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It does not matter whether you are a bread maker or a sweets manufacturer. A professional website created with the help of food website templates from MotoCMS will surely be the best option. Our food & drink website templates are characterized by fantastic functionality. They allow you to make an outstanding web page on the fly!

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Best Food Website Templates for Food & Drink Websites

Food is the basic necessity for all of us. There are different companies that provide various services connected with food. Do you want to convince people that your products or services are the best? It is rather easy to do if you make a food website with a responsive food truck website template. If you want to create online food ordering website or an online presence of a food store or cafe, use our food and drink website templates.

You can quickly create new sections and content elements on your pages. It is also possible to manage widgets and adjust different settings of your site to your needs. There is a presets builder that is embedded in all food website templates. It is possible to modify the widgets using a variety of customizable presets. You can customize such values as style, color, size, background according to your preferences.

MotoCMS Food Website Templates

We have a broad variety of food and drink CMS website templates. They all are feature-rich and user-friendly. It means that all you have to do is to add the description of your services and pictures demonstrating your products or services. Everything else is already done for you!

What is more, all our food & drink website templates are SEO-friendly. When you create food delivery website or make a food blog, you can get the most out of your professional website due to our advanced SEO options. Just optimize your website, its content and let the search engines find it lightning-fast!

Do you want to share some useful piece of advice? There is such an opportunity, as our food website templates are characterized by blog functionality. Use this feature to post ideas about your brand, services or products and attract more customers to your website. Moreover, each recipe website template automatically adjusts to any device.

Excellent Food Website Templates - Key Points

Opt for the best cms for a food website as it is an excellent choice for any entrepreneur to get started with online project! Moreover, you can sign up for the free demo period and build your own business with MotoCMS food & drink website templates. So, let’s cover all these questions in detail.

Types and Topical Kinds

Food website templates from this category can cover various topics, and spheres, so they include:

  • beverages and cocktails themes, including energy drink website templates;
  • themes for tea or coffee companies;
  • food recipes website templates and designs for online cookbooks;
  • templates for a chef or a healthy lifestyle consultant;
  • various food ordering and catering designs;
  • organic food website templates and healthy food themes;
  • BBQ website templates;
  • cafes and pubs business themes;
  • food truck web templates;
  • bakery, patisserie, ice-cream or a candy & sweets shop templates;
  • templates for a honey manufacturer;
  • winery or wine producer & farm themes;
  • online grocery store templates, etc.

Mouthwatering Design

Take a look at our food website templates and see how stylish and attractive they look! The design is reasonable and modern, considering all the contemporary trends in the food industry and food blogging. Don't forget that all of our food & drink website templates are 100% mobile-friendly.

Users will be delighted with amazing versions of your site. Thanks to responsive design your website will look perfect on all devices. So, clients can visit your site via three major breakpoints: smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

The bakery website design layout will be automatically adjusted to a required screen resolution without losing content and quality. How to convince people that you are the best on the market? Use our food website templates to create a website! It's affordable, fast, and beautiful! Add the images of your foodstuff, type in needed text, and introduce the final result to the world.


The first and most important characteristic of MotoCMS food website templates is their high functionality. We take into account all the specific aspects of topics you might need to cover. For instance, with every catering website design taking orders from your customers will become a child's play. Your website visitors will be able not only to appreciate your website design but book a table, check out your menu, and choose a meal at option.

Keep in mind that the restaurant website has a functionality of receiving orders from customers, demonstrating your restaurant menus, introducing your cook team, and simply engaging more people to taste your delicious food by all available means.

E-Store Features

If you start a new healthy food store, then you get a full set of e-store functionality with every food store website template so you won’t feel a need for hiring extra specialists to make your presentation website a real working shop with orders taken, and delivery provided. We should inform you, that all of our food and drink website templates contain multiple possible pages that your food online store might need (including Delivery Information, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Contacts), etc.

The Website Builder

Continuing to talk about the functionality of food website templates, we should mention our first and foremost advantage - MotoCMS drag and drop website builder. With a powerful, intuitive website creator, it will take you a few days to launch a beautiful and user-friendly food website. Moreover, it will take you a minute to update the menu or edit the color palette before any holiday season.

It is essential in the sphere of food and drinks, isn't it? In practice, it means that every time when you need to add a new dish to your menu or a new product to your shop assortment, you move around the content blocks with website composer. Now you don't need to hire side employees for the online version of your business as there is no need for skills related to web design and programming. Yes, it is easy.

Comprehensive Admin Panel

Buying one of our food and drink website templates, you get the great opportunity to provide all the necessary transformations due to the control panel, powered by MotoCMS. This website building platform allows you as a website owner to play with the appearance and structure.

Having the drag-and-drop editor on the right, pages settings on the left, and the responsivity modes for desktops, tablets, and smartphones at the top of your website builder admin panel, you can create a unique food store!

Otherwise, if you don’t want to redesign it, it is also not necessary. If you are completely satisfied with food website templates (we have a rich assortment of them, and are glad to please you 100%) you have chosen, just add your content with an admin panel and your website is ready to go.

Rich Toolkit

With a bunch of tools, you can create your own website and launch it within a few hours. Every organic food website design is stuffed with everything you need to promote your food & drink website and more. There are galleries, free stock images, social media buttons, Google Maps, and a color picker.

You still don't believe us? Try one of the food website templates without any charges right now and see for yourself. Launch a free trial version and start customizing your website with MotoCMS. Moreover, you are welcome to upload your own files in the media library: photo, audio, video, and archives.

There is no point learning web design, coding or programming! As you see, website building is truly easy-peasy with food and drink website templates. Keep your shoppers up-to-date about your production and let MotoCMS take care of your online business!

Free Trial Version

MotoCMS offers you the best pre-purchase experience ever. Firstly, you can watch the live demo version before making a purchase of a fast food website design you like the most and assure yourself in its usability and ace-high quality. Secondly, if you still aren’t sure, there is a special offer for you.

Before buying any of our food website templates, you can register a free 14-day trial, and contact our support team 24/7 completely free of charge. No more buying pigs in a poke! While testing the food ordering website template for two weeks, you will learn about the simplicity of its admin panel. Besides, a trial version of food and drink website templates has the full functionality, so configuring it you actually make your own site.

If you buy a template you have chosen during the 2-weeks trial period, all your changes will be saved in an online project. Therefore, you will get a ready-made site of your dreams.

24/7 Technical Support

Our professional support team can get in touch with you through different communication channels and is available from any place at any time necessary. See for yourself and try our food website templates without any charge right now and never ponder move over a question of how to create a food website. Sign up for the free trial period and modify the original design with no previous web development skills. Build your own online business with MotoCMS!

MotoCMS Food Website Templates - Additional Widgets and Modules

Have a look at the bright and practical food & drink website templates that contain every tool you need to build a successful food website within hours. Our widgets are so diverse that you will be astonished!

For instance, we have a countdown widget to inform your customers about the deal of the day. With a video widget, it is easy to post an attention-grabbing video to your blog to whet the appetite of your loyal customers.

Thanks to the Google Maps integration and informative headers and footers, your customers will not experience any difficulties contacting you, both online and offline.

Social Presence

Two widgets of great importance, when you want to widen your audience and prospective clientele are a social media widget and a blog widget. Use social media widgets of MotoCMS food website templates to promote your website in world-famous social networks like Facebook or Instagram and many others. Connect your site directly to your company’s social media accounts and get a better connection to customers and more feedback. You are also able to introduce your chef and employees via social media platforms.


The same simplicity as in the whole template distinguishes the blogging functionality of them. How great is this? Starting a food blog nowadays if you are pro in this sphere is a must. With our blog tools, it will not cause any difficulties for you.

If your whole site is supposed to be a blog, we have great food website templates in store for you. Nevertheless, each of MotoCMS food & drink website templates allows you to enhance your web page with a feature-rich blog and personalize it effortlessly. Thus, pick a favorable food blog website template and go online like a pro!


No matter how great your site is, if you don’t promote it wisely on the Internet following on-page ranking factors, you will certainly fail. You are welcome to optimize your website content with SEO settings that come with all MotoCMS seo website builder and food website templates. Write meta tags for every page of your website with our user-friendly website builder.

Striking Food Website Templates - Create a Beautiful Website in a Couple of Clicks

Although there are a lot of different food shops, food and drinks producers sites, and food or cooking blogs, it is pretty hard to find a really good one that has only high-quality products or valuable recipes and a professional team. If you own this kind of site or e-store, you definitely should take it online to lead in the industry.

The best solution for you is to build an outstanding website for your company promotion! As you have already understood, the easiest way to create a qualitative website is basing it on one of the food website templates from MotoCMS bakery website builder.

We have the best food and drink website templates. Take a look at the best examples of proper food website design here, and you will love the fascinating decorations, backgrounds, sliders, and fonts made by a professional team of web designers.

Food Website Templates - Go Live with MotoCMS Today

So, as you see, in this section you can find the MotoCMS food and drink website templates for every taste. There are things that distinguish them from the other ones:

  • modern food web design devoted to the latest industry trends;
  • interesting solutions for delicious-looking galleries;
  • attention to colors, images, videos, fonts, and other details;
  • additional functionality due to special widgets and modules;
  • easy customization and modifications thanks to powerful admin panel and user-friendly website builder;
  • SEO integration instruments, social media, and blog functionality tools.

The only thing left is to add your own photo and video content. It is a piece of cake with our website builder and admin panel. MotoCMS website builder will be your number one assistant in your website transformation. In the end, you get a good-looking fully-functional website with different widgets and modules to present it well to customers and promote it on the Internet. Make your online presence a dream come true with MotoCMS food website templates!

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