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We bring to your attention a unique, well-structured, easy-to-use and versatile burger website template from MotoCMS, with which you can easily create your website. A website is an almost indispensable platform in our time, with the help of which you can provide potential customers with valuable information and use it as an advertising option. After all, most people find information and services online, so if you still do not have your website, you lose countless potential customers.

If you have decided that you need a website to develop your business further, you will find many excellent options for creating it. The burger website template is not the only template we originally set up for selling and delivering food online. We also advise you to look at other templates from MotoCMS, which are not inferior to functionality but have a different design. A great option that we recently uploaded to the catalog is the gourmet restaurant website template.

Burger Website Template by MotoCMS

Our template has a vast number of advantages over creating a website from scratch. It is why people use this method to develop both the first website and the tenth.

First, it is the cheapest option on the Internet. To get a truly high-quality, convenient and universal platform for your potential clients and you, you will not need any additional expenses. Together with the template, you will receive an SSL certificate, which confirms safety using the website. In addition, we provide free hosting for all of our templates. Just imagine that you buy a template 2-3 times cheaper than creating a website from scratch, and you don't need any additional funds anymore. You launch your platform and start making profits.

In addition to being the cheapest possible option, it is also the fastest way to get your website up and running. We had many examples when people received their first requests to buy products 72 hours after purchasing a template. Do you want the same result? Everything is in your hands with the burger website template.

Built-in Catalog

The template already has a built-in product catalog. With it, you can upload product positions in just a couple of clicks. All that is left for you is to add information and description, an image to the necessary part of the catalog. Also, the catalog has a built-in builder of hamburgers, pizza and other products. With it, your customers will remove some ingredients that they don't like from the products you offer.

Also, you can change the catalog and add it to different pages to structure your products, add many user-friendly filters and widgets with feedback.

Build Website Easily

With a handy and easy-to-use burger website template, you can create your website structure. To do this, you will have the ability to change the user interface, add new pages to the website, clone existing ones, change their places in the interface, and much more.

Advanced Page Customization

There is a separate block of settings for working with website pages. For customization, an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that is understandable even for children is used. You click on the precise place and start making changes to the text content, adding relevant information and making other edits to our template.

Also, in the Pages section, you will find the following options:

  • Setting up SEO elements that are essential for the promotion of any website: meta description, meta titles, and so on;
  • Building a website structure is just as crucial as its SEO components. You can customize the layout of each page with keywords, different levels of subheadings and lists;
  • Easy transition from customizing one page to another.
  • Lots of Design Functions

    To create a unique design and customize the interface, many functions are also built into the burger website template.

    Among the main ones:

  • Simple work with the colors of buttons, background, information blocks of the website;
  • Simplified option for adding widgets. With their help, you can customize feedback, add buttons and many other settings;
  • Previewing a website on various display sizes before launching it and much more.
  • Full Support

    Our team of experienced specialists involved in the support service will always be happy to answer any of your questions. We work 24/7, so you can contact us for advice before purchasing a template and at any stage of filling it with content.

    Moreover, we offer you a convenient free 14-day period for using the template and a live demo version. So, without spending money, you will be able to convince yourself of the quality of the product you have chosen and our full support.

    You can always find more similar templates for your business here.

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    • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
    • with MySQL database support
    • Zip Extension
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