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Are you dreaming of a website that grabs attention and makes potential customers choose you over others but don't know where to start? Then MotoCMS professional website builder company comes to help. We'll be your lifeline in creating beautiful websites effortlessly. No technical skills are required, only your desire to launch an excellent responsive platform that boosts sales and attracts new visitors! divider

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How Did MotoCMS Start?

The story of our user-friendly, functional, and easy website builder began in early 2008 when Demetrio Fortman launched FlashMoto. At that time, the company's swift and intuitive Flash-powered CMS made it stand out from the crowd, but as time passed and new technologies replaced the old ones, we didn’t stand idly by. After a while, FlashMoto was rebuilt to adjust to the market, and, as a result, we got MotoCMS – the second generation of our HTML-based website builder.

The latest MotoCMS 3 version was released in 2015, and now it is a responsive website builder with a vast collection of lightning-fast templates. Things change, and in 2021 we are also willing to offer a full-featured White Label for resellers and a brand new website builder solution - Moto4!
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Flash - 2008 Flash - 2008
MotoCMS 3 - 2015 MotoCMS 3 - 2015

Suitable Designs for 100+ Fields and Industries

MotoCMS templates are niche-oriented, so you’ll find what your heart desires! For your convenience, we’ve divided them into categories that include everything from Business, Medical & Healthcare, Food & Restaurant, Sports & Entertainment to Technology and Arts. Whether you repair roofs, take photos, sell clothes or write your blog, our website designs will meet any desire and fit any project. All you need to do is fill the template with the necessary content (that we can also assist you with!).

Nothing is impossible with MotoCMS professional website builder company. Choose from a variety of adaptive templates and launch a website of your dream!
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We keep up with the times, but our mission remains the same. MotoCMS team aims to provide both novices and pros with the enjoyable experience of website creation. Thus, we continuously improve our products and services according to the world’s highest standards for you to succeed online effortlessly. What's Behind MotoCMS Website Creator

Professional Website Builder Company - MotoCMS Team

MotoCMS team is a big friendly family. Every member aims to get great results and develop a professional website builder company. After several years of rapid development and growth, our team is finally formed in full strength.

In the beginning, we had nothing but knowledge and a strong desire to create the best product, and we coped with that! Nowadays, MotoCMS templates are becoming more and more popular, and our website builder occupies one of the market’s leading positions. Therefore, knowledge and experience are the highest values taken as Moto CMS team’s main principles. Having a priceless experience and a clear understanding of how professional websites are created worldwide, we continue to move on the thorny path of creating a modern, full-fledged website builder and making it way better with every step taken.
Demetrio Fortman
Demetrio Fortman


Tommy Stone
Tommy Stone


Evgeny Dubrov
Evgeny Dubrov


Julia Blake
Julia Blake

Marketing Manager

Zoey Peregrine
Zoey Peregrine

Head of SEO & Content

Nick Bergman
Nick Bergman

Product Manager

We are here to help you with every aspect of your website

With MotoCMS professional website builder company, you can launch your site without effort. But our experts are also ready to offer services related to website optimization, GDPR, SEO, website promotion, content creation, and design to save your precious time. A team of professionals will take care of your product - every request will be taken into account, and every detail will be thought out.

All in all, we’re customer-oriented and do our best to meet your needs. Your success is important to us, so we are open to discussions and willing to answer your questions 24/7. You can also get any template for a free trial period to understand how your future site will look and function and decide whether you need any additional help.
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  • Blog Writing
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  • GDPR Audit
  • Customization
  • Site Maintenance
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  • Logo Creation
  • Additional Images
  • Social Banners
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