Cafe and Restaurant Website Templates

Why create a restaurant website? What are these favorite cafe and restaurant website templates? Well, you will surely find all the answers on this page. MotoCMS with its catering website templates is here to help you create a restaurant website that will boast an appetizing design and feature-rich functionality. So, you will enjoy a steady flow of new visitors who can book a table directly on your site. View out the whole variety of cafe website templates and see for yourself!

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Top-Notch Cafe and Restaurant Website Templates from MotoCMS

Our modern world is changing rapidly. So is the restaurant business. More and more people are using their mobiles to find a decent cafe or restaurant in the area. Would you be surprised to learn that the fastest way to succeed is to create a restaurant website yourself? Probably, not. Well, it is possible even if you know next to nothing about coding, programming, and web design. With MotoCMS restaurant website templates, there is a genuine chance you can create restaurant website from scratch.

And not only a website, but an engaging and interactive platform to present your business at its best! Are you excited? For sure you do so far as MotoCMS cafe website templates have everything you need to design an exceptional restaurant website that will make your business flourish online!

Restaurant Website Templates - MotoCMS Far-Out Advantages

Our collection of cafe website templates is full of fresh ideas for bistros, steakhouses, pizzerias, and coffee houses. You can find suitable catering website templates for refined establishments of the highest quality. Browse through the restaurant website templates, pick the ones you find attractive, and watch live demonstrations. You will surely be fascinated by the potential MotoCMS has to offer. The admin panel gives you the full control over the layout of your page.

The cross-browser compatibility ensures that your clients enjoy your website no matter what browser they are currently using. We are proud to say that each restaurant website design is an example of the best cms for a restaurant website in terms of pre- and post-purchase processes. Now you can click through MotoCMS restaurant web templates and examine their potential at your speed!

Cafe and Restaurant Website Templates - How to Create Restaurant Website that Compels

The thing is that the growing number of customers rely on online reviews when choosing a place to eat. Every second client would be more than interested in booking a table at the desired location without leaving one’s apartment. So, you need to keep up with these changes properly to make sure that your catering business is not lost in the ocean of pizza houses and bistros.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert restaurateur with own establishment or a newcomer who dreams of succeeding with a new and fashionable eating place, and so is looking for restaurant website templates. You surely need to consider some branding, marketing, and design tips that will become your chief components for efficient cafe or restaurant promotion on the web. Heed them below.

Focus on Potential Clientele

In fact, the restaurant’s potential location can tell you even more than you may think. If you are going to come up with a new place, make sure you understand what area you want to target. For example, it will be a failure to open a gourmet restaurant with authentic cuisine in the sleeping quarters with plenty of schools, supermarkets, and kindergartens nearby. The same thing occurs with kids cafes located in business districts.

So, recheck the location you want to select and make sure the style of your future establishment fits perfectly. In case you already have a restaurant and want to take it online, try to implement all the essentials of the current interior to your site so your clients could recognize it at a glance. Fortunately, all restaurant website templates here have broad design opportunities to help you deal with it.

Emphasize Yourself

No doubt, the food & drink industry is remarkably competitive for the restaurant business. That is why you need to select cafe website templates that will make your place look specific online.

Whether it is an original way of servicing, extraordinary menu, exceptional cuisine, etc., you should create a restaurant website where you will showcase your main specifications in the best light and so will draw visitors’ attention and evoke their desire to become your guests and try out the dishes you serve as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind that your website should have easy navigation to make it easy for potential clients to examine your highlights. Well, take a look at the catering website template from restaurant website templates collection as an example.

Look Around and Analyze

People have already examined tons of dishes from the cuisines all over the world. Thus, for sure, there are tons of Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and other kinds of restaurants in your area. So, what to do? Do not hesitate to analyze businesses who keep in step with the one of yours. Monitor the sites and places of your opponents and make a report of their gaps to create a restaurant website that will turn all their shortcomings in your advantages.

After doing comprehensive research, try to implement all the findings and considerations to your project. No worries, it will be simple and enjoyable with multiple restaurant website templates powered by MotoCMS. These catering website templates are very flexible and fully-editable so you can adjust each modern restaurant website design up to your taste and business requirements effortlessly.

Give a Social Life to Your Restaurant

The thing is that many entrepreneurs have their own business on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever. They create business accounts for the companies or establishments they represent so get new visitors and potential customer on an ongoing basis. Well, we recommend you do both things professionally.

Thus, you can create a restaurant website and then reinforce your efforts with compelling social profiles. The good news is that, using restaurant website templates from this page, you can hold a diversity of social media widgets that are at your disposal and link your social accounts with your website. Connecting the social media with your restaurant business website, you can share clients impressions, get more clients reviews, notify them about exclusive deals, etc.

Get the Most Out of SEO

In fact, all restaurant website templates from MotoCMS are SEO-friendly and come with a broad choice of search engine optimization options. Why do you need this information? Well, SEO is a must if you want your restaurant website to be viewed by somebody except your team members and you. Accurate optimization with niche-specific keyword phrases is your best way to enhance your clients base and to promote your establishment for free all over the web.

These SEO options we enable you to add relevant page titles to your pages, apply meta descriptions, specify alt text, and do many other essential things that a vital for SEO. In case you know nothing about it, you are very welcome to get to know with the search engine optimization guide from Google. It is fully open-source.

Track Your Online Performance

When it comes to launching a website with one of restaurant website templates, pay attention to a further site’s analysis. Here we mean various essential tools for tracking your performance, exploring the reports with well and poor-working keyword phrases, gathering the info for future campaigns and updates, whatever.

One of the most powerful tools that can help you with proper site monitoring is Google Analytics. The main thing here is to set up the tool exactly up to your needs. By the way, cafe website templates that MotoCMS offers have a certain integration that allows you to get the most out of this tool right from the start.

Build an Email Campaign

Besides social media, there is one more effective way to reach your clients and make them visit you over and over again. The email campaign is a must which allows you to share the latest news, promotions, coupons, personalized discounts, and any events happening in your restaurant or cafe with your guests.

For sure, your visitor will be amazed by an original letter containing the congratulations and a special offer regarding the one’s birthday or another important event. You can also make them sign up for the newsletter.

Nevertheless, an efficient email strategy is not a simple thing. Providing you with top-quality restaurant website templates, we also suggest you an extra service named email campaign creation. You can learn more about it on-cart when purchasing selected designs here.

Use Fresh & One-Of-A-Kind Content Only

Well, you should understand that various restaurant website templates available on the market help you only with the design section of your website. Meanwhile, the content depends only on you and your desire to succeed. However, it matters both for the users and search engines. Be honest with your visitors and showcase your lifework in the best light. Thus, enrich your site pages with specific information about your cafe or restaurant.

Also, take advantage of having a blog. It is a robust tool to engage your target audience. Through a blog that comes in all catering website templates, you can tell a captivating story about your catering establishment, show up the proficiency of your staff, describe the cuisine you serve, and even more. The main thing here is to be unique and come up with interactive essentials that will make people book a table at your place immediately.

Be Accessible

If you want to create a restaurant website that matters, you surely have to add an explicit contacts page to your site. It will help visitors to examine your location, see working hours, a phone number and email, etc. This page is vital not only because it makes your place look reliable, but also because it can increase your conversion rate.

Each cafe website design from restaurant website templates powered by MotoCMS allows you to create a useful Contact Us page containing all the details visitors may need to reach you with ease. Moreover, thanks to the Google Map Pro widget, you can specify the page with a comfy map well-customized with required markers.

Add a Neat Contact Form

The contact form if helpful in case users want to ask an additional question or send their formal message to you. However, it is useless if it drives nuts because of the endless number of required fields. Make sure the contact form you provide is simple and helps users to get in touch with you instead of making them feel confused and ignored.

With restaurant website templates we offer, you can design a restaurant website with a perfect contact form that will please your visitors’ eyes. Moreover, there is a new Advanced Contact Form plugin that allows you to enhance your default form with file attachments, Google reCAPTCHA, whatever.

Take Care of the Menu

Well, the menu is the most important thing for any restaurant. It can compel as well as it can distract at a glance. That is why you should pay attention to the menu you serve to your clients both online and offline. However, speaking about its online version, bear in mind that users look for desired meals opportunities not only from desktops. Thus, your menu needs to be well-structured and mobile-friendly.

Make it clear, usable, and mouthwatering, and then you will surely achieve your goals. Using restaurant website templates presented in this collection, you can keep calm and be sure that your menu will look gorgeous on any device. Each website design for restaurant comes with beautiful options to showcase your menu in the best possible way.

Restaurant Website Templates - Why Design a Restaurant Website with MotoCMS

The thing is that several features make our cafe website templates the best ones. Besides the variety of design options, with MotoCMS catering website templates, you are the only manager of your site who gets usability and advanced functionality in one place. Check some undoubted advantages of our products.

User-Centered Website Builder

Besides restaurant website templates, MotoCMS suggests customers top-notch drag and drop website builder that turns the whole site creation workflow into pleasure. Presented as a comfortable and seamless control panel, it allows you to create a restaurant website yourself killing the need of hiring side people and wasting your time and resources.

The whole process of building your site now is simplified to three significant steps such as:

  • selecting your perfect template;
  • customizing the design by means of placing content blocks and applying widgets;
  • adding your content.

The website creator is available for all restaurant website templates and comes as the best and most reliable way to build a restaurant website effortlessly. Furthermore, being fast, easy, and feature-rich, the builder gets regular updates and new feature implementations.

Niche-Perfect Widgets

MotoCMS understands the demands of contemporary restaurant business niche and so prepared restaurant website templates with an assortment of outstanding widgets that will be perfect for your catering website. First of all, it is a Reservation by OpenTable widget which allows you to register your establishment via the external service and display the info on your site.

Doing this, you become a part of restaurants around the world and allow visitors to book a table or order meals in your restaurant using this service. Another cool widget is a LiveChat. It allows you to communicate with your potential clients live right on your site to attract them with a sizzling discount, suggest a perfect meal, whatever. Feel free to discover a full list of added widgets on the release notes page.

Rich Selection of Restaurant Website Templates

In our selection of the best cafe website templates, you will surely find appetizing designs that will help your catering businesses stand out on the market. The catering website templates are responsive and have valuable documentation and a simple installation process. Well, in this assortment of restaurant web templates, you will surely find the top solution for:

  • Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Vietnamese authentic cuisine restaurants and cafes;
  • traditional buffet restaurants;
  • lounge, hookah, cocktail bars and cafes;
  • vegetarian restaurants;
  • grill & BBQ, pizza and pasta, fast food restaurants, and steakhouses;
  • coffee shops and coffee houses;
  • seafood restaurants and sushi bars;
  • recipes blogs and Internet cafes;
  • liquor stores and bartending services companies;
  • diner restaurants, taverns and family cafes.

Unsurpassed Support

We provide a professional assistance round-the-clock helping each client create a restaurant website of the one’s dreams. Our support representatives are attentive, friendly, and have immense expertise in design, development and customer care.

Thus, if you have something to ask concerning our restaurant website templates, feel free to contact us at any time. We are ready not only to help you with any possible issue but also to guide your workflow.

Cost-Free Demo Version

You want to try out the product before buying it, and we are ready to offer you a free trial period for any of restaurant website templates you like the most. During your free trial, you get full functionality of any food truck website template and so can create a restaurant website at no cost. We keep all your changes and edits for two weeks. Thus, you can get a complete site purchasing the template after your test-drive.

However, please, notice that you will lose all the adjustments you’ve made after the trial expiration date. Also, keep in mind that you can change the design for a free test. Nevertheless, in this case, your edits also will not be saved. Feel free to request the trial for a required template by providing us with your email address. Our manager will send you the link to your demo shortly.

MotoCMS Restaurant Website Templates - Create Your Web Page Today

We at MotoCMS try to do our best to help you go online only with the most exciting and efficient website for your businesses. Your satisfaction from using our services and products together with your business success is our main goal.

We follow the latest trends in web design and development and creatively implement them to our restaurant website templates so you could create a restaurant website for any catering establishment.

Thanks to the lightning-fast & leading content management system, intuitive website builder, marvelous cafe website templates, and the top-quality of service, we can be your best friends when launching and advancing your web projects. Opt for MotoCMS catering website templates to create restaurant website, and you will never regret!


Will I be able to customize or change the cafe and restaurant website template without technical education?

The main advantage of a MotoCMS website builder is that you don’t need a programmer to launch your own website for a cafe or restaurant. A huge selection of ready-made templates will help to determine the type of landing page, and the variability of multi-page products will allow you to place the necessary information(for example, different types of menus by season or information about your suppliers or customer reviews). The versatile graphic editor will help you avoid technical tasks and turn the creation of your site from a tedious job into a fun game.

What are the types of MotoCMS cafe and restaurant website templates?

MotoCMS online builder has a variety of site templates for cafes and restaurants - huge amount of practical solutions for any type of establishment. With ready-made templates, you can create a site for any of your needs: whether it is the landing page of a family cafe website that will please children and adults or a ready-made online store where you can easily place all the goods you have with a convenient and understandable description for customers.

Can I integrate website templates for cafes and restaurants with external services?

Of course, you can. More than that, it’s much easier to do than you think. AI Website builder MotoCMS already has a built-in integration function with external services such as contact forms, emails, and chats. With MotoCMS online builder features, you can improve the efficiency of your website by sharing it with the right external resources.

What features does a monthly subscription to an cafe and restaurants website template have?

A monthly MotoCMS online builder website subscription which costs as one dish in your favorite cafe gives you almost unlimited opportunities for your website. You will get a huge choice of ready-made cafe and restaurants templates, a supervisor who will help with design, and unlimited space for the storage of data. Integration with Google Analytics will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your website. Plus you get 24/7 tech support. And the cherry on the cake: for all its advantages, MotoCMS Online Builder gives you a 14-day free period.

Can I create an cafe and restaurant website without third-party help?

Absolutely yes, even a child can do it as MotoCMS online builder is intuitive. It will not be difficult even for those who have no experience in design. A huge library of images will help to choose the most vivid pictures that will represent your product, and the style manager will make your cafe or restaurant website as unique as possible in just a few clicks. Moreover, if you have any questions, MotoCMS team specialists will always be happy to help you in creating your dream web resource.
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