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MotoCMS Foundation Day
November 4, 2008
MotoCMS is a convenient, functional and easy website builder launched by Demetrio Fortman in 2008. Once known as FlashMoto, the company came up with a truly fast and intuitive Flash-powered CMS. Time passed and new technologies replaced the old ones. Going with the times FlashMoto was rebuilt to adjust to the market and, as a result, we got MotoCMS – the second generation of our website builder based on HTML. The latest MotoCMS 3 version released in 2015 is a responsive website builder with a huge collection of lightning-fast templates.

Despite the changes in the technology, MotoCMS mission remained the same - to provide both novices and pros with the enjoyable experience of website creation. We keep on improving our products and services for you day in, day out in accordance with the highest standards the modern world requires.
Being among the top vendors of website templates, MotoCMS offers users with any level of knowledge and experience 2500+ professionally designed and highly flexible themes collected in 60+ unique business categories.

Feel free to choose from three regularly updated MotoCMS versions: MotoCMS HTML, MotoCMS 3, and MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce. With MotoCMS 3 templates it is easy to create a professional and fast website with blog and eCommerce functionality.

MotoCMS web design and development services include logo design, professional web banner design for any kind of promotion, website customization, hosting, uptime monitoring, SEO services, online store development, etc. What’s more, we help our customers earn money with Program for developers as well as the Affiliate Program.

MotoCMS.com is a team of friends aimed at getting great results.The process of our formation took the last several years and during this time we have been growing and developing by leaps and bounds. When we started working on our product, which is now put on the market and is getting more and more popular, we had nothing but our knowledge.

By the way, knowledge, along with experience, are the highest values taken as the main principles of Moto CMS team existence. Moving on the thorny path of creating the full-fledged website builder , we have got a priceless experience and a clear understanding of how professional websites are created all over the world.
Demetrio Fortman CEO
Victor Gozhyi COO
Evgeny Dubrov CTO
Julia Blake Marketing Manager
Tommy Stone Chief Sales Officer
Nick Bergman Chief Support Manager
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