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MotoCMS Easy Website Builder for Beginners and Professionals

No coding skills needed, no matter what kind of website you want. MotoCMS is the easiest website builder for beginners with a simple visual drag and drop editing, eCommerce plugin, and responsive design. This easy website builder platform will give you everything to power your new website and start your own online brand!

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simple website builder

Easy Website Builder Templates for Any Business Niche

Have a niche business and want to get a professional CMS template with the right design and functionality? We have created them for you! You are welcome to check our collection of ready-to-go web templates for corporate websites, small business sites and personal pages. Be it a medical, sports, beauty or agricultural website - you will find exactly what you need in our collection. Feel free to check some of the most popular template categories below or use live chat and let us find a perfect design for you!

Powerful Features of MotoCMS Easy Website Builder

Check some of our fey features to make sure that MotoCMS is the easiest website builder to use. This list will show you that building a website is possible for anyone, regardless of your skills and background knowledge.

Simple Drag & Drop Website Builder - No Code, Visual Editing

Simple drag and drop website builder powered MotoCMS is the easiest way to create a website without any coding skills. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional developer, you can intuitively create a functional website without touching a line of code. Simply drag and drop images, texts, blocks and make them live in a couple of clicks.

Responsive, Mobile-Optimized Design

Build a responsive website that works across various screen sizes. Developed with the latest techniques, MotoCMS easy website creator allows you to make each page of your beautiful website 100% responsive. It means that it will look great on any device, be it a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. It will also help you to get a better mobile search ranking!

Advanced eCommerce Functionality

Create a high-converting online store easily! You can build your business, sell products and services with advanced eCommerce features powered by MotoCMS. You will get your products' catalog with filtering and search options, including secure payment gateways, tax and shipping settings, flexible payment options and a secure checkout.

Advanced SEO Settings and Optimization Tools

You can have the most beautiful website on the web which will stay unnoticed unless you apply the best SEO practices to help it rank. Simple website builder by MotoCMS has advanced SEO settings which will help you do that right. You will be supported with the appropriate functionality and a comprehensive SEO guide to building the proper URLs, meta tags, and more.

Additional Integrations and Plugins

Our developers are doing their best to add new functionality to the latest releases of the admin panel on a regular basis. Those include a new Google Map Pro widget, Advanced Contact Form plugin, Instagram Post widget, new Tile Gallery, Popup widget, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable and Airbnb Booking Integration and more.

Tons of built-in widgets & tools

  • Audio & Video Players
  • Contact Form
  • Sliders & Galleries
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • Blog Elements
  • Integration Systems

Customer Services

MotoCMS is more than just an easy website builder for beginners and experienced users. Additionally, we provide our clients with the best customer services to easily start, customize and promote their websites. Here are some of the most popular offers our clients are in love with.

4 Simple Steps to Create Your Site with a Website Builder

We have done our best to make MotoCMS a simple website builder which can be used by people of all ages and professions. You can create your dream website yourself without any help using ready-made templates and pre-made blocks of content.

Choose a Template

Choose a Template

Let's start with the most interesting part - the design! We have more than 2500 ready-to-use website templates for all business niches. As soon as you choose something appealing to your taste, you will be able to tweak its structure, color scheme and install the theme to the existing domain. Though, if you have not yet picked the domain name and hosting provider, our customer care team will help you find the most suitable solution.

Customize It and Add Your Content

Customize It and Add Your Content

Got the right template and want to know what to do next? Use easy website builder functionality and change the layout the way you want. You can change its color scheme and structure, upload your images, add your logo and create custom texts. The final result can be different from the initial template and look as if you have built a website from scratch on your own. Never stop experimenting, make your website unique and exclusive!

Add Custom SEO and Analytics

Add Custom SEO and Analytics

As soon as the design is ready, it's high time to take care of its search engine optimization and performance. Using our easy website builder for beginners, you will have a chance to add the necessary SEO settings to your website, following simple tips from our SEO optimization guide. It was created especially for MotoCMS clients keeping in mind their needs. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics integrated with the admin panel will also help you better track the results.

Publish and Promote It Online

Publish and Promote It Online

Well done! Your website is live and ready to welcome the visitors. Easy-to-use admin panel powered by easy website builder will help to promote your business online and connect it to the social networks. With a number of helpful widgets, such as Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board, you will be able to share the latest feed right on your website. Moreover, you can add Social Buttons and share the content easily!

MotoCMS Client Reviews

Check what our clients say about MotoCMS easy website builder, products and services. You can also check our reviews and ratings on some of the most popular and trusted websites, such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

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