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Most Popular Services from MotoCMS Team

Template Customization

Stop visualizing a stunning web project - our web designers will bring your ideas to life, customize your template and launch a full-featured site in no time. With an individual approach, your template layout, logo, color scheme, textual and visual content will be tailored to your needs.
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SEO Pack

We know how to boost traffic, double the number of potential customers, and become a market leader. Check out MotoCMS top-notch SEO optimization services that will drive your website to better Google results, high performance, and income. With a unique SEO strategy, any niche-oriented project will meet targeted searches.
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Website Copywriting

Do you understand that your website lacks modern content with solid keywords that could bring it to the top of the search results? With MotoCMS, you’ll get captivating, and SEO-optimized content adapted to customers’ requests. As a result, you’ll undoubtedly notice higher rankings and a better user experience.
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Page Speed Booster

Nobody likes to wait, and your customers aren’t the exception. With supreme-quality page speed optimization, which is one of the ranking factors in search results, you’ll get a lightning-fast website, improved media content, and therefore, more traffic & conversions, and higher revenue.
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Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution (All-in-One)

Despite simple editing of MotoCMS templates, we offer not to sweat the small stuff. Don’t delve into website development details. Just chill out, visit old friends, devote your time to some postponed issues, or think of some marketing strategies for developing your business.

Meanwhile, we will fulfill all the necessary technical requirements. With a turnkey website solution including installation, customization, and content creation (and an expert Project Manager monitoring & controlling your project), you’ll get a trendy, robust, and responsive website with the right design, content, and functionality. Undoubtedly, it will attract targeted visitors since the first days of launch.

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Design from

Design from scratch

What could be better than a website tailored to individual customer preferences and business niche? Such essential modules like integration with social networks, various forms of payment, contact forms, CTA buttons, etc., will still be present in an individually designed website. Also, don't forget about the unique design, structure, and brand elements that will be present only on your site.

Our designers will develop a site in the corporate identity colors, create a specific atmosphere, and set the tone, influencing its reputation. You just can't miss the opportunity to get such an exclusive platform!

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Services To Opt For

  • Get Started
  • Go Pro
  • Design
  • SEO & Writing

Get Started

A good start is a guarantee of success, don’t you think? Check out MotoCMS services to launch your website without problems and manage all the settings smoothly.

  • Template Installation

    Doing something for the first time is always thrilling, and of course, you want to get ideal results. Our highly-qualified technical support team always comes to help. Provide hosting access details, wait for three hours and get your website set up at an affordable price. Be sure that all the changes in the demo version will be saved. Thus, we guarantee fantastic results and the best customer experience.

    • superfast template installation
    • settings setup
    • performance testing
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  • SSL Certificate

    The owners of successful and reliable companies always take care of their customers. It’s highly essential to create a secure place not to fail them. That’s why we offer you to make a good investment in their trust. For our part, we assure:

    • safety of transactions and personal data such as credit card information, usernames, passwords, etc.
    • free secured site seal
    • high encryption level
    • easy domain validation

    Receive detailed instructions and have your certificate installed correctly.

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  • GDPR Compliance Audit

    With MotoCMS innovative compliance solution, there is no need to dwell on the regulations yourself. Our specialists will check your website's settings and contact forms for them to finally meet the GDPR in three business days. Check out such essential benefits as:

    • notification of consent
    • cookies usage banner and appropriate banner linking
    • cookies policy page and license agreement check

    Also, you'll get free helpful recommendations on general protection modifications for a fair price.

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  • All-in-One Pack

    Don’t panic if you don’t have a chance to spend time building your site - MotoCMS tech team can do everything for you. Your website will undoubtedly perform well due to such services:

    • template installation
    • fast text content update
    • images upload
    • extensive quality assurance testing
    • page speed check
    • qualified integrations

    Choose our fully-featured All-in-one Package and enjoy fast response and timely technical support.

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Go Pro

Tell the world how exceptional your online performance is with a multilingual plugin, form a large client base with advanced contact form, and increase conversions with MotoCMS Go Pro services. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Moreover, we can customize any template for you and boost its speed.

  • Template Customization

    If you’re looking for a responsible approach to your project, the MotoCMS customization service is what you need. We’ll update up to six pages of your site by placing your logo, changing the color scheme, replacing content, and activating a contact form with foolproof testing. Send a request, and we’ll contact you immediately.

    • a modern ready-to-go website
    • problem-free performance
    • personal manager assistance
    • data safety

    Send a request, and we’ll contact you immediately.

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  • Page Speed

    Fast loading of your website quickly is the basis of your customers' experience. The website loading speed for mobile users is even more essential. Therefore, if you want to boost your website traffic, get better UX and conversions, MotoCMS can speed up your website in just two days by offering such services as:

    • media content optimization
    • complex hosting settings improvement
    • compression enabling.

    Don't forget that you should install and customize the MotoCMS template beforehand. After all, your site will become fast like a flash, ready to carry out its mission.

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  • Advanced Contact Form

    With this option, you have a chance to show how vital your customers are to you - let your imagination flow and create a convenient tool for interaction by adding custom checkboxes, and making contact forms with an unlimited amount of fields.

    Therefore, you can drive conversions and form a large client base with MotoCMS advanced plugin providing:

    • enhanced form’s functionality
    • custom field and formulations
    • secure reCaptcha field
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  • eCommerce

    Nowadays, an eCommerce website is a core of rapid online sales growth. Access to it is possible from any smart device, and the present market situation shows that it’s the only way to stay competitive. With the MotoCMS plugin, you get a full-scale online store. Besides, a straightforward dashboard and admin panel will become your lifeline in easy managing orders, adding new products, and tracking statistics.

    • advanced products settings
    • numerous store sections
    • various payment gateways(PayPal, 2Checkout, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, PayOne, QuickPay, and YandexMoney).

    Besides, a straightforward dashboard and admin panel will become your lifeline in easy managing orders, adding new products, and tracking statistics.

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  • Multilanguage Solution

    The development of sites that support several languages the same time seems prestigious, don’t you think? Users who visit such a site immediately pay attention to the fact that they are dealing with a serious company. Thus, with this fast, time-saving, and super effective service, you’ll:

    • get a multilingual website
    • expand your client base.
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  • White Label

    Are you looking for a robust opportunity to start your business processes fast and efficiently? Become a MotoCMS website builder reseller, and go ahead! We, in turn, will offer you access to reselling our templates with your own:

    • brand links and content
    • personalized brand logo
    • dashboard color customization
    • customized widgets and functionality
    • personalized CSS
    • custom pricing plans
    • White Label trials.

    You should only choose the package that suits you and start earning money.


Stay competitive and continue to impress customers with appealing and adaptive websites. On our side, we’ll try to present the story of your brand with unique logos and the best UX design. If you still have doubts, choose a design audit and get a comprehensive overview of the situation!

  • Logo

    Stay one step ahead of competitors with MotoCMS custom logo creation services! While others underestimate the importance of a logo and postpone developing a professional website, you can start promoting your business with a logo design that attracts attention and evokes necessary associations in the customers’ minds. Present the main idea of the company with:

    • unique design
    • several color scheme options
    • all popular formats.
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  • Design from Scratch

    In case you have some extraordinary ideas on how your web design should look like or want something unique but don’t know what exactly, design development from scratch is your ideal solution.It involves creating an individual and competitive visual of your brand for an online environment.

    • increase brand awareness;
    • raise the conversion rate;
    • increase sales.
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  • Design Audit

    Do you suspect that something is wrong with your site, there is no progress, and user interaction level is lower than expected? MotoCMS report will include detailed recommendations on what to improve:

    • website navigation
    • layout
    • content organization
    • CTAs
    • font and colors
    • video, audio, and graphic elements.
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SEO & Writing Services

There is nothing impossible for MotoCMS professional copywriters and SEO specialists. Blogs, social media posts, web copywriting - no problem, we’ll get it done! Moreover, we can do an SEO audit and optimize your site to turn it into a constant source of new clients and income.

  • SEO Optimization

    Why is it for you? You’re new to website optimization and don’t know anything about SEO, you don’t have time or desire for doing it, or your website fails to rank well in search engines. MotoCMS guarantees:

    • higher SEO rankings
    • well-targeted organic traffic
    • perfect niche keywords
    • exclusive structured content
    • alt texts for images
    • meta description optimization
    • right website URL
    • fast web pages load
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  • SEO Audit

    Your website doesn't perform at full scale while you're still waiting for a Fairy Godmother who'll solve your problems with a magic wand? That's enough. With MotoCMS website SEO audit, you'll finally take charge of your business's future. We'll:

    • conduct an in-depth website analysis
    • identify mistakes in optimization
    • give content improvement advice
    • provide detailed instructions on how to fix problems
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  • Web Copywriting

    After checking out these top 5 reasons why to choose us, you’ll think of improving your textual content:

    • captivating SEO-optimized descriptions
    • top-quality content for the target audience
    • original texts for brand recognition
    • different affordable pricing plans
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  • Blog Writing

    Do you want to provide great blog posts that will be read by lots of people now and even many months later, but you lack time or inspiration? MotoCMS professional copywriters will develop a content plan of niche-specific texts with effective keywords. Thus, you’ll get:

    • 4 high-quality blog posts
    • SEO optimization
    • editing1 stock image for every post.
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  • Social Media Pack

    Don’t know how to represent and promote your business on social networks? Spread the word about yourself, impress new visitors, and save your time with MotoCMS expert social media brand building. Undoubtedly, you’ll stay pleased with:

    • an optimized cover image, profile photos, highlight covers, and header image design
    • username creation
    • provided hashtags
    • brand description copywriting.
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White Label from MotoCMS

Don’t lose the chance to broaden your business opportunities with the MotoCMS White Label Program. Whether you’re a freelancer or have a web agency, you can adjust templates to your brand and provide customers with what they want.

Starting at just $49 per month

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