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Travel website templates collection is designed to help you create a travel website to provide travel services as well as to draw visitors' attention to your website. There is no secret that looking at your website for the first time, a client who books tickets for a trip should be impressed with your online services. Otherwise, he changes his mind and goes away. To keep a client's back from leaving the website, choose a MotoCMS travel website templates. The variety of colors, sophisticated elements composition will increase your chances to beat your business rivals and bring individuality to your website.

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Benefits of Travel Website Templates from MotoCMS

For more than ten years, the MotoCMS team of specialists has been creating popular sites that many love and choose successfully. All our solutions are multifunctional web projects, ready for use entirely. Producing top-quality travel website templates, we follow the fashion trends of web design, improving the appearance and technical capabilities of traveling website templates.

Choosing a travel website design template, you can change one beyond recognition or fill in the appropriate fields with your information. In any case, you can be sure that your site will have several technical advantages by default.

1. Responsive Design of Traveling Website Templates

Experienced tourists know that choosing a vacation spot and solving related problems requires meticulous attention. Therefore, your goal is to create a travel website that will be convenient and accessible to visitors anytime, anywhere. Thanks to travel website templates, it will not be a severe task.

Choosing travel agency website templates, you do not have to wait for the development of new versions and overpay. After all, acquiring one solution, you will receive four immediately. The adaptability of travel website design is also manifest in the fact that the future site will adjust to the screen resolution and various browsers. No client will be indifferent to your site because it is so convenient to use!

2. Clear Structure

Unlike web projects for most other business niches, travel website templates have the following features:

  • an abundance of content blocks for posting information;
  • a large number of media files;
  • forms for feedback and interaction;
  • additional functionality to facilitate the booking process.

If you think about how much it takes to create your own travel website, you can spend more than one-month planning! That is why we offer you to use our ready-made design solutions with a clear structure. MotoCMS specialists made sure that travel website templates were multifunctional and, at the same time, convenient to use.

Designers develop the structure of each trip website template in such a way that you can place there as much useful information as possible, and users not to get lost among the abundance of opportunities. For example, each website template with a photo gallery focuses on the galleries on the main page. Nevertheless, the user can contact the staff through the "Contacts" section quickly.

3. Quick Loading Speed

It is not surprising that the speed of the site is crucial for the tourism business - the competition is quite high. Thus, the rate of loading pages sometimes affects the choice of the client most of all. But feel free, because travel website templates from MotoCMS differ in high speed initially.

However, a large number of media, interactive maps, and much third-party functionality can overload the tour website template. Our specialists understand how important it is for you, so we found several solutions for such cases specifically:

  • Choose the most suitable traveling website design, where you can replace the content with your own without making significant changes.
  • Minimize the number of third-party modules by finding a quality alternative among a variety of built-in widgets and plugins.
  • Use the service of our experts to speed up even the busiest site!
    • 4. Easy Customization Process of Traveling Website Templates

      You can change one of the travel website templates using the travel agency website builder. One is a built-in editor that implements the principle of drag and drop and has an intuitive interface.

      • You do not have to update the site dozens of times and look for changes because they occur in real-time.
      • You will be able to change versions of airline website templates section by section, without violating the overall composition.
      • To implement the new functionality, you need to select the necessary widget and drag it with the mouse to the place you like.
      • All options and modules have tips with detailed information so that you can deal with even the most complex elements yourself quickly and efficiently.

      You can improve traveling website templates by replacing existing content, or by making drastic changes. In any case, it does not take much time, and the result will be worth the effort!

      5. 24/7 Support

      The most reliable guarantee that we can offer our customers is the possibility of free editing travel website templates and comprehensive technical support for projects. It doesn’t matter if you had experience creating websites previously, whether you have clear goals or are still in a creative search, MotoCMS specialists will always come to the rescue.

      • Are you choosing the right tourist website template? Write in an online chat to consult with the pros.
      • Want to learn how to create travel agent website from scratch? You can call the personal assistant from the control panel directly.
      • Need to install a web project? Check out the detailed manuals in the Help Center or assign the task to the wizards.

      6. Additional Features of Travel and Tourism Website Templates

      Want to build a travel website that will be popular not only with visitors but also with foreign partners and colleagues? Explore the extra features of travel website templates on MotoCMS builder!

      • Support for multilingualism. Take your business to a new level by creating a website version in a foreign language.
      • Online store. Design and concept hotels are gaining more and more popularity. It is not surprising if visitors want not only to visit you but also to buy souvenirs for memory. Let them do it with the eCommerce plugin.
      • Contact forms. Did you know that a website template for travel agency can be not only a business card but also an excellent manager? Simplify the work of your staff with advanced contact forms.
      • Modes of working with content. Especially for the convenience of users, we have created two separate editing modes - a Blog and a Media Library. Edit your content on the pages of the bed and breakfast website templates directly.
      • SEO optimization tools. Bus booking website templates contain everything you need so that you can optimize your site for the search engines without the invaluable help of specialists.

      Create Your Own Travel Website with Travel Website Templates

      If you are running a resort, a hotel, traveling and hospitality business, you probably have already come up with the idea to create a travel website for your potential clients. And that is almost half of the way. That is due to the fact that using ready-to-go vacation rental website templates you won't have many things to do. Pick a suitable travel website template, install it, add some words about your business, and here you go! In any case, here we are going to give you a piece of advice on how to make it to the top and create a travel website that rocks.

      How MotoCMS Can Help You Create a Travel Website

      Today, we would like to show you a collection of travel website templates from MotoCMS, which will exceed your expectations. Here you can find an appropriate travel website design for hospitality businesses of any type.

      In particular, you can easily find the perfect template for the following niches:

      • best travel agency website design;
      • tourism web design;
      • vacation planner template;
      • cruise website template;
      • airlines website template;
      • hotel booking website template, and much more.

      You don't have to worry if the template`s structure or color scheme should be changed. All of them are fully customizable and can be adjusted up to your liking inside our user-friendly admin panel with a visual builder. What is more, all these travel website templates are all fully responsive, which means that your visitors will be able to browse your website regardless of the devices they are using, be it a PS, mobile phone or a tablet.

      How to Build Travel Website that Matters?

      To achieve success on the Internet, creating a travel booking website, which will catch the eye, is not enough. There are many bright covers, but users choose convenience and affordable functionality. Do you want your site to be a real source of generating new customers? Check out the website templates for travel and tourism to learn how to do this. You can also take the advice of our experts to get the most out of the available potential.

      Decide on the Direction of Travel Website Templates

      Attractive appearance and easy navigation are typical to all travel web templates. However, the specification of sections and individual touches can make your future site memorable. Therefore, before you will build a travel agency website, decide what you want to focus on.

      • Did the designers do an excellent job of working out the details of the interior? Focus on media content and location information.
      • Are you have a travel agency with mass proposes? Take care of a comfortable structure and feedback. You can also create a blog for an exciting presentation of information.
      • Want to upgrade your hotel booking website templates? Simplify your online booking process with our advanced contact forms. Turn them into a built-in travel website builder with which users can manage their holidays themselves.
      • Take Care of Visitors

        Before introducing another new feature in travel website templates, try to put yourself into the other customers' shoes. Does one help them solve a problem? Will other call-to-action buttons be a highlight among many other 'useful' modules? When you create a travel website from scratch, it is vital not to forget about usability and conciseness - it is so easy to overload a web resource with additional functionality!

        An essential function of your site should be feedback from visitors and your customers. So, how to make travel website with which you can interact in real-time?

        1. Use the feedback buttons in travel website templates to get customer contact information and to contact them personally.
        2. Use the chatbot features to discuss your questions online.
        3. Update the contents of the main page regularly. Even one changed news will give the impression that you are introducing changes actively.

        Steps to Create a Travel Website with MotoCMS

        If you want to create a travel website which will be useful for your clients and help you do the business, there are several things you should do.

        • Choose a responsive travel and tourism website design. It should be mobile-friendly in order to look great on all devices regardless of the screen resolution.
        • Choose a good CMS hosting for traveling website templates to keep your website safe and sound.
        • Proceed with the installation process. All MotoCMS travel website templates can be installed within minutes. Though, if you praise your time and efforts - you can order the installation while adding the product to your shopping cart. After that, our technical guys will make it installed for your convenience.
        • Get ready to meet the guests and spread the word about your newly established website.

        Explore New Horizons with Travel Website Templates!

        The tourism website templates from MotoCMS are ready-to-use projects. Thanks to many technical features and capabilities of the builder, you can create a travel agency website quickly, which will help to improve the quality of service, the number of satisfied customers, and the popularity of your company. Moreover, you can return to editing at any time to make your web resource even better. Thus, you can start by purchasing a flight booking website template as a business card. And later, you will turn it into a full-fledged site with the possibilities of online booking, an online store, and a personal blog.

        We hope that the tips and our travel website templates will help you create a travel website of your dream. Though, if there is anything about it we can help you with - don’t hesitate to open the chat and let's discuss it!

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