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Looking for the best vacation rental website templates? You have come to the right place! MotoCMS vacation rental website builder boasts a rich collection of holiday rental website templates with a breathtaking design and marvelous functionality! Each vacation home rental website template allows you to create a professional, feature-rich website with ease! Pick the best design and get started today!

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Best Vacation Rental Website Builder from MotoCMS

Modern communication technologies allow bringing the business of any size to new levels of development. It does not matter whether you operate a chain of prestigious hotels or own a small hostel. Create website for vacation rental to provide your services to a broad target audience and highlight the main advantages over competitors. Thanks to a convenient web resource, you will help your visitors save time on choosing a guesthouse and expand your customer base accordingly. Explore all the possibilities of the vacation rental website builder and a variety of holiday rental website templates to create the best assistant for your business.

The Internet helps to save time and money, so more and more people prefer to purchase goods and book services online. Today it is impossible to imagine popular hotel chains without a business site. People from other cities and even countries should be able to see prices, rooms and just book a settlement. Therefore, to open a hotel without having your website is an unacceptable mistake.

Modern technologies have their requirements for the design of web pages, so many business owners think that getting a quality website is very difficult. However, we hurry to convince you that this is not so. A team of professionals works on all MotoCMS hotels website templates. We took care of the technical details completely. Therefore, using the free vacation rental website builder, you can create a website that is no different from professional web projects.

Simple Solution to Create Vacation Rental Website

Each business area has several limitations and design requirements. Experts differ from newcomers in that they can create a project that combines attention to the technical nuances and appearance characteristics. You are a pro, and we understand that you hardly want to learn programming and trends in web design. Therefore, all vacation rental website templates are ready to use. Using a favorable vacation rental website design, you only need to fill the pages with relevant information and upload your media content.

However, you can also change the structure of the site beyond recognition - for this purpose, MotoCMS experts made the work with the editor as easy as possible. The vacation rental website builder' workflow resembles a kid's game. You collect a single design composition of content blocks.

It doesn't matter which way you choose to build your own vacation rental website. In any case, we can guarantee quality results without significant financial investments.

Moto CMS Vacation Rental Website Templates - Primary Features

MotoCMS has been working in the web technologies market for more than ten years. During this time, our team has improved the functionality of the vacation rental website builder and has released a large number of ready-made solutions. How we do it? Why users choose us? The secret of success is to focus on the needs of customers.

We are doing everything so that you can enjoy the process of creating the site, implement any ideas, and get the web project of your dreams eventually. Think about how to improve the living conditions of your hotel. MotoCMS will take care that more Internet users will know about your services!

Awesome Functionality

The vacation rental website builder has long established itself as a reliable assistant for creating websites with little effort. One equips with convenient tools and functions that simplify the work and expand the capabilities of a web resource. At your disposal are widgets and plugins such as payment options, booking and reservation systems, Mailchimp mailing tools, Disqus comment, and feedback plugin, as well as social networking buttons.

Best website builder for vacation rental has an intuitive interface and user-friendly control panel. The editor has a drag and drop environment and allows you to drag any page elements and place them where you need by merely moving the cursor. Now you do not need to look for a team of programmers. Let's create your own vacation rental website!

Constant Relevance of Vacation Rental Website Templates

Web design trends are changing with excellent regularity. Ordering a website from a team of programmers, you get a web resource that meets the technological requirements of a specific point in time. So, you will either have to use an old site in the future or once again pay specialists.

One of the main advantages of MotoCMS vacation rental website builder is that you have free access to all updates. By purchasing a ready-made property rental website template once, you can return to editing one at any time. Our experts update the collection of widgets and expand functionality regularly. This way, you can update the site as often as you see fit. Surely in the next versions, there will be something new that can pleasantly surprise you and your customers!

Convenient Work with Files

When you edit the vacation rental website templates, you'll have to handle a large number of files. In addition to fantastic upload speeds, MotoCMS is a convenient content management system. The vacation rental website builder has an embedded blog and media library. Thanks to this, you get access to user content from all parts of the editor.

Manage publications straight from the control panel. Moreover, you can also edit images in the media library editor! All the tools that you need in the process of working with content collect in one place. Thus, you do not have to store a lot of unnecessary files on your computer and create new ones. Upload them all to the holiday rental website builder to access the media content at any time.

Immaculate Adaptability

People spend much time on careful vacation planning and business trips. However, sometimes they have to do it in rare free moments. In this case, it is unlikely that someone will have the opportunity to evaluate the design of your site. Therefore, when editing the chosen holiday rental website template, make sure your web resource is as convenient and ergonomic as possible.

Vacation rental website templates support multiple default display versions. Thus, your future site powered by a vacation rental website builder will be displayed correctly not only on the desktop computer screen but also on other devices, such as a smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Besides, all MotoCMS solutions are cross-browser. Regardless of what web browsing tools your visitor uses, they will not cut the functionality of the web resource.

Multi-language Feature

Since the hotel business is conducted in the international market mainly. So, the information on your website should present in more than one language. If the users do not need to leave the site to view the information in the desired language, they will become your clients from simple site visitors. For you not to miss this opportunity, the vacation rental website builder can help you make your website multilingual.

Multilingualism achieves by creating several versions of the site in different languages. They will link between themselves through a menu widget and buttons. To learn more information on how to create a website for vacation rental with support for multiple languages, you can contact our specialists for help.

24/7 Support

The abundance of technical terminology and options for working with Internet marketing tools can frighten a beginner. The vacation rental website builder has an intuitive interface and many tips. However, this is not always enough. To get advice on how to create a vacation rental website, you can contact the Moto CMS Help Center or our specialists directly.

The MotoCMS support team works around the clock, seven days a week. You can contact a qualified specialist from any page of the main website or the holiday rental website builder directly. If necessary, you can start an online chat or get advice by phone.

Variety of Vacation Rental Website Templates

MotoCMS offers a wide selection of vacation rental website templates designed specifically for the hotel theme. All you need is to select the appropriate property website design and fill the web page with the necessary content. A set of templates will allow you to choose the best option for the hotel chain, hostel, or for a small boutique hotel.

You can also use the best vacation rental website templates if you are engaged in logistics or you are a leisure organizer. Each one can edit in just a few hours and, thus, speeds up the launch of a web project. Free vacation rental website builder is the easiest and fastest way to expand your own business and increase profits with the help of modern technologies.

How to Create a Vacation Rental Website?

Well, it is easy, fast, and comfy with Moto CMS! Thanks to the latest technologies, the site can be not only an attractive business card but also serve as a manager. Using a web resource as a marketing tool, you can attract more customers and significantly save your resources. Check out some useful MotoCMS recommendations and find out:

  • What are the nuances of the villa rental website design you should give special attention?
  • How to create your own vacation rental website that will generate income?
  • What information should you place on web pages?
  • What tools for the vacation rental website builder you can use to improve conversion rates?

1. Top Priorities

Every visitor to your site has a specific goal. Someone is planning a trip, while others are thinking about organizing a vacation. However, all these people want to stay in a good hotel and live comfortably, without thinking about everyday problems. Therefore, before creating a vacation rental website, plan everything in detail to determine what you want to put on web pages now and in the future. The villa rental website design is also outstanding because one will create the first impression of your hotel.

The developers of the vacation rental website builder have identified three main approaches to creating a useful website:

  • Attract not only a bright picture. Sometimes a beautiful design does not mean convenience. The intuitive interface and informative content attract users much more.
  • Turn visitors into customers. Users know about your services only what you tell yourself. Use real photos and positive reviews of your customers to attract new ones.
  • Motivate to action. Detailed information about the rooms is not enough to make an online reservation. Pay attention to the functionality for feedback.

2. Attractive Appearance

Often it is the appearance of the site that determines whether the user will remain on it and whether it will be interested in information about your services. For the website of the hotel, compact design is the best option. When you create vacation rental website with one of vacation rental website templates, choose simple colors. You can define one primary color and use its shades.

Remember also that the target audience of the hotel site varies depending on the type of one. If you create a vacation rental website for a hostel, you can use bright colors and more daring design solutions. If the site builds for a hotel, the design should be more straightforward:

  • use a large number of photos;
  • apply calm colors and classic design;
  • create separate web pages for detailed information.

Also, consider the fact that perhaps your site will be visited by people from different parts of the world, and their perception of colors may differ.

3. Agreeable Media Content

Photographs of luxurious rooms and conference halls, wedding halls, and surroundings from different angles will give users a basic idea of the hotel and form the first impression of the establishment. Add large photos of the rooms and the exterior to the site. Thus, you demonstrate to the users all the advantages of your accommodation place initially.

However, it is very unpleasant when the picture on the Internet does not correspond to reality. It may be worth thinking about the services of a professional photographer. In any case, we recommend filling out the vacation rental website templates with unique and real information. In case you need some beautiful images from stock to brighten up the pages, take advantage of MotoCMS integration with Unsplash. It allows you to search for appropriate Unsplash stock images right in the admin panel of the vacation rental website builder.

4. Available Information

The hotel website should contain answers to all possible questions from visitors. Those traveling with children will undoubtedly be interested in the size and the location of the rooms, etc. Business travelers will be more interested in the number of outlets in the rooms, the availability of a desk, and access to Wi-Fi. The vacation rental website builder implements a block content system. Therefore, you can post all the necessary information so that the site does not seem overloaded.

A modern website is dynamic, so users often come across a very sophisticated navigation system. Design transitions between pages so that the visitor can find the information you need with ease. Any site visitor will appreciate this undoubtedly. Make the navigation understandable and straightforward, and the prospective client will not leave your site without having time to enter it. You can explore the different holiday rental website templates to find out how best to customize the transitions between web pages.

5. Creative Approach to the Menu

Interactive maps in vacation rental website templates will impress your users surely, especially those who are on the site for the first time. So do not miss this opportunity to make your site more efficient with the desired rental website template. When a client comes to your website, he wants to see the hotel entirely: detailed photos of rooms, exterior, etc.

The speed of the holiday rental website templates allows you to implement almost any functionality. Therefore, feel free to indicate local attractions, shops, restaurants, and other useful and exciting places. Describe how to get or drive to each of the ones - this contributes to the comfort of users. To do this, check out the structure widgets that are available in the vacation rental website builder.

6. Online Booking

A convenient online room reservation system will help you increase conversion undoubtedly. After all, modern people strive to solve such questions without leaving their homes. If you do not allow customers to book a room online, you will lose a significant part of the target audience.

The vacation rental website builder allows you to customize feedback forms yourself. Therefore, when developing an online booking system, do not forget to take into account several key factors:

  • Price. Put prices in a prominent place for users to notice.
  • Functional. The site navigation system should save users time (for example, load their search history).
  • Description of services. State information about your services clearly and concisely.
  • Additional payments. Notify customers about ones initially.

7. Working with Forms

Form design for filling also plays an important role. After all, if users do not fill out the form, you can not get the necessary information about them. So it would help if you worked on form efficiency.

  • Do not offer too much. All form fields of the vacation rental website templates must be specific and concise. If you think that the user will have additional requirements, it is better to provide a space for comments on the order.
  • Take care of the shape. A mobile version for the hotel site is a must. Use the possibilities of the vacation rental website builder so that you can fill out forms from the comfort of any device.
  • Take care of safety. If you ask guests to enter confidential information, obtain a security certificate for the site to protect the data, and earn the trust of users.

8. The Nuances of Multilingualism

The vacation rental website builder provides multi-language support. However, the content published is up to you. Creating versions of a site in various languages, by all means, consider such nuances:

  • Professional translation. Native speakers should do the translation since only they know the particular mentality of a specific nationality and can adapt the text as much as possible to the needs of users.
  • SEO and PPC. Take care of contextual advertising and keywords for search engine optimization in a specific language. Remember that you have to optimize your site for different search engines, depending on the region you want to target with your business.
  • Search strategy focused on a foreign market. Some external search engines have a website ranking algorithm that differs dramatically from Google.
  • Consider the culture and mentality of customers. If you understand how it will be more convenient for customers from a particular country to interact with you, your hotel will be more accessible.

9. Integration with Social Networks

Social networks are an excellent tool for attracting new customers and communicate with existing ones. A properly developed strategy for working with ones will help to inform users about the features of your services and find the approach to each client. Place social networking buttons on the vacation rental website templates to share relevant information.

With the help of social networks, you can not only interact with customers but also influence the results of organic search. To discuss your hotel outside the site, it is worth creating several different accounts, each of which will have its purpose. The vacation rental website builder supports almost all popular social networks. Moreover, you can add information straight from Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram!

How to Build Your Own Vacation Rental Website with MotoCMS?

The main rule of the MotoCMS team is customer convenience, above all else. Therefore, we not only equipped all the vacation rental website builder options with detailed tips but also divided the process of creating a website into several simple steps. You can learn about how to create a vacation rental website from your custom guides or by following the simple instructions of the editor. The interface of Moto CMS control panel is intuitive. Therefore, you can not spend too much time studying detailed manuals and get to work right now!

1. Activation of Home Rental Website Templates

Despite the visible differences in functionality, all templates were created using the vacation rental website builder. The editor has a vast set of functions that open up the scope for creativity. You can examine in detail all the available vacation rental website templates and choose one based on which you will create a website. You can also explore the possibilities of the best website builder for vacation rental initially. Then, having tried several templates, stop the choice on one.

Moreover, all holiday rental website templates powered by a vacation rental website builder have a free testing period that lasts for 14 days. You can also study the detailed information and view demo versions in order not to switch to edit mode every time. To go to the control panel, activate the selected realty website template - click on the 'try for free' button.

2. Changes to the Site Structure

The admin panel menu in vacation rental website templates has several buttons that correspond to the steps of editing the site. If you have read the demo version beforehand and do not want to change the structure, you can fill the blocks with the necessary information. Do this in the edit page mode.

In the page editing mode, you can also make some changes:

  • add or remove pages on the site;
  • configure pop-up notifications;
  • edit existing content blocks;
  • change the menu;
  • customize the appearance of different versions of the website;
  • modify the header and footer of each page separately;
  • change the settings that affect the SEO optimization process;
  • edit the system pages.

If you wish, you can also set a new background for the page entirely or sectionally. More advanced settings for pages and design you can find in the 'Design' and 'Settings' tabs.

3. Content Blocks

Often, not only the design of the site but also the information you post on it depends on the target audience. Admittedly, the website of a network luxury hotel will look more reliable than a web resource for a hostel. In any case, study the entire set of vacation rental website builder widgets to find precisely those that suit you best.

You might want your website to combine several design solutions from different vacation rental website templates. You can customize content blocks and add new widgets on the 'Design' tab. Besides, you can create new groups; edit their appearance, transition style, and much more.

4. Media Focus in Vacation Rental Website Builder

Widgets are interface units that group into a content block. Essential elements such as dividers, fields for text, or images can be used anywhere. However, widgets for placing several media files must be selected depending on the concept you have planned. For example, a gallery grid is hardly suitable for a large number of images, but the slider and carousel will favorably emphasize the used pictures.

If you want to equip your vacation home rental website template with an interactive map, it is essential to use images of the same size and style. If you are not able to use graphic editors with vacation rental website templates, you can change the pictures in the built-in media library editor.

5. Installation of Holiday Rental Website Templates

Ready-made site is a set of many files and folders that you will have to upload to the server of a hosting provider in the future. In our Help Center, you will find much useful information on how to mount the site and how you can avoid common mistakes. There is a handy step-by-step tutorial on how to process the Moto CMS installation and activation.

If you need to start a project as quickly as possible, you can contact our specialists for help. Install the site with a professional consultant or assign it to a programmer. In any case, in addition to the free vacation rental website builder, you can always count on our full support!

6. Analytical Tools

The hotel business is one of the industries in which there is much competition. Well, if you have a small hotel in a remote place and do not need to audit the statistics of other companies. However, what about business owners in popular resorts? If the quality of services does not make much difference, then the techniques of Internet marketing can take you far ahead.

To keep track of the number of visitors to your site, their targeted actions, and needs, you need to connect analytics tools with the chosen vacation rental website templates. The vacation rental website builder allows you to synchronize your web resource with such popular services as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Connect the appropriate accounts to the site to have audits from the admin panel directly.

Expand Opportunities with Vacation Rental Website Builder

Do you own a recreation center in a beautiful area and want to attract more tourists there? The quickest way is to build your vacation rental website. Hundreds of people will be able to see and appreciate the beauty of the views, the comfort, and coziness of your hotel, the full range of services provided, and reasonable prices.

How about ensuring that your future website is not only beautiful but also meets all the current trends in web design? One also will not lose relevance over time and helps you conduct business. Do you think this is unrealistic? Try the vacation rental website builder to make this dream a reality! An attractive and convenient web resource made with one of vacation rental website templates will be an excellent representation of your vacation home on the web.

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