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Are you looking for an option to promote your services but haven't decided yet? Website creation is the most optimal option for any level of business. Most people are looking for the best services online. You can create good advertising for your brand and receive many new orders and customers and sell your products without the cost of renting a store and staff.

The arts and crafts website template from MotoCMS will help you create a quality, well-optimized website with a great design.

Arts and Crafts Website Template by MotoCMS

Our option has many advantages, thanks to which it becomes the most optimal and broadly functional for creating any website. Even a novice can make a high-quality website using the arts and crafts website template and the built-in functionality.

With the help of a convenient drag-and-drop interface and an excellent initial design of the template, you will sell your products within three days after purchasing the website. This option will save you a tremendous amount of money and effort because you no longer need to hire expensive specialists or complete special courses to create a website alone.

Website installation will take no more than five minutes. You can spend the remaining time filling the site with the necessary content, creating a unique design suitable for your company, and finishing with SEO. But that's just where the benefits of the arts and crafts website template begin.

Advantages of MotoCMS

We have created a genuinely user-friendly and versatile website builder, with the help of which you can realize any of your goals, from design to endless options for integration and advanced customization.

The main advantage is the drag-and-drop interface, which is striking in its simplicity. All you need to get started with the website is to select the information block that you will customize and change whatever you want.

Thus, you can change the text, add meta tags for each page, alts to images, choose the appropriate font for all pages or individual ones, and create the website's structure using headings of different levels. Once you're done, you can move on to the following settings, which are just as easy to implement. You only need to select the desired section of the control panel interface, and then everything will be obvious.

Great Website Performance

We guarantee the performance of any element of the website, from buttons and switches to many widgets that you can add. In addition, the fast page loading speed will not leave your potential customers equal. Moreover, this will have a significant effect not only on the impression that the finished website will produce but also on its ranking for search queries.

Fast loading is one of the critical aspects of website ranking, so you'll be amazed at the SEO quality in a minimal amount of time.

Live Demo

Using the live demo function, you can familiarize yourself with all the possible tools used to customize your website. This function is free and is present in every MotoCMS template. Thus, you can find out about all the potential difficulties of work and consult in our live chat.

We also provide a free 14-day period after purchasing the website, during which you can try customization, and if something does not work out, our staff will be happy to answer all your questions. In addition, you can order customization from us, and we are guaranteed to fill the SEO website with content using the information you provide.

Freedom of Сhoice

We created the arts and crafts website template to allow you to choose what you need. So, naturally, we tried to make an initial design that would fit the general needs of different companies. Nevertheless, we left the right to decide for you, and for this, we added colossal possibilities for customizing the design.

Among them:

  • Convenient and understandable color palette setting;
  • The ability to add your images, videos, and files of other formats;
  • The ability to create your background using images, customize it by combining ready-made presets, or create a new one from scratch;
  • Massive selection of widgets that will make your website more technological and convenient for your clients;
  • Easy work with image sizes and customization for both mobile and desktop versions of the website.

You can try all the options in the control panel, which we provide even without purchasing a template. We also have many other templates to suit your taste. For example, try the creative custom woodcraft website template, which has all the benefits of a multi-page website.

Customized Directory

In this eCommerce arts and crafts website template, you will find a built-in catalog that you can use to add your products with descriptions and photos. Also, you can add various filters to the catalog to make it easier for your users to find the desired product from the assortment.

Media Library

In our arts and crafts website template, you will find a built-in media library. With its help, you can add various players, videos, or other content that you would like to see on your website. In addition, there, you will find many images in multiple folders.

You can use them to create a website image, add to any of the pages, and other content.

Live Chat Support

Our support representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have, both before and after purchasing the arts and crafts website template. The service is open 24/7, so you can get a quick and comprehensive response immediately by contacting support in the live chat on any page of our website.

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  • with MySQL database support
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