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This E-Commerce website template is perfect for creating a user-friendly website where you can sell various products for extreme tourism, sports, and other outdoor activities. Using the extreme sports website template, you can customize catalogs, add filters, create a fully automated sales system, and more. If you do not want to overpay for creating such a website, waste a lot of time and nerves, and hire a whole team of developers, you should have eyes only for an extreme sports website template from MotoCMS.

Features of E-Commerce Template by MotoCMS

An excellent initial design and multiple pages are the main features of every site made with our website builder. But E-Commerce templates have some distinctive features that make them an excellent option for creating an online store. The main components are the presence of a built-in catalog and the ability to add filters to search for the most suitable products. With these functions, you will set up an online store without any effort. You can add different pages for each type of product, create a unique and simple structure. So, it will make your site unique and user-friendly.

The second feature of the E-Commerce extreme sports website template is the availability of a tool for obtaining high-quality analytics regarding your site's most fundamental aspects. You will be able to track website traffic every day of the week, products purchased, and much more. There is also the possibility of integration with Google Analytics, which will further simplify your work setting up your site to get more leads.

SSL Certificate

The safety of your site and users will always remain one of our top priorities. We always take maximum care of the technical component of each template. The SSL Certificate is a confirmation that customers can safely use your site without any risks. It confirms the security of all transactions and encryption of user data. It will have a significant impact on your online sales and help gain users' trust. There are many scams on the internet right now, but your site will be a safe place to buy any extreme sports equipment.

Do you want a website with the same unique and wide functionality but suitable for selling different sporting goods? Sports e-Commerce template is what you were looking for.

Features of Our Builder

We have added many helpful widgets to the extreme sports website template. That will make it easier to create a website using the template and expand its functionality. You can add various video and audio files and players for listening and viewing them. Also, you can create a unique user interface and customize it. With the built-in admin page, you will add, modify or remove each of the site pages that have already been added to the template. You can add or change their name or URL—this customization takes place without coding skills, markup, or previous experience building sites. We have created a unique structure for the admin page so that even a child can cope with their online store's opening.

Media Library

Your template design is one of the fundamental features provided by MotoCMS. You can use the original design of the extreme sports website template, change only a part of it, use other presets, or create them yourself. Presets are settings with which you can customize the entire website at once. With their help, you can change desktop backgrounds, fonts and text sizes, and more. The template's block design will help you not let essential elements of your website slide by.

With the built-in Media Library, you can customize your site without looking for images for any of the blocks or main backgrounds. We've added hundreds of relevant photos to our library to reduce further your time and effort to create unique designs. In any case, we have left a function that will help you upload your photos to the site if you have such a need. You can create a gallery with store employees, brands, and more.

More Benefits

By purchasing this extreme sports website template, you will receive as a gift many VIP features and benefits that none of our competitors have. Among them are live chat and email support. With their help, you can answer customer questions, create orders, and much more in real-time. Also, you can set up uninterrupted user support. Our support works 24/7 to answer clients' most challenging questions at any time of the day or night. You can count on our help at any stage of website creation.

We also guarantee that you will get a unique and fully working interface and fantastic optimization. Any catalog element and page on your site will load in nothing flat. Regardless of the type and technical parameters of the device, you will not miss a single client. The live Demo function will help you understand the main features and structure of our website builder. If you want to create a truly high-quality and functional website, then the choice is obvious.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Gillian Huffman Verified buyer

I initially had a bit of trouble loading the custom code, but with the patient help of a motocms expert, finally got it done. Really do love the template so far.

Kane Rios Verified buyer

Works great for me. Needed a little support with formatting and design etc. but all looking good now so very please - many thanks again!


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
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