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Building a successful dance school is not an easy task. It involves finding the perfect location, amazing instructors, and catering to a large audience by offering a wide range of dance classes and styles. Having a website that reflects all the effort you are putting into the school is very important. Here is where this template will come in handy.

Navigation is Key

One of the key elements any dance school website design should have is an easily accessible schedule. With just a few clicks, you will be able to add all the relevant classes, their time, and instructors to the homepage. You will not need any special skills or people to do that, simply drag and drop the block onto the webpage and edit it the way you see it. And do not worry, it will look good on all the possible devices because all MotoCMS templates have a responsive design.

To better accommodate the needs of your users and improving their experience, you can also add:

  • a contact form through which they will easily ask any questions or be able to sign up for classes;
  • an “About us” page to tell who you are and where they can find you;
  • a client page with testimonials and success stories;
  • your social media links.

And the best part - it will hardly take any time!

Dance School Website Design - Let Your Instructors Shine

People are the biggest asset any business can have. You have been building a team of amazing dance instructors - why not put them front and center on the website. In the dance school website design template, you can find various fonts, backgrounds, and images. Use one of the handy MotoCMS widgets to create an attractive slider, a carousel, or a top-quality gallery with images. Add a video to showcase the style of every instructor.

Together with the freedom to use and edit any layout you wish, they allow you to tell the stories of your dancers. And through them, you can tell the whole story of your dance school.

If your school is committed to one style, you can consider a different template that will suit your style, like a dynamic and fun zumba website template for fitness studio or a modern and vibrant dance school website template for street dancing.

Connect with Your Clients and Build a Community

With a blog, you will be able to share your passion with your clients. Communicating with people this way is key to keeping them happy. Add the newsletter feature, and you will easily send promotions, discounts, or special offers to your most loyal customers. Apply a standard contact form widget or purchase an Advanced Contact Form to make data collection more detailed.

Why not motivate them with an inspirational quote? The dance school website design template has an extensive gallery of relevant images you can use to make it fun and memorable. And if you want to impress your new visitors, do not forget to add the block with all the positive reviews your clients leave.

Do Not Stop and Strive to Create Something Bigger

Whenever you feel like you are ready to move on and upgrade your business, why not check a fitness studio website design template. With its help, you will easily build a website that will include a variety of activities a fitness studio can offer, as well as add necessary widgets and plugins to help you.

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Yohanmazur Verified buyer

I was over the fence if I should get this editor, but the editing process was so straightforward that I took it, and now I’m in the freelance program. Really pleased!

Paulironclad Verified buyer

Drag and drop editor is a true way to edit the site nowadays and MotoCMS is a gem among these editors


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