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Need to turn your webpage into a lightning-fast website?

If you need professional page speed improvements – you’ve hit the right place.

Page speed is one of the ranking factors in search results. If your website is loading slowly, then you are not getting enough traffic, conversions, and revenue. Not to lose your income and make your website faster, use page speed optimization service from MotoCMS. Within the Page Speed Booster Service, we optimize your website images and thus speed up your website. You will get:

  • Media content optimization

  • Hosting settings improvement

  • gzip compression enabling

  • Languages:


  • CMS:


  • ETA:

    up to 2 business days

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Benefits of Page Speed Optimization by MotoCMS

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Careful Page Speed Measuring

Careful Page Speed Measuring

Our team will measure your website speed before making improvements and after making them to ensure speed increase.

Media Content Optimization

Media Content Optimization

To enhance your website, we'll check the size of all your website images and optimize them to get the best loading speed.

Unlimited Amount of Images

Unlimited Amount of Images

No matter how many images your website contains, our team will evaluate and optimize every image of your website.

Complex Hosting Settings

Complex Hosting Settings

If any changes are needed, our specialists will apply these changes for the optimization of your website hosting.

Enabling gzip Compression

Enabling gzip Compression

Our team enable content compression models to reduce transfer time and increase page loading speed by the scripts.

Boosting Website Traffic

Boosting Website Traffic

As a result of page speed improvements, your website will get better traffic and conversions, ranking higher in search results.

Professional Services at Fair Price

Professional Services at Fair Price

We guarantee that you will get an outstanding quality of service and immediate results after our page speed improvements.

Incredible Speed of Order Completion

Incredible Speed of Order Completion

It will take our professionals up to 2 business days to edit your website images and get page speed improvements results.

Our Results in Numbers


Optimized webpages


Improved images

by 39%

Increased website traffic

Offer Milestones - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details

    When you buy page optimization service from MotoCMS, our support team will get in touch with you to find out necessary website details. We’ll ask you to provide our specialists with your site's URL, FTP access details, login access details to your database server (along with access to PHPMyAdmin), and login details to access MotoCMS admin area of your website. If you wish, you can give us your login credentials and URL to access your web hosting control panel.

  2. Page Speed Optimization Process

    When the MotoCMS team has got all the necessary details, we’ll measure your current website speed and start page speed improvements. Our specialists will carefully check all media content of your website and optimize it to get the best loading speed. Moreover, our professionals will review your hosting settings and make any necessary changes. Also, we’ll enable gzip compression to decrease the time needed to deliver the requested webpage files to the user’s browser.

  3. Page Speed Examination

    When our team has finished the page speed optimization, we’ll measure your website’s speed again and compare it with the site’s speed before improvements. Thus, we will guarantee that the optimization was successful.

  4. Final Results

    Within 24 hours since we get your website details, our team will have finished page speed optimization. We will notify you and provide with improved results.

Page Speed Booster Cost

Page Speed Booster

Page Speed Booster


  • careful page speed measuring

  • media content optimization

  • unlimited amount of images

  • complex hosting settings

  • enabling gzip compression

  • professional services

  • fast order completion


What does page boosting include?

It includes optimization of your images, as well as editing your hosting settings if it is possible. Additionally, our team enables gzip compression to reduce the time of loading webpage files.

What do I need to use your page optimization service?

If you want to get page speed optimization of your website, you should have an installed and customized MotoCMS template. In other words, you need to complete the editing process of your template first before our specialists can start optimizing page speed.

What are FTP details?

The FTP access details will include the following details:

  • Server address (e.g.,
  • Username
  • Password

If you don't have them or don't know what they are, you can simply contact your web hosting provider and they will give you this information.

What are the database access details?

The database access details will comprise the following details:

  • Database hostname
  • Database user name
  • Database name
  • Database password
  • Table prefix

What CMS do your work with?

We provide page speed optimization for websites built with MotoCMS.

Do you guarantee any specific score in Google PageSpeed Insights?

The speed score of your website greatly depends on the original amount and the quality of content that you have on your website. On average, our customers get the score around 90, and some properly planned sites on good hostings could score 98-99 out of 100.

Does this optimization last forever?

No, it doesn’t. We optimize your content, so it will be good until you update your website with new information and media. Thus, it is recommended to execute page speed optimization once the website update is complete.

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Jonas Bloggs

My site speed has become flying! Its score has increased from 30 to 95 in a day. Thank you very much for your excellent work!

Bronwyn Daly

I can really feel that the loading speed of my website has increased. My clients have noticed this, too. Thanks a lot!

Ellie Malone

I tried hard to speed up my website myself until I purchased your offer. Your service is amazing! You improved my site a lot.

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