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Welcome to the collection of hobby website templates from MotoCMS. Here you can find professionally-designed and engaging craft website templates for your future hobbies website. When browsing through our handmade website templates, keep in mind that we offer you a unique chance to customize your site to your needs. No other CMS gives you the freedom to edit every single detail on your hobby website design. And maybe this is the reason why MotoCMS is considered to be the best cms for hobbies website.

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Fishing Store
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Hobby Website Templates from MotoCMS

Do you know how to impress people with your little hand-made miracles? How to sell the things you make in your spare time or even create a profitable business? Maybe, you want to tell the world about your extreme hobby and get new followers? Well, all questions have only one answer - you surely need a decent website for your business, made up with craft website templates.

What makes MotoCMS drag and drop website templates so special? First of all, let’s mention the fact that you are giving full control over your website’s design and layout. What is more, the layout of all hobby website templates is developed by top professionals. They aimed to specifically attract the attention of your future visitors to your product or service presentation. Just see for yourself.

With numerous fantastic sliders and gallery options, you can easily advertise yourself. Post images of your artworks on your website or pictures of people taking part in your fav activity and wake up being famous.

Fabulous Hobby Website Templates for Hobbies & Crafts Websites

One more reason to make a hobbies website with MotoCMS handmade website templates is mobile-friendliness. When opting for our hobby and craft website templates, you have two options. The first one is a handmade soap website template that is already 100% responsive. The latter is a template that contains a built-in mobile version for your future website. Either way, your future online project will look amazing on any known device.

And finally, the big advantage of the hobby website templates we offer is their manageability. Nobody expects you to know anything about web programming. No coding skills are needed. No design knowledge is required. All you need to do to create a hobbies website is merely to follow your intuition. Every single page on your site comes with a large set of integrated widgets and tools. So why not test our free 14-days demo version for any of the hobby templates you like? And what about starting following your dreams in the online world right now?

Broad Topical Kinds

If you know a lot about some hobby and want to share this knowledge with others, start a website for your future followers with our hobby website templates! They can serve you well if you're going to start a hobbies and crafts website, a blog devoted to a particular activity, or an e-store which specializes in:

  • fishing and hunting;
  • diving, tennis, biking, sailing and yachting;
  • engraving, scrapbooking, and other handicraft;
  • fabric buying and selling;
  • other materials and equipment for handmade.

Our hobby templates will be a perfect choice for the creation of an online hobby community. Purchasing one of these craft website templates, you get not just a ready-made website, but a fascinating stock images and icons collection, an ability of social media integration, as well as full customization of any handicraft website template.

Superior Website Builder

You do not need to have any prior expertise in sales, marketing, development or web design to launch your handmade and activity website. The pages of hobby website templates are already pre-populated. Your task will be to edit, modify, and customize the elements with the powerful artists website builder. Using our responsive website builder, you will be able to transform your website beyond recognition, including its color palette, layout, and more. You get the full freedom to redesign your website whenever you feel like it.

Our hobby templates for art, crafts, and sports websites come as the easiest way to build a site without coding. The design is almost ready; you only need some changes with the content. Plus, you can customize such elements as image galleries, colors, and types. By the way, we have a custom service which includes copywriting service, when a professional writer creates a content for your hobby website taking into account readability and SEO indicators.

Intuitive Admin Panel

The admin panel powered by MotoCMS gives you effortless access to website’s features and functionality. It allows a website owner to upload different files, including video, audio, images, archives, and documents. With the superb website builder admin panel, you only need to work with various blocks by means of a drag & drop system.

At the same time, you get a full customization ability thanks to our control panel. Build your website from scratch, using simple tools to change your site coloring, layout, and more. No additional software is required. You don't have to learn coding or web design. Try our hobby website templates during the trial period, because it is free of charge.

Test the complete functionality beforehand, and you will realize how simple it is to create a website for your hobby or business. MotoCMS admin panel is truly easy-to-use, though if you still have questions or problems or if you need advice, contact our 24/7 professional customer support. One of the operators will help to solve your issue in a matter of minutes.

Creative Design

Our craft website templates are aimed at the original audience, and so, the design is unique in terms of visual and content presentation. There are many pictures used as background for content sections. It is one of the ways to present your works or activities to visitors and make them enjoy what they see. As you know, visual attractiveness is the central principle of building a promising website.

Hobby website templates on this page can suit any handmade goods & sport or extreme hobby. Thanks to the brilliant stock images collection, large text fonts, animation, and parallax effects, your website visitors will enjoy the styling of handmade website templates and gain desire to buy something or take part in an activity right away.

Ready-Made Pages

Thanks to the pre-made pages of our craft website templates, it will take you a day (or even less) to build a multi-page website from scratch. Having done that, you will be offered to play around with content blocks and numerous widgets to make your hobby website one-of-a-kind. It is not that difficult at all, even if you know next to nothing about coding and web design. A comfy drag-and-drop editor and an intuitive admin panel mentioned above will help you move around blocks till you find the perfect layout for your future website.

Cross-Browser Compatibility and Responsiveness

Our hobby templates boast a fully responsive nature and cross-browser compatibility. Therefore, your ultimate website will have a pleasant look at all types of modern devices and in all popular web browsers whatever the resolution of the screen is! If you choose HTML handmade website templates, your website users will enjoy their perfectly made mobile version without trouble.

Aside of 100% responsiveness, you get speed and comfort. Surely, hobby websites should contain images and videos about the kind of activity or craft you advertise. Hobby website templates load fast regardless of a device you are using or the quantity of massive data (e.g., videos, photos) you download.

Free Trial Period

Try to build your website right now and sign up for the trial period. It's free of charge. If you are still not sure whether any craft website design is your perfect choice, watch our demo version – it will clear everything up! Then there is one more perfect option - a free trial version for two weeks.

The only thing you need is either a social account or an email address for registering the demo version. In practice, this means that you do not have to spend much time clicking through the entire collection of hobby website templates to find the one you need. This simplicity is a distinguishing detail of any our template.

So, after you provide your contact details, MotoCMS will give you the immediate access to the admin panel of the preferred template. And this is where the real fun with website builder and admin panel mentioned before begins!

24/7 Support

The cherry on the cake is the tech support that comes with craft website templates. Not only this tech support is free for one year, but also it is provided by the top consultants ready to answer all your questions. With their assistance, you will enjoy building a hobby website from scratch just the way you want. Feel free to contact our support team via any communication channel and at any time comfortable for you!

Right after you register a free 14-day trial (to do so you will need only your social account or an email address), you will see a message from your assistant. You can either neglect it or use it to the fullest. Contact a personal assistant of yours via a phone, a chat or through the Help Center. Also, you will be offered various video tutorials concerning the customization spectrum of MotoCMS hobby website templates. There is little room for doubt about how quickly you can launch your hobby website or online shop!

Helpful Widgets and Tools

If you are looking for the most effective scrapbook website template to create a professional website related to hobbies & crafts niche, MotoCMS has something more to offer. Our hobby website templates come with distinctive widgets that allow you to spice up your web project to make it look and perform on the highest level. All the handmade website templates are pre-loaded with blog functionality, SEO optimization options, a comfy admin panel, plenty of pre-made pages, and more!

The Blog

Would you like to have a blog about a hobby? Buy one of the hobby website templates, and start your blogging carrier with a blog functionality in the admin panel powered by MotoCMS blog website builder. This integrated website building platform will help you not just to manage your blog, but the whole website, including its design, layout and more. Even if blogging is not your primary aim, there is a perfect opportunity to create one within the classical website.

Social Options

Don’t forget about social networks. They are the place which everybody visits at least once a day. MotoCMS provides you with a great widget facilitating connection of your social accounts with the website you have. Additionally, our hobby website templates boast efficient SEO options that allow you to adjust the site to appear in SERPs efficiently.

E-Store Features

Online hobby store is a reliable way to get the additional income in case you choose the right cms. Let us introduce you e-commerce features of our templates that will turn your dreams into a profitable business. One more obvious advantage of e-store craft website templates is the diversity of payment methods. Pick the ones that are more common for your country to boost your sales. The Statistics tab of eCommerce website templates is also very compelling. Here is a place to turn to if you want to know the exact number of sold goods and satisfied customers.

As you can see from the live demos of our e-commerce hobby website templates, they usually contain a straightforward but yet memorable menu with the following tabs: Home, Products, Sales, Blog, About, and Contacts. Keeping things simple is what distinguishes MotoCMS among other eCommerce platforms on the market.

Majestic Ecommerce Functionality

For instance, you can easily customize the preferred fabric store website template with two impressive tools, i.e., the website builder and the Color Picker. The first is responsible for customizing the layout of your website, and the latter is capable of modifying the whole color palette of an online shop in a few clicks. Just test out these tools yourself!

Stylish Unsplash photos, correctly chosen text fonts and website color ornament will make your online store more popular, multiply the number of your customers and increase your profit rate. There are also separate pages for services, products, and contacts, which is convenient. Edit the original look of one of the hobby website templates or make the one from scratch, using a bunch of helpful widgets and tools.

MotoCMS Hobby website Templates - Perfect Website Made Easy

If your site is a lot more than a shop, your customers will be able not only to learn about the goods and services your offer but also book a tour, sign up for a newsletter, read about your hobby on your blog, etc. So, keep your client base growing and satisfy your loyal customers with a site built with MotoCMS craft website templates!

Do you enjoy all the useful features mentioned above? If yes, you definitely should create a website for your services, goods or data as soon as possible! We have a perfect solution for you to save plenty of time and resources. These are MotoCMS hobby website templates which come in handy as a great tool to boost your business on the fly!

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