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Need Expert Website SEO Audit Services?

If you need high-quality SEO audit services performed by experts – you’ve hit the right place.

Do you need your website to be visible to your target audience in search engines and you don't know where to start? SEO audit is the first step to creating an online marketing strategy that really works. You should use our services if you want to:

  • Optimize your content, URLs and meta data

  • Maximize indexing and speed-up your website

  • Identify linking opportunities

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    7 business days

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Benefits of MotoCMS Website Seo Audit Services

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Comprehensive Website Analysis

Comprehensive Website Analysis

Our SEO audit costs include a wide range of steps to analyze your website thoroughly.

URL Structure Analysis

URL Structure Analysis

We'll identify the structure and lengths of URLs that can cause indexation problems.

Content Improvement Advice

Content Improvement Advice

We'll optimize your keyword focus, meta descriptions and tags to meet targeted keyword search.

Website Indexing Enhancement

Website Indexing Enhancement

We'll help you to increase your page loading speed and correct any broken links.

Linking Analysis of Your Website

Linking Analysis of Your Website

We'll perform the analysis of your site's external inbound links and linking root domains.

Full List of On-site Problems

Full List of On-site Problems

We provide you with a detailed list of problems that worsen your SEO ranking.

Specific Recommendations

Specific Recommendations

After getting our report, you will see detailed advice on handling the problems.

Guidelines on Implementation

Guidelines on Implementation

Our detailed instructions will lead you through the process of website optimization.

Our Results in Numbers


Solved SEO Problems


Improved Websites Ranking


Satisfied Website Owners

Offer Milestones - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details

    As soon as you order website audit services, our support agents will ask you to give us your website details. First of all, you need to provide us with your site's URL and your FTP access details. Otherwise, you can provide us with login credentials and URL to access your web hosting control panel. This information also will be enough for us to guarantee high-quality website analysis services. Secondly, you have to specify the details of your web project/business. We need to know the primary purpose and message of your website to understand your target audience. Thirdly, we’ll ask you to state the main phrases (keywords) which you think describe your product, services, and project the best. Fourthly, give us URLs that promote your site such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profiles (optional). If you have any additional requests, you can also submit them.

  2. Comprehensive Thorough Website Analysis

    SEO audit of a website includes a lot of steps to find out any problems that your website has. Our experts will do their best to analyze your website and identify any issues with it. Firstly, we will check how many pages of your website have been indexed by the search engines. We will find out any indexing problems in case search engines don’t have access to various pages. Additionally, our team will check any broken links of your website. Secondly, our professionals will check the speed of your website because the site’s loading speed is one of the ranking factors. Thirdly, we will deal with the on-page SEO. We will pay attention to your keywords, meta descriptions, tags, as well as the general content of your website. Finally, our experts will check your organic traffic and track your rankings in the SERPs. We will make a report on all the problems, so you will know precisely what has to be improved and why.

  3. Compiling List of Recommendations

    Our website SEO audit services include creating a full list of recommendations on how to enhance your website traffic. Moreover, you will see detailed instructions on how to implement all the suggestions. In each case, our experts create personalized lists of recommendations depending on the problems that your website has. We may advise you to delete any unnecessary pages or to redirect the search engine to the page version you want to use. You may also get advice on how to speed up your website by removing any obstacles that slow it down. Additionally, our team can urge you to correct your website architecture that helps search engines find and index all of your pages. Furthermore, we can give some recommendations on improving your on-page SEO by changing your title tags and inserting keywords correctly. Whatever problems your website has, we will point them out and tell you how to handle it.

  4. Providing Website Analysis Report

    The result of our SEO audit services is a report with recommendations. As soon as we finish creating the document with recommendations, we will notify you. Our team will send the document to you, and you will be able to start improving your website traffic.

Choose Your Plan

SEO Audit

SEO Audit


  • website analysis

  • expert advice

  • detailed report

  • clear guidelines


How can I make an order?

Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

What is the format of the report?

Our professional write the text of your report and create a pdf-format file to send to you.

What’s in the report?

You get the full list of your on-site problems along with the explanation of how each of them affects your visibility in search results. Moreover, you’re offered specific action steps on how to fix the issues and guidelines on implementing those steps.

How quickly will I get my report?

When you place your order, it will take us 1-3 days to get the necessary information. After that, we will perform a comprehensive analysis and write personalized recommendations. We need up to 6 days for that. Later, you’ll get your report (in a day). So, you’ll get your report in 7 business days.

What languages do you work with?

We can offer SEO audit of a website in any languages. Our professionals can provide reports about SEO audit services in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Why do I have to provide key phrases and business details?

If you provide details about your business and the key phrases to describe it, our team will be able to give recommendations on improving on-page SEO. It will help us analyze your keywords, meta descriptions, heading tags, etc.

How do you help to optimize the content of the website?

After a thorough analysis, we can give advice on improving your website’s content. Our experts will state if you need to change your keywords, meta descriptions, headings, and so on. Also, we can recommend editing image names and alternative texts assigned to the images.

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Phebe Marsden

Thanks for your excellent work! It took me some time to work out all points of the report, but I succeeded. After following your guidelines, the traffic of my site increased enormously! I couldn’t even hope for such a quick result.

Blade Parker

I want to thank your professional team for the support. Your friendly experts with a personalized approach are fantastic! They found out all peculiarities of my business and helped a lot with website promotion. Now I know why keyword focus is essential for my website.

Vivian Lang

When I ordered your website audit services, I doubted that I would be able to implement everything myself. However, when I opened the detailed report, I saw clear instructions. Although I’m not a very technically-minded person, I was able to follow all the steps. Thank you so much!

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