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With a collection of hotels website templates from MotoCMS, you can get started with your niche-specific online resource with ease. These pre-designed resort website templates boast all the contemporary web design and development trends and techniques that will help you to create a hotel website on the fly. Browse the inventory to select motel & hotel website templates that match your personal needs to the fullest.

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Best Hotels Website Templates from MotoCMS

Is there a person in the world who doesn’t like traveling and discovering new places? Booking a hotel room is essential for every traveler who plans a unique vacation. If you own the hotel & resort business and look for the ways of quality promotion, a well-designed and properly-structured hotel website is what you need to reach a broad audience.

What’s the most significant function of your hotel website? The official web page of your hotel is the most effective marketing tool that helps you present offers in an eye-catching way and sell them to online consumers. Hotels website templates are primarily focused on visual aesthetics. This is your most informative business card that tells your visitors who you are, what services you offer, and what benefits they can derive from dealing with you, etc.

Functional Resort & Hotels Website Templates

In the end, your hotel’s website is all about driving direct bookings and communicating with prospective customers. To make potential guests stop their eyes on your website, it’s essential to make your web page not only visually stunning but also a high-converting.

You can achieve this with the help of the decent hotel website templates. While the visual aesthetics and content of your website matter a lot, it’s also necessary to integrate your site with the right tools and web design techniques that will help you drive real progress. Browse the entire collection and choose the best hotel website design to examine all its features in detail.

Fully-Featured Hotels Website Templates - Benefits

Working with resort and hotel website templates, you can use the ultimate set of tools and features that are perfect for niche-specific online projects. As a rule, resort website templates represent explicit collections of features and design elements that free you from the necessity to look for any sort of third-party solutions for your website.

If you decide to create a hotel website with pre-designed hotels website templates, several handy components let you make the site work like a well-oiled machine. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality that comes with all MotoCMS hotel booking website templates.

Drag & Drop Principle

All hotels website templates from MotoCMS come loaded with a drag-and-drop page builder. With its help, people of all skill levels can build unique and highly-usable hotel websites on their own, without the need to touch a single line of code.

What’s more, each resort website template comes with impressive collections of widgets that are ready to be integrated into every single page and post of your website. Open a drag-and-drop dashboard, select the needed elements in the sidebar, and add them to your layout in the intuitive visual mode.

For example, using MotoCMS hotel website templates you have the opportunity to manage your site’s menu, Google map, progress bars, social buttons, countdown timers, Disqus, Iframe, rows, accordions, etc.


The popularity of handheld devices grows at the tremendously-fast speed. The bulk of people use the Internet to check their email inboxes, lookup accommodations nearby, search for tours, discover fun activities, and look up the current price tags of their preferred activities. According to Statistic Brain, more than 57% of travel reservations are made on-the-go when people use their smartphones or tablet devices. It’s no longer beneficial to cling to a desktop-friendly website design only. The number of mobile users grows all the time.

Bookings are coming from all types of devices, and so, you need to create a hotel website with hotels website templates that are flexible and dynamic enough to perform smoothly on all screens and resolutions.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

All ready-made hotel website templates from the collection are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. You can work with any hospitality website template and rest assured that all pieces of content that you share on your site’s pages will adjust to all screens flawlessly. Responsive hotels website templates adapt to all mediums from which they are accessed. This means that your web page needs to be as easy-to-navigate and touch-friendly as possible.

Easy Navigation

Making the main navigation bar of your website easy-to-find is essential to retain the audience and engage it with your data. Keeping the main navigation bar of your site cluttered and difficult is like holding the map away from a driver on a trip to the unknown places. If you take a look at any hotel management website template from hotels website templates collection, you will notice that they don’t include more than five main items in the navigation bar. The color and positioning of your navigation bar play the significant role as well.

It should be easy to recognize the main navigation bar of your site. As you browse the collection of hotels website templates, mind the things that are stated below.

  • All of them come with a simple structure;
  • They are placed exactly where the navigation bar is supposed to be. The easier it is to find the main navigation panel of your site, the better it affects your conversions. As a rule, people expect to find the main navigation panel at the top of your web page. Keep the navigation panel fixed-to-the-top to make it easy to access the rest of your pages while a person browses your content.
  • The navigation panels are highlighted with contrasting color schemes. This lets your links and other elements stand out, and so, to draw extra attention and to drive higher conversions.

MotoCMS Hotels Website Templates - Advantages to Create a Hotel Website

The collection of hotel website templates contains dozens of ready-made web solutions that meant to match various micro-niches and brand images. This is achieved by using visuals, texts, and overall design elements that can boost your site’s conversion rates. To guarantee that the design of your hotel website is relevant to your visitors, the hotels website templates from this collection allow you to:

  • manage the design of your website in a way that communicates your primary business ideas to the audience in a clear and easy-to-comprehend way;
  • customize and upload your site with texts and images to present an ideal picture to your ideal guests;
  • run A/B tests in order to find out how well different elements of your site’s design work for your visitors.

Visual Perfection

According to a Google study, it takes a person less than a second to decide if a website looks appealing. Visually-complex and overloaded sites are regarded as less impressive than their simpler counterparts. To make your hotel’s website design look appealing to the target audience, hotels website templates look plain and minimalist. In order to drive higher conversion rates on your site, pick a hospitality website design to create a hotel website with the focus on clarity and simplicity.

Outstanding and Effective CTAs

A call-to-action is one of the essential elements of web design that drives higher booking rates. Based on how well it’s designed and where it’s placed, you can understand how effective it will perform on your site. The significant CTA web design features that you will enjoy while working with hotels website templates include:

  • color schemes that make your CTA stand out;
  • making use of clickable buttons, so, a person doesn’t hesitate to click it and to take a certain action;
  • placing a button in the place where it’s supposed to be. To come up with the best location for adding CTAs, run A/B testing on your hotel website.

Catchy Portfolios and Galleries

All hotels website templates are rich in different types of media content. For example, you can enrich your web pages with audio and video files. Also, you can insert media library files, image galleries, and other types of media data. All this provides for a more remarkable showcase of your site’s offers.

Basically, the visual presentation of your rooms is the main reason why people visit your hotel’s website. There are plenty of ways to showcase your offers to prospective customers. One of the most popular ways to get it done is by adding a separate portfolio page to your website. You can enhance the visual presentation of your hotel rooms employing photo and image galleries, video backgrounds, smooth animation effects, parallax scrolling backgrounds, etc.

Online Booking Engine

It should be made quick and easy to check current rates and see the availability of rooms for specific dates. As a rule, such functionality is included in the online booking and channel manager packages. The hotels website templates are ready to be integrated with all types of tools and features that allow the web audience to make quick reservations online.

The respective tools represent centralized engines that reveal room rates, room descriptions, image galleries, and other pieces of data that can increase your conversion ratio. All images that are added to the pages of hotel website templates are professional pieces that reveal your rooms and services in the catching and engaging style.

Any resort and hotel website should be made visual. To motivate the visitors of your web page complete the site browsing session with a conversion, the property is visualized in an engaging way, thus letting online community experience your offerings virtually.

Ecommerce Features

As soon as your hotel and resort website targets online customers, your audience will likely look for the ways to buy tours directly from your website or buy gift cards for their friends, etc. Ecommerce integration is essential for every business that has something to offer to their customers.

All hotels website templates that you can find in the MotoCMS inventory support all eCommerce essentials. You can add a fully-functional e-store to your website by purchasing a MotoCMS eCommerce plugin with a favorable hotel web page template. It is quite easy-to-manage without any special design or coding skills.

The drag-and-drop dashboard lets you create stunning eCommerce pages with convenient filters, product categories, and individual pages presenting your hotel rooms or tours in a handy and comprehensive style. One of the essential features of hotels website templates is a variety of payment methods. Thus, your customers can choose a payment gateway that suits them the most. For example, the hotel and resort website templates support manual payment, 2Checkout, PayPal Express, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, QuickPay, etc.

Customer Connection

To establish long-lasting relationships with your consumers, communicate with them through social media channels and a blog. The latter is also well-known as a useful SEO tool that can help you boost your site’s rankings and make your hotel website more findable on the web.

To add a personal touch to your site, make sure that you do not leave comments of your visitors without proper attention. Communicate with your consumers in the comments sections below your blog posts. If there is a contact form or an online chat integrated into your site, then make sure that you respond to your clients through all of these channels.

Contact form and MailChimp come integrated into the hotels website templates download packs. Using the respective functionality, you are provided with the choice of ways to establish better relationships with your customers.

Multilingual Support

One more thing that is essential for hotel and resort websites is the multilingual support that is available in all hotels website templates. It means that foreign travelers will reach your website. Translate your website into several local languages of the countries that you target. This will deliver an impressive convenience to your potential guests and motivate them to book directly from your site. Additionally, this will provide your web page with higher rankings in the popular search engines.

SEO Essentials

Hotels website templates powered by MotoCMS are optimized to be compatible with the modern-day SEO standards. This means that you can make all pieces of your site’s written content and visual elements findable through all popular search engines.

Each hotels website design from MotoCMS comes with default SEO options that allow you to create a hotel website that is noticeable for any decent search engine. Moreover, do not hesitate to check the search engine optimization guide to understand all the ins and outs of adjusting your website.

Tech Support

All hotel website templates are well-documented and include free 24/7 support. There is also a reliable Help Center page, which allows you to learn more about the products or submit your request. Before making the final decision if a certain hotel booking website template matches your business needs or not, you can try its free 14-day trial version.

With its help, you can access all elements of the theme’s design and work with the dashboard. All drag-and-drop features, visual elements, and SEO tools will be available to you for free.

The Selection of MotoCMS Hotels Website Templates

In the collection of hotel website templates you can find several useful and practical resort website templates. The inventory keeps growing all the time, with new and innovative hotel booking website templates being added on a regular basis.

The hotels website templates allow you to create a hotel website in a matter of days. They are optimized to be managed by beginners and expert webmasters correctly. In addition to the basic elements and tools, all hospitality website templates come loaded with extra features that are essential for launching resort and hotel sites.

Some of the most popular “extras” that you can find under the hood of every luxury hotel website template are pop-ups, Google fonts, background options, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Design presets, etc.

Create a Hotel Website with Hotels Website Templates from MotoCMS

Start looking for the best hotel website templates to create hotel website that brings profit! Keep in mind the usability and convenience of your site’s data. Make it findable and easy-to-understand for local and foreign travelers.

A person should feel the ease of coming up with the necessary pieces of data when they land on your web page. Make it real with the help of the best website designs for hotel business!

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