images from Depositphotos
If you need some professional stock images to replace the default template`s visuals - use the offer from Depositphotos. Thus, you will be able to download 15 trendy images from the collection of more than 40 million items.
How to Promote Your Website
Marketing your website can become quite a formidable undertaking. Especially if you don't have the right designs and need to do everything from scratch or pay a small fortune of money to designers before you go with the advertising campaigns. But how to promote your website if you have a limited budget or want to invest the money in something else? These customer services and a comprehensive explanation will make the things much easier. Let`s overview them and see what we can do for you.

How to promote your website? First of all, you should start marketing your website from creating a recognizable brand image which is easy to remember. It consists of several basic things, such as:
- brand name;
- slogan;
- brand logo.

These elements should appear on all your brand identity materials and fork for a positive image of your company. That will help to create your own group of loyal returning customers that, on average, make more than 30% of sales. Website promotion should start with a professional logo, and that is what we offer with logo creation services. Just send us a request with your preferences and we will get back with the first draft as soon as possible.

The next step of website promotion is using the right visual content both for your website and social networks. For that reason, you can take advantage of a Depositphoto deal and get 15 trendy images to represent your brand. Furthermore, we can help you with retouching and custom visual content creation according to your tastes and preferences. Everything will be done by professional designers, and you won't have to worry about the quality.

One more thing which should be done while marketing your website is social media presence and advertising on the most popular media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you want to get more followers and direct them to your website – feel free to use ready-made Social media pack with appealing banners and cool images.

And the last, but probably one of the most important ways of website promotion, that you have to try is AdWords and PPC advertising. You probably know that Google has strict requirements to all the visuals used for the display advertising. That's why we have prepared two solutions which will help you to launch your advertising campaigns without a hitch. You can either use a pre-made AdWords banners set with 40 ready-to-place banners in PSD format, or order Google AdWords banner designed especially for your company.

To sum up, we hope that “how to promote your website” is no more a question for you. Launch your website, customize it as far as your imagination goes, promote it online, use customer services and grab all the sales. We at MotoCMS will do our best to give you a hand with any queries you might have. Good luck!
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