Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog

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This light and stylish storytelling website template will become an attention-grabbing website of a food blogger or a lifestyle instructor. Enhanced by the drag-and-drop functionality, this storytelling website design is easy to understand and use. You will be able to launch your food blog or just a storytelling website in a couple of days. Look at the features that make this theme appealing.

Amazing Design of MotoCMS Storytelling Website Template

The drag-and-drop functionality of the food blog website template by MotoCMS ensures the ease of use and fast creation process. This theme for a digital storytelling website has a flexible layout, so you can change the elements and re-order them the way you find most appropriate. Without touching any line of coding, you’ll be able to create an impressive blog website for storytelling with various pages and elements.

The storytelling website template lets you customize your interactive storytelling website as much as you like. It is possible to adjust background colors or set appetizing pictures as a background of your blog. Additionally, you can edit the smallest details, like the spacing on your pages. Furthermore, with MotoCMS storytelling website example, you can add Google Fonts or custom fonts to your page if you don’t like the default typography.

Best Storytelling Website Template for Your Blog

At the same time, pre-built template pages save your time and let you insert your content quickly. You can take advantage of preset color schemes on all the pages to make your blog look stylish and harmonious. The principle ‘what you see is what you get’ allows you to make real-time changes to your blog instantly. Also, this food blog website design lets you edit and update your blog posts when needed. If you need to delete any posts, you can easily do this, too.

We know that followers use mobile devices a lot to read blogs. Thus, our blog website template has a responsive design. It doesn’t matter whether your subscribers will browse your blog with the help of a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. You can be sure that people will get the best view of your blog on any screen.

To make your blog stand out among your competitors, the MotoCMS team has upgraded the storytelling website template. Following an SEO optimization guide, you can insert necessary data about your food blog and make your website visible for search engines. The advanced SEO settings will help you to appear on the top of search engine results and will also help you to become the best storytelling website.

How to Create a Storytelling Website with MotoCMS?

To make a compelling presentation of your blog and your biography, the storytelling website template has an About page. You can impress your visitors with the stories from your life, your beliefs, and principles, etc. Choosing from various fonts available in the template, you can emphasize your style.

1. Take Advantage of Alluring Design

Besides an attractive homepage, you will get a possibility to create efficient menus with the storytelling website template. You can organize your posts into various categories that your followers will find understandable. So, the design facilitates navigation through the site. The essential part of any blog is the posts that people will see. The storytelling website theme has a rich blog functionality. First, you can manage your posts and add media of various kinds to it. You can illustrate your recipes with photos, or you can integrate video and show the food preparation process in your blog.

2. Process the Blog

Secondly, the layout will let you display featured recipes and your latest posts. Thus, you will engage visitors and encourage them to stay longer on your site. Moreover, you can assign tags to your posts and let people read more information that interests them. The storytelling website template has also got a convenient commenting system that allows people to post comments and express their opinion on your blog. You can control the possibility to comment on various posts yourself, enabling or disabling comments when necessary.

3. Take Care of Social Sharing

Furthermore, this template has numerous social buttons. You will be able to connect your blog to accounts on social networks. Your followers will get a chance to share your posts via different networks easily. So, the template assists you in building a stronger online presence and making your blog more popular.

In short, the storytelling website template is a fast and efficient way to create a fascinating food blog.

What's Inside

Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 3Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 4Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 2Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 5Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 1Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog #86157 image 6
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  • Moto CMS Version:
  • Moto CMS Widgets:
    Menu, Horizontal Divider, Container, Row, Accordion, Progress Bar, Social Buttons, Countdown Timer, Disqus, Iframe, Embed widget, Google Map
  • Features:
    Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Premium, Responsive, Visual Editor
  • Animation:
    HTML plus JS
  • Layout:
  • Installation:
    Installation and setup instructions included
  • Language support:
    English, Русский, Deutsch, 日本語, Svenska, Italiano, Nederlands, Українська, Français, Polski, Español, Português (Brasil)
  • Additional Features:
    Popups, Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Background Options, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Design Presets
  • Web Forms:
    Contact Form, MailChimp
  • Coding:
    CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, LESS, AngularJS
  • Media:
    Video Integration, Media Library File Manager, Audio Player, SoundCloud
  • Gallery Script:
    Slider, Grid, Carousel
  • Sources Available:
    Not Included
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  • PHP v. 5.6, 7.0, 7.1
  • with MySQL database support
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