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Are you a good master of martial arts but can't create a website alone? It is not true because now, creating a website worthy of your skills will be more accessible than ever. The capoeira website design template and hundreds of other outstanding proposals in our catalog are a great confirmation of these words. Now, you can easily advertise your services online, make appointments with potential students and create a friendly and athletic environment on your website. All this and much more is possible using only our capoeira website design.

You will find even more awesome templates in our martial arts templates catalog. A great example is karate website template.

Capoeira Website Design by MotoCMS

We have already helped thousands of people without special knowledge, specialized skills, or previous experience creating websites. Having worked over the years, MotoCMS has become the TOP platform for building sites. Now, using the built-in functions and tools of our capoeira website design, you can create the website of your dreams too. It is excellent for creating not only a website for a particular type of martial arts. You will also receive a set of pages that will make your website as versatile as possible. Hundreds of customization and integration tools make website creation an enjoyable pastime that absolutely anyone can handle.

Among the pre-configured pages, you will find:

  • About us: leave here information about your section, the martial arts masters working in them, the history of the sport and other information to attract young people to active pastime;
  • Courses: tell everybody about the session times for children, adults, or advanced learners. You can also leave more detailed information about prices, individual training, and other important aspects here;
  • Schedule: indicate the cost per hour, the program for each of the coaches, and even more;
  • Gallery: here you can add your photos from training, show how your students are doing and what awards they have achieved in competitions;
  • Contacts: all of our templates have this section. Here you can add your manager's number and many other convenient options for communication through your site.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Each of the blocks can be configured manually. For this, you will use a convenient and multifunctional drag-and-drop interface. With its help, you can transfer information blocks from place to place, prioritize some of them, and delete others altogether. It is just as easy to delete text in them, so this process happens in less than no time. Suppose you want to save money on creating a website but get the maximum possible functionality and optimization. In that case, you can do this only with our capoeira website design.

Admin’s Page Functionality

Let's take a look at the functionality of the admin page installed in our capoeira website design. The latest Moto 4 platform powers this template, so you get special features even compared to some of our templates. This platform has incorporated all the advantages of the previous Moto 3 platform and received many convenient innovations. Among them is the ability to configure remote access to the website builder and work with your team. You will be able to consider each member of your team's essential wishes, and for this, you do not have to gather for a meeting. In the circumstances of social distancing, this opportunity will be more useful than ever.

Other benefits include the incredible loading speed of your website. No matter how many widgets, audio and video players, galleries, integrated analytics tools, and other valuable features you add to the site. It will remain fast-acting. All thanks to phenomenal optimization. You will not worry that the site will not display some basic or minor functions after launch. We guarantee the full performance of any element. Also, you can look at the demo version of the site before launching it. You will also learn how it will look on different displays using exclusively built-in functionality.

Audio and Video Widgets

Want to add training videos or instruction for your students in any other format? It's easy and quick, using only the capoeira website design template. You can upload your videos, photos, or just audio files, depending solely on your goals and desires. Accordingly, we have created all the necessary widgets to play them on the site.

More Benefits from MotoCMS

Purchasing our capoeira website design, you will receive an infinite number of integration options. On the admin page, you will find a special section that serves this purpose. Add the location of your gym on Google Maps. Use Google Analytics to get only high-quality statistics. These are just a few examples of what you can do to create a unique website and improve our initial design.

Design Options

We have made different presets that you can change. From a palette of colors, sizes of information blocks, and their position, to smooth transitions, galleries, and advanced settings. Simplified SEO will be an excellent bonus for your gym. By making the proper settings, you can get free clients without spending additional money on advertising. You can also easily change the code we have written, for which we have created another unbelievable widget. It will take a long time to describe all the benefits of the capoeira website design template, so it's better to take a look with your own eyes.

Live Demo and 24/7 Support Service

You can look at our design, get acquainted with the control panel completely free of charge on this page. Also, each of our customers is entitled to a free 14-day trial period. During this period, all our services and assistance, including round-the-clock support, will be available to you. You can use live chat to contact the support employee. It is the most convenient and fastest option. Are you looking for something else? Martial arts website template is a great rival to this one.

Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Kien Irving Verified buyer

Fantastic template! Simple to use, works great. Just install, manage your settings, and it's good to go! :)

Paula Goodwin Verified buyer

This template is very good. I've already customized home page. Thank you.

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