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If you would like to join the blogging niche for your purposes or business, a blog website builder with advanced functionality is a must. Fortunately, MotoCMS is ready to help you create a blog website. We are happy to represent you a variety of inspiring blog website templates that have all you need to establish a majestic online presence. Just pick a blogger template and make a blog that rocks!

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MotoCMS Blog Website Templates - Features for Bloggers

How to find the best blogger website builder and why do you need one? The question is pretty exciting and requires a thorough answer. Well, the value of a blog is not overstated. People create blog sites both for self-expression and business promotion. Blogging is not only about involving content, but it is also about making money and gaining worldwide perception. A well-crafted blog is an online diary which contains selected articles that entertain, develop, and teach others.

Although blogging is trendy nowadays, it is hard enough to choose a perfect tool that will help you to go online with your blog website. That is why MotoCMS best blog website builder prepared for you many blog website templates containing structured features that make us not only strong opponents to competitors but also the best friends to clients.

Handy Website Builder for Blog Website Templates

When it comes to creating a website with a blog, it is vital to find a tool that will not be a time-consuming solution and will have a comfy interface for users of varied occupations and ages. Blog website builder by MotoCMS is a comprehensive solution that is perfect for both experts and newcomers.

So, whether you are going to launch a personal blog for posting culinary recipes or create a blog website for your consulting company, whatever, MotoCMS blog website templates are your best match. The CMS website templates we offer come with a user-friendly control panel that will help you to create and manage your website in a visual mode.

That is why there is no need for you to have any specific skills or experience when using our website builder for blog. Everything is drag & drop and allows you to build a captivating blog website by editing pre-made blocks, customizing the color palette, and applying your content.

Catchy Design of Blog Website Templates

Appearance plays a vital role not only among humans but in the digital world as well. The look of your blog has only two ways of development. It may be beautiful and attractive or ugly and distracting, and nothing else matters. Fortunately, nowadays, you do not need to be a web designer to create a website with a blog. There is a variety of blog website templates that boast a stunning look and functionality. A blog website builder that MotoCMS offers comes with plenty of blogger website templates.

They all are responsive, cross-browser-compatible, and truly marvelous. Whether you are browsing a collection of photo gallery templates, food website templates or any other topical kind of MotoCMS designs, you can be sure that your future website with blog will have an excellent look.

Stock Photos in Blog Website Templates

Images are essential when you create a blog on the website as they draw users’ attention and describe what your blog posts are about at a glance. MotoCMS blog website builder integrated Unsplash photos right to the Media Library. It means that using blogger website templates powered by MotoCMS, you can enrich your website with beautiful images from this top recourse with ease. Feel free to browse image categories and choose the best matches that will make your blog look even more stunning.

Seamless Performance

In fact, MotoCMS is a reliable content management system with leading loading speed. It means that your website will load lightning-fast without any issues. Moreover, thanks to a variety of excellent technical partners, you can get a free domain name and purchase hosting services from a verified hosting provider together with blog website templates here, in the store.

Additionally, all blogger website templates you see on this page, boast a rapid installation process and so you can get started with editing your site via the blog website builder on the fly.

MotoCMS Website Builder with Blog Website Templates

To help you get the most out of your website, we created a set of high-end widgets that are available for all blog website templates in our collection. For example, you will surely enjoy a Google Map Pro widget which allows you to add a customized map right to your site. Moreover, there is also a clean contact form that you can add to your site effortlessly. In addition to such universal widgets, you also get some niche ones that will come in handy if you are going to launch a traveling or food & restaurant website with the blog website builder.

For these purposes, we have prepared for you Airbnb Apartment and Reservation by OpenTable widgets. The first one allows you to post the details about the apartments available for booking around the globe right on your website. It will help you to make your blog posts about traveling or moving far more engaging. Meanwhile, the second one allows you to share the info about the most popular restaurants and help visitors to book tables there quickly. For more information about the latest widgets added to the admin panel of our website builder with blog integration, feel free to visit MotoCMS release notes page.

SEO Tools in MotoCMS Blog Website Templates

Search engine optimization is essentials for blogging just because if you know how to adjust your blog posts, you enjoy a steady flow of organic traffic to your website’s pages. MotoCMS website builder with blog prepared for you a diversity of SEO options that you may use with any of the blog website templates you like. These tools allow you to create correct and efficient meta tags, examine the structure of your pages, add alt attributes, and even more.

Additionally, using MotoCMS blog website builder, you can create a website which is easy-trackable thanks to the Google Analytics integration. Moreover, thanks to categories and tags that you can apply for your blog, and Google Tag Manager that you can add to the settings of your Analytics account, you can create a powerful website that will be notable for all search engines.

Social Sharing Options in Blog Website Templates

Sharing is caring, so let your readers make re-posts of your content on social media and bring you even more traffic than you could expect! Thanks to a variety of social links and buttons, Facebook feed, Twitter timeline, Pinterest board, Instagram post, and many other tools available in MotoCMS blog website builder, you can allow your audience to spread the word about your blog all over the web. Social traffic is essential when beginning a blog as it grows impressions and helps you to state yourself properly for people from different locations.

Support for Blog Website Templates

MotoCMS blog website builder is about quality, efficiency, and customer care. That is why our support team is always ready to assist you and provide all the information you need to succeed in building your website. Our agents are available 24/7 in a live chat, via email or phone. Feel free to ask questions and request guidance if necessary. We also have launched for you a Help Center. It contains all the details about our blogger website templates and allows you to leave a request for further assistance.

Best Website Builder for Blogger - Free Trial

If you need to try out the product before the instant purchase, we are happy to mention that all blog website templates powered by MotoCMS blog website builder are available for a free test that lasts for two weeks. During the trial period, you can apply all necessary modifications as we serve you with full functionality.

Moreover, we store all your changes so you can double-check your edits and then get a favorable blog website design containing your adjustments. By the way, no credit card information or registration process is required for requesting a free test-drive. All you need to do is let us know your email address so we may send you the demo link.

Blog Website Templates - How Do You Start a Blog?

The blogger website builder we provide is a flexible solution that fits anyone who wants to make a blog website with ease. However, you definitely should understand the type of blogging that suits you the most. It will help you to pick the right gallery blog template and to define the primary and secondary functionality that is essential for your website.

Blog Website Templates for Newcomer

If you know nothing about blogging but certainly want to come up with your blog containing your interests or helping you represent yourself as a freelancer, whatever, blog website builder mentioned above is your best solution.

MotoCMS website builder admin panel comes with interactive tutorials and tooltips that will help you to create a blog website yourself and, thanks to a rich toolkit, promote it and track your progress in one place. If you belong to the category of newcomers, you will surely appreciate:

  • a hassle-free installation;
  • drag & drop nature of the website composer;
  • pre-made pages assortment;
  • easy and fast customization;
  • reliable support team that is ready to cover you at any time.

Blog Website Templates for Seasoned Pros

Seasoned pros usually do not have significant expertise in design or development. However, they surely have a good knowledge of blogging and understand how their blog should look like.

Therefore, they are searching for the best solution that will help them to create a new blog or to upgrade an existing one. The blog website builder from MotoCMS is also helpful for professional blogging as it suggests:

  • a multiplicity of customization options;
  • innovative widgets;
  • search engine optimization options;
  • progress monitoring tools;
  • fast loading speed of blog website templates.

Blog Website Templates for Shoppers

Shoppers or eCommerce bloggers need to get the most out of their blogs for developing the recognition level of their online businesses connected with commerce. They usually pay attention to various online shop features that could enhance their websites and bring them more benefits.

Working with MotoCMS blog website builder and variety of blogger website templates with enhanced functionality, shoppers get:

  • diverse payment gateways;
  • product filters and categories;
  • the opportunity to enrich product pages with compelling descriptions;
  • eCommerce SEO settings, and more.

Blog Website Templates for Businessmen

Business bloggers create a website with blog website builder to represent the corporate identity and emphasize the company they own or work for in the best possible light showcasing its features, specific approach, vision, mission, etc. They also use the blog to communicate with clients without selling them any product or service directly.

Usually, everything comes from meaningful blog posts that contain a hidden message to follow suggested services or products that guarantee the best user experience. Working with MotoCMS-based blog website templates, businessman bloggers can benefit from:

  • niche-perfect website templates with blog functionality and corporate design;
  • a variety of pre-designed pages and easy-editable layout;
  • Google Analytics integration for a proper site analysis;

Blog Website Templates for Geeks

Well, people who belong to this category of bloggers have a good knowledge of the web world. Nevertheless, they certainly have a lack of expertise in search engine optimization, design, social promotion, whatever.

They usually are keen on the technical side seeing zero outside, where comes the main part of growing the community and adjusting the site for the latest trends. That is why the features of MotoCMS blog website builder will come in handy for this type of bloggers. For example, they will surely be happy because of:

  • a broad choice of good-looking blog website templates;
  • the freedom of customization;
  • SEO tools and social media widgets.

Blog Website Templates for Artists

For this type of bloggers, the essential aspect is everything visual. They pay attention to the appearance of their websites and want it to look as beautiful as possible.

Each detail and each block should please their eyes and contain engaging information also presented stylishly. Thus, when they create a blog website using blog website builder stated in this article, they admire:

  • responsive and marvelous-looking blog website templates;
  • code-free website creation;
  • marketing tools and widgets;
  • efficient round-the-clock assistance.

As far as you noticed, MotoCMS blog website builder is suitable for all kinds of bloggers who want to create a robust online presence with the help of ready-made designs.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have and what are your primary factors of choosing a product for your site, MotoCMS blog website templates are complete solutions to create a website with blog of any size.

MotoCMS Blog Website Templates - 5 Reasons to Start Blogging

If you still have any doubts about starting a blog with a blogger website builder, take a look at some gathered bullet points why you inevitably have to launch one. The blog is excellent for everything starting from sharing your point of view with the web community to having a significant source of income.

1. Writing Skills Development

Building a blog website with blog website templates for any purpose, you have an excellent chance to upgrade your writing competencies with each blog post. Blogging makes you learn more about grammar and allows you to enrich the vocabulary. So, you enhance your writing and draw a broader audience to your content at the same time. Moreover, obtained knowledge and skills will surely help you to communicate professionally in the future.

By the way, if you are a newcomer who dreams about the personal blog but has no idea on how to create engaging content, we recommend you take a look at web copywriting services that you can purchase together with blog website builder templates from our collection.

2. Becoming an Influencer

Blogging is an excellent way to grow your authority. It lets you become valuable for others and makes your thoughts on various questions and problems essentials for the community you’re building. So, in case you create relevant content that advises, supports, solves issues, entertains, and is helpful in general, you will have a broad audience of readers who will visit your resource considering you like the best influencer in this or that situation. MotoCMS blog website templates will surely help you to succeed in blogging.

The main thing here is to bring something new and worthy to the niche you have entered with your blog. If you are still not sure what industry you want to cover, take a look at the diversity of blog website builder templates that MotoCMS offers in its catalog. Click on the demo of any travel blog website template to see how your website may look like and what content can be published there.

3. Having a Powerful Source of Traffic

If a blog for you is not only about self-expression and you want it to be a number one promotional tool for your business, then hurry up to create a blog website with one of blog website templates. The thing is that a business blog is the best tool to absorb the organic traffic from all over the web.

Therefore, if you create useful content and optimize it for search engines, you can easily enjoy a steady flow of new users to your website pages. Fortunately, blog website builder which MotoCMS suggests for bloggers comes with diverse SEO features that will help you to adjust your articles right from the start.

4. Growing the Number of Leads

When you establish a blog on your website and grow your traffic, you also have a perfect opportunity to convert readers into hot leads that are ready not only to react to your call to actions but also to follow them and finally make a target action that you’ve applied.

Feel free to enrich your resource with different freebies and do not neglect the power of call-to-action buttons. They are perfect for placing them somewhere in your posts as they can transfer visitors right to your site and its shopping cart or contact form, whatever. Using the selected website builder for blog website templates, you can also play with the color scheme of your buttons and test various positions for their placements to find the best place that makes your readers move and go for further instructions.

5. Enjoying Long-Term Performance

MotoCMS suggests you a blog website builder with a multiplicity of tools for well-done blogging and effective search engine optimization. Well, it is vital if you want your recourse to become valuable on the web. If you let Google know about your blog posts and allow the engine to crawl your content correctly, you get long-lasting results for each of the articles.

It means that even after weeks, months or even years, your posts can still bring new visitors and so enlarge the base of your leads. Moreover, if your posts collect plenty of visits and social shares, the whole blog raises its authority and popularity, so appears higher in SERPs.

Blog Website Templates - How to Start a Blog with MotoCMS?

Now you understand that blogging is profitable and in-demand nowadays. But how to create the one that matters? Well, we created a to-do list for you so you could get started with your blog on the fly and see the first readers’ impressions from your posts.

1. Select Domain and Host for Your Blog Website

Before touching the design aspects and dealing with a blog website builder, you need to pick a decent web address and a trustworthy hosting provider for your future website. Feel free to do research blog hosting sites and create a list of your favorites.

If it is a domain, make sure it clarifies your blog type in advance and has a proper structure. In case it is a web host, pay attention to the suggested plans and select the one that fits your requirements and budget.

Well, working in the web tech industry for ten years, we’ve collected reliable resources that provide the best CMS hosting and allow you to get a domain name at no cost. Feel free to examine them before selecting blog website templates for your sites.

Pick and Edit the Design

Browse a full assortment of blog website templates powered by MotoCMS blog website builder and choose the one that will correctly emphasize the mood and the topic of the blog on your website. After you have selected the design that appeals to you the most, make an instant purchase or test it during the free trial period.

Start the customization by editing blocks, modifying colors, adding content, etc. Do not forget about the tools for better SEO. Then double-check your changes and go live to create your first blog post!

Promote and Monetize

When you completed the entire workflow with the blog website builder, it is the right time to think about social accounts and promote your artwork there to get the recognition fast. Get more new readers and ask them to leave their impressions in the comments. When you have grown the community of mates, feel free to make money by adding your reviews on popular products or services, provide space for ads, and more!

Best Blog Website Builder - Create a Blog Website Today

Well, blogging is wonderful even being so competitive and demanding. However, everyone can bring something innovating to this niche, just staying personal and open-minded. So, start your web success today with one of blog website templates proudly powered by MotoCMS website builder with blog integration!

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