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MotoCMS provides a rich selection of SEO website templates that come integrated with the best SEO website builder. With their help, you can create SEO website that is easy-to-reach online without having any special skills. However, every website owner needs to have a clear idea of what search engine optimization is all about and what effect it may have on the popularity of your website.

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SEO Website Builder Powered by MotoCMS

Making your website SEO-friendly is one of the top and major requirements that you need to keep in mind while making your project accessible on the web. Launching an SEO-friendly website is twice more effective if you use the best SEO website design as its foundation.

As you browse MotoCMS collection of SEO website builder templates, you will notice many marketing and SEO website templates that are ready to be adjusted up to your specific needs. Being integrated with a seamless website creator, all themes come are intended to be handled code-free.

SEO Website Templates - Create SEO Website with Ease

With so much attention being paid to search engine optimization of the web content, what stands behind an SEO-friendly website in particular? How can an SEO-friendly website will help you grow your business and make your venture stand out from the competition? SEO website design that MotoCMS offers you with SEO website builder is specific and makes your website stand out at a glance.

You can choose a SEO agency website template for any kind of business related to SEO and marketing in our catalog. Pick the best SEO website templates to boost the visibility of your web project. The fully-customizable layout of any marketing agency website template gives you the complete freedom of personalization and adjustment according to the needs of your brand.

Main Features

The things that make MotoCMS SEO website templates worthy of your attention include:

  • Mobile-optimization;
  • All SEO website templates come loaded with a drag and drop website builder that lets you customize the pre-designed layout as you work in the visual mode;
  • Using MotoCMS designs, you can build and modify an unlimited number of pages and layouts for your site;
  • Such SEO website building solutions are well-documented and feature with a free 24/7 support provided by a skilled team;
  • With a built-in SEO website builder, you can optimize al pieces of your site's data in a way that boosts your content visibility in search engines;
  • Whatever pages or design element you need to adjust, you may feel free to do it with various customization options, custom plugins, widgets, and extra theme modification options;
  • All SEO website templates include free 14-day trial versions. So, you can work with any of them at no cost before you decide on the best theme for your own online project.

Best SEO Website Builder - Why to Create an SEO-Friendly Website?

SEO website templates allow you to enrich a website with all necessary configurations and settings that will help search engines to understand what your web page is all about.

A website, created with drag and drop website builder from MotoCMS, is quick and easy-to-find using a keyword or phrase that you enter in Google search bar. When it comes to the launch of an SEO-friendly website, there are some aspects that you need to take into account.

1. Responsiveness

The ranking of your site is influenced by the way your web page looks and feels on smaller screens. By reaching a mobile-friendly website, a user should be able to access all the major pieces of your data and design elements effortlessly. Achieving this on your web page with SEO website builder, you multiply the chances that it will become more findable in search results.

2. Fast Load and Unique Content

A web page that takes too long to load has low chances to reach the top of search results. Fast websites have an advantage here and can generate more user interactions, including newsletter signups, contact form submissions, sales, etc.

In fact, MotoCMS SEO website builder together with various SEO website templates allow you to create SEO website that works well and has excellent speed. Also, upload your web page with unique content only. Your site cannot be SEO-friendly if it contains copied data from other places on the web.

Whatever type of content you upload to your site, make it SEO-friendly. Optimize texts and images to make them easy-to-reach for search engines.

3. Updates and Descriptive Permalinks

It's also vital to update your site regularly. Come up with a unique schedule of your posts and follow it. The web page that contains frequent updates looks more appealing to both web users and search engines. With MotoCMS SEO website builder and a collection of user-friendly SEO website templates, you will build a compelling website with an interactive blog that is easy to manage.

Additionally, use descriptive permalinks. It should be clear for the online community what content they will see when they open your site. So, instead of publishing a new blog post under any number, provide it with a unique name that will clarify its main idea.

4. Optimize Your Website

The thing that many business owners do not understand why they need to look for SEO website builder for launching an SEO-friendly website. It may seem obvious that an optimized web page grows the chances of a business to get better user engagement and higher conversion rates. Still, to make it evident why you need to adjust a website for the search engines, let's identify the primary reasons that you need to know.

First of all, an SEO-friendly website created with the help of SEO website templates can drive more organic traffic to your site. In such a way, you achieve more chances to appear higher in search results. Taking into account that people commonly look through the first five results, it's essential to get your website noticed over there.

5. Adjust for Further Promotion

It's also more cost-effective to run an SEO-friendly website in terms of its promotion and online advertising. A well-optimized website will help you drive targeted traffic 24/7 without the need to invest extra money in PPC and other forms of online advertising.

Having a website created with the essential principles of SEO means that your content will be reached by people who are interested in discovering particular pieces of data. A mobile-friendly website that has good rankings in mobile search has more chances to get new customers.

MotoCMS SEO Website Builder - On-Page SEO Optimization

When it comes to website creation with SEO website templates, on-page optimization is that sort of practice that cannot be neglected if you want your site to gain higher positions in search engines. It deals with both the content of your pages and HTML code that can be optimized to boost your site's visibility.

As opposed to off-page SEO that refers to links and other external signals, on-page SEO is all about optimization of texts, images, URL structure, and other elements of your site. Fortunately, SEO website creator powered by MotoCMS has default options that you can use to adjust your website right from the start.

URL Optimization in SEO Website Templates

The URL structure of your site is equally important for web users and search engines. To make the content of your site noticeable, try to create URLs containing up to 100 characters.

Use the Page URL field in your control panel to adjust your site’s URLs using SEO website builder from MotoCMS. Bear in mind that when applying any changes to the URL structure, enable 301 redirects to new URLs to avoid loss of ranking and CTR.

Page Title & Descriptions

Optimization of the page title and descriptions is a foundation of the on-page SEO. A title is a short description of the content that a page includes. To make it easier for online surfers to understand what data they will reach with a click on your site's link, there should be a unique title tag containing up to 65 characters.

Meta description will help you to provide explanations of the content on your web pages. In search engines, such pieces of data are presented using preview snippets for specific pages. Do not worry if you are not sure about anything when working on your website, SEO website templates on this page come with the best SEO website builder that will guide you with useful tutorials and tooltips.

Header Tags

Various headings help you to improve the content hierarchy on your web page. You can briefly describe what topics or sections it introduces. It lets you achieve a well-thought-out content structure of your site.

MotoCMS SEO website builder lets you create headings for several pages employing the Text widget. Just select a suitable heading from the “Format” list. The whole assortment of tools for heading optimization is available for all SEO website templates.

Content Optimization

SEO website builder and a variety of ready-made SEO website templates stand for the look and functionality of your website. Meanwhile, the quality of content depends on your efforts. To boost your site’s ranking in search engines, make sure all pieces of data that you share on your site are well-written and adapted.

The whole text needs to be impeccable in style, grammar, and spelling. Sharing unique content on your site is essential. Using duplicated content makes you face the risk of content quality issues.

Similar to the written pieces of data that can make your site findable on the web, images need to be optimized as per the contemporary web standards as well. Use image alt attribute that can describe your content.

The words that you use in image alt texts should be simple, easy-to-understand, and descriptive. Bear in mind that using SEO website builder mentioned above, you can enrich all the images with proper alt attributes effortlessly.

SEO Website Templates - Keyword Search and Sitemap

To increase your site's position in search engines results, it's critical to optimize your content with keywords. Running SEO-centric keyword research lets you establish a remarkable online platform that is competitive in SERP. As soon as you decide to launch an SEO-friendly site, carry out keyword research at the initial stage of your website development.

Use keywords in text, image ALT, page URL, meta description, etc. Speaking about the sitemap, it's easy to create and manage the one with the help of SEO website builder. A sitemap is a file where you can list all pages of your site to tell the search engines what kind of content it holds. The admin panel of SEO templates lets you take control over tags priority and URLs updating frequency.


Eventually, you will need to implement some changes to the published URLs. To keep the audience and increase your rankings, set redirects on your site. MotoCMS SEO website builder with SEO website templates lets you manage redirects with ease. Simply choose an old URL that you have changed and enter a modified URL address to refer people there.

SEO Website Builder - MotoCMS On-Page SEO Offer

Alongside the best SEO website creator, MotoCMS has prepared a useful on-page SEO offer. It covers everything from detailed site analysis to keyword mapping, internal linking, technical SEO, niche-competitive strategy planning, and many other essentials to boost your website. Learn more details on Help Center page or preview on-cart what's the deal is all about.

Do not miss a chance to try SEO website templates in action at no cost! Order your free two-week trial today and get access to SEO website builder with full functionality to create SEO website that matters!

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