MotoCMS VS Duda

MotoCMS is an easy website builder platform for any business niche and everyone who wants to create a website and start their online brand. Duda is a web design platform for companies that offer different web design services to all customers and businesses.

MotoCMS & Duda Benefits

Take a look at this comparison of MotoCMS vs Duda based on the data from user reviews.
Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of Admin
Quality of Support
Ease of Doing Business With
Product Direction (% positive)
If you already have a website, but you need to fill it out with SEO-optimized content or customize a website,


builder can offer additional services. You can choose on-page SEO, high-quality copywriting, start a Google ads campaign, or order a logo design service. Besides, the client can ask for help MotoCMS team of professionals in a live chat or open the help center. In a chosen chapter, you can find many frequently asked questions with detailed responses.

MotoCMS vs Duda - Key Features of Each Builder

MotoCMS is the easiest website builder because it contains powerful features to help clients create a professional website without any effort, regardless of their coding or web design skills. Let us show you the list of instruments of MotoCMS:
Ease of Use icon

Drag-and-drop System

It allows you to move any image, text, or block in a couple of clicks of your mouse. You don’t need to touch any line of code to realize all your future website ideas. As you see, using visual editing, you can build a successful personal brand and achieve a perfect vision of your website.
eCommerce Functionality icon

eCommerce Functionality

You can build a website to sell products and services with ease using such tools as secure payment gateways and checkout, flexible payment options, shipping, and tax settings. ECommerce features will allow you to create a product catalog with all the necessary tools for successful sales.
Flexible Navigation icon

Flexible Navigation

The customer can choose an appropriate navigation style for a mobile, tablet, or desktop and ensure all content is automatically optimized and resized for the device’s screen.
Responsive & Mobile-optimized icon

Responsive & Mobile-optimized

Developers of MotoCMS builder made the pages of each website template work across any screen size. Your high-quality website will display right and look beautiful on any device, be it a tablet, a desktop PC, or a mobile phone, thanks to the latest techniques.
Optimization Settings icon

Optimization Settings

Everybody knows that no matter how beautiful and attractive your website is, it will be invisible in the online space without SEO’s right customization. MotoCMS builder has advanced SEO tools to help your website to get higher on the search engine. You will have a complete SEO guide to build the proper meta tags, URLs, and more.
Convenient SEO Tools icon

Convenient SEO Tools

You can improve the ability of the search engines to discover the content on your website through tags. Controlling the keywords and customizing the right URL will also increase ranking and visibility in the online space.

MotoCMS vs Duda - Categories of Templates

MotoCMS builder has a significant quantity of unique templates provided on their website, which are preferred by thousands of customers worldwide. Everybody can choose a niche-perfect website design for their business from the collection of top-quality website templates. Developers of Duda website builder made many templates with unique design, including digital companies' themes, and even promoting garden services.
  • 2500

  • 100


How Can Clients Ensure a Template Suits Their Future Website?

MotoCMS template


website builder offers to register a free demo version and start a trial period to try any template you want. Besides, you can use e-mail addresses and social accounts, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Account. During 14 days, you can design your website using all tools and opportunities of an admin panel for free.
Duda template


website builder suggests starting a free trial by creating an account using Google Account or e-mail address. After logging in, you can try all features of this builder for 14 days to decide the chosen template is appropriate or not.

MotoCMS vs Duda - Additional Integrations

Developers of MotoCMS builder added modern functionality to the admin panel to help you make a website more comfortable to use.
For MotoCMS users, there are such helpful tools and widgets as
  • Audio and video players
  • Advanced contact form
  • Sliders
  • Galleries
  • Social media integration
  • Widgets & buttons
  • Blog functionality
  • MailChimp
  • Disqus
  • Slideshare
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
Duda has helpful site widgets for a website with customers’ easy use. Some of them are
  • Popup
  • Contact form
  • Online scheduling
  • OpenTable reservations
  • Business hours
  • Coupons
  • Social media

Critical Optimization Benefits

Moto3 Builder Preview
Website loading speed is essential for the success of the website. Then faster website loading speed, then higher conversion and sales. Besides, search engines encourage fast sites and higher their rankings. Pingdom speed test tools showed the loading time to interact with


websites is 1.08 seconds. Meantime, Duda websites have lower loading speed.
Squarespace Builder Preview
As you know, URLs should contain the target keywords and be relevant to the pages' content. Duda website builder limits this opportunity, while MotoCMS builder provides a free custom URL generation for every page.


allows integrating the website with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to control and track your website's organic and overall traffic. Meantime, the


website builder doesn't provide such kind of additional opportunities.

Brand New
Moto4 !

  • Intuitive Website Builder

  • Image Library Access

  • Site Styles Manager

  • Built-in Integration

  • Marketing Tools

  • Shared Editing




billed annually

Get Started with MotoCMS

MotoCMS 3



billed annually
  • Full MotoCMS builder functionality

  • One-year hosting

  • One-year domain name support

  • SSL certificate for protecting your website

  • Full website setup

  • Lifetime MotoCMS updates

MotoCMS 3 Lifetime


  • Lifetime MotoCMS updates

  • Amazing website template

Free Trial

One of the main advantages of MotoCMS is its 2-weeks demo trial completely free of charge. A fully functional demo allows one to experience MotoCMS and try the preferred template. Credit card details are not needed!
When your trial expires, you can buy the template or simply leave the admin panel if you don’t like the modifications done.
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