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Do you want a user-friendly website that would be ideal for promoting your services and creating a blog where you can communicate with your potential clients and perform other business needs? We offer the most convenient, fast, and cheap solution that you can find on the Internet. Your website is ideal for promoting your services. So that you can create your platform painlessly with minimal time and material costs, we offer an unrivaled travel blog website design.

In our store, you will find this one and hundreds of other related options ideal for any of your needs. The only difficulty that may arise when working with our store is to choose the most suitable template for your goals — as for the rest, working with the travel blog website design and the rest of the options of our store will be fast and straightforward. If you are interested in creating a website for your travel agency, we also recommend taking a look at tour guide website design.

Travel Blog Website Design by MotoCMS

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer our services to all others. Nevertheless, we can highlight the main reasons that make our services and co-operations so popular, multifunctional and convenient for each of our potential and regular customers.

First of all, it is worth considering that using our travel blog website design, you can create your high-quality, user-friendly website without any additional help and huge cash costs.

Using the built-in functions of our website builder, even a student can create their platform for business promotion. And these are not just words. We had good examples when eight-year-olds could already create their website and make a profit on the Internet.

It is possible because our professionals have tried to configure the admin panel to be intuitive, and the interface can be used even by schoolchildren. What does this opportunity mean for a business owner? It means that you will not need to spend extra money promoting your website and creating it using a professional workforce. We assure you that you can create a truly successful website that meets all modern requirements at no additional cost. All you need to be successful in this area is our travel blog website design.

Control Panel

In the control panel, you will find so many functions that you can get a little distracted at first. To quickly navigate using the interface to customize your website, we divided all the basic settings into six sections. We added a convenient dashboard with which you can move from setting to setting in just a couple of clicks.


The first section of our admin page is necessary so that you can navigate through the pages of your website. Also, you can set up essential SEO elements such as meta title, meta description, alts to the images, URL for each page and title, and structure pages using subheadings of various types and bulleted lists.


It's also easy to create a unique design for your website. On the control page, you will find all the necessary tools in the design section.

Among the opportunities presented in the website builder, you will find:

  • Easy customization of the main background on each of the pages;
  • Fast work with widgets;
  • Ability to add and change the color palette of the website;
  • Easy adjustment of the sizes of all design and interface elements.

Media Library

Media library is a convenient and helpful feature built into each website builder, including travel blog website design. With the built-in media library, you can upload files of various formats to your website. You can work with archives, documents, images, videos, and audio files available for download.

Besides these functions, which are necessary for the owner of each website, a media library is also needed for other vital aspects of building a website. In this section, we have embedded many images that you can use to create the main background and the buttons' background or add them to the gallery to your website. The website's design that promotes travel services is one of the most fundamental aspects that need to be paid enough attention to. With the help of images, you can spend much less time customizing your website, which will be helpful in any way for your business and your new potential customers.

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  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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