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We have been creating various business templates for a long time, so we know for sure what our clients may need. Thus, from us, you can purchase templates with a ready-made design to customize them for the content of your business and its basic needs. It will be easiest to do this with us. Ask why? There are many reasons for this.

Smoothie Website Template by MotoCMS

Using a ready-made template from our company, you can save time and achieve excellent results in promoting your website and filling it with high-quality content. This method is also the least expensive. Building a website from scratch can take a tremendous amount of effort from developers, designers, and other costly specialists. Using the smoothie website template, you can do it all yourself or entrust us at a loyal price. All you need to do is figure it out using various tools to customize your website, and then the process will go very quickly. Many of our clients took less than three days to serve their first client.

You can also familiarize yourself with the main features of the template in the live demo mode, see the initial design, and how you can reconfigure it for the needs of your company. And also, we provide access to the control panel to roughly understand what you will have to work with and what configuration tools you can use.

Why MotoCMS?

Our new and regular customers will have many bonuses and a convenient and understandable website builder, with which they can achieve perfect results. Among the main bonuses from our company, you will receive free annual hosting. You can use the VIP functions of live chat and email support on your created website and purchase both a subscription and a life plan. In the second case, you can save a significant amount of money to invest in the further development of your business and website. In addition, here, you will find hundreds of other options that practically do not differ in functionality but may be more suitable for the needs of your design company. One such example is the Alcohol Website Template.

Unlimited Design Features

You will find many options for redesigning the smoothie website template, adding different content, and other customizations. You can change the interface, add new pages, or copy them to create a unique and technologically convenient look of the website for your clients.

Also, you will find a built-in product catalog in this template, which you can just as easily customize for the products being sold. Among the main design features are:

  • Convenient color settings on the entire website and each page separately;
  • Ability to add new pages, information blocks, change fonts in them, make headings and other structural elements;
  • The ability to resize the website for both mobile and desktop versions and make a preview before finishing work;
  • Other technological options for integrating with google maps and adding handy widgets.


Each template has a lot of customization tools built-in and more. Widgets can make your website more technological and usable for clients. With their help, you will push notifications, communicate with your customers, set up the company's customer service, and much more. It will look quite comfortable and unique.

Media Library

You will also find a media library, thanks to which you can easily add various files to your website. Among them are archives, documents, video, and audio. In addition, in this section, you will find photographs that we have selected for the needs of your website. You can freely use them for any purpose:

  • Create a background for one of the pages or the website as a whole;
  • Add them to a separate page;
  • Use them for information blocks.

It all depends only on the pursued goals and imagination.


In all of our eStore templates, you will find a built-in analyst. With its help, it will be possible to understand when and how much of a product was sold and obtain other important information. Also, you can integrate your website with your Google or Yandex Analytics account and use all its capabilities.

Excellent Optimization

Thanks to the effort we put into website optimization, the speed of the smoothie website template will be incredible. Any catalog element or website page will load in no more than a second. This will significantly affect the rating of your website by customers and by search engines that rank your website in search rankings.

24/7 Support

Our support service works 24/7. You will be able to contact a support representative via live chat on any page of our website and guaranteed to get a quality answer to any question. We will advise working with templates at any stage of filling it with content and before purchasing, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Lola Caretaker Verified buyer

I'm doing my best to keep my business running and eventually I've switched my site's platform to MotoCMS. It improves the results in terms of SEO and the editing process now takes less time

Nick Greisor Verified buyer

I've developed the site for our local lounge bar and few weeks ago I've tried a MotoCMS theme. A truly unforgettable, positive experience


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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