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If you are a creative personality who wants to become well-known in the original, specific field, an eye-grabbing web page is a must-have for you. Thus, take a look at the collection of artist website templates from MotoCMS. Thanks to a user-friendly artists website builder, you will create an artist website on the fly!

Orchestra Website Template
Makeup Artist Website Design
CVcard Website Template
Personal Portfolio Creative Website Template
Blazing Portfolio
Design Studio Website Design
Arts and Crafts Website Template
Manifest Website Design
Katie Williams
Exhibition Website Template
The Mous
Videographer Website Design
Art Portfolio Website Design
Wedding Photography Website Template
Bon Bon
Exhibition Website Design
Exhibit A
Painting Website Design
Music Producer Website Design
Tattoo Artist Website Design
Ink Press
Music School Website Template
Singerella Music
Painting Contractor Website Design
Music Band Website Design
Sculpture Website Template

Best Website Builder for Artists

Art is outstanding in its every direction. Whether you are a music artist, a painter, photographer, sculptor or any other talented and creative person, a website means for you a lot, even more than you could even imagine.

The thing is that to become famous, make money, and develop yourself in the chosen art field, you need something more than only your artworks. You need the audience to perceive you and point out among other creatives. Therefore, MotoCMS prepared for you an efficient artist website builder and a collection of art and photography website templates that will help you to emphasize yourself well.

MotoCMS Artists Website Builder - What to Expect?

We at MotoCMS fully know all your needs as an original person and creator. Thus, we offer you a comprehensive artist website builder that fits perfectly both total newcomers to website building and those who have some tech knowledge. Let’s find out what you are going to get when purchasing MotoCMS artist website templates.

Fast CMS and Seamless Website Composer

Well, MotoCMS is one of the best content management systems on the market. It has everything you need for a fast, reliable, and effective website creation and further updating. That is why so many customers worldwide choose it for taking their businesses online.

Artists website builder powered by MotoCMS lets you experience a delightful website construction without any stressful issues. Thanks to drag & drop interface of the portfolio website builder, you do not need to touch a line of code as everything is easy-manageable via simple blocks and their customization.

Feature-Rich Web Templates for Any Purpose

MotoCMS artists website builder allows you to create website for artist effortlessly in a visual mode. Thus, you can pick any music artist website template and edit according to your tastes, needs, and requirements with ease. All artist website templates in this bundle have clear documentation and a quick installation process.

Thus, you will get started with your web project on the get-go. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that each artist website design comes with its features that are perfect for this or that kind of online presence. Basically, in this assortment, you will surely find fabulous designs for:

  • music artists, songwriters, singers, music bands, DJs;
  • photographers, sculptors, painters, art galleries;
  • model agencies, makeup, hair, tattoos, and nail artists, fashion stylists, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Nature and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Furthermore, each art gallery website template is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. It means that you can create an artist website that will have a decent appearance and functionality in any web browsing tool and on a multiplicity of devices.

Additionally, all artist website templates have a fully-editable nature. Thus, you can adjust them up to your needs thanks to a variety of customization options available in artists website builder.

Two-Week Test of the Artist Website Builder

MotoCMS cares about clients and allows them to try out any artist portfolio website template in a 14-day free trial which you can request with your email only at any time. During your free test, you can examine all the features of the artist website templates, get to know the artists website builder, and even compose a draft of your site containing all your edits.

We also want you to know that you can change the template for the trial. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you will lose all the previous modifications. Additionally, please notice that if you do not purchase the selected design after the trial, we will not store the data of your customization workflow.

The Best Support

If something is new to you or you can’t complete some step, just let us know. The thing is that MotoCMS suggests you round-the-clock tech support team that is always at your disposal to help you resolve any issue. Our support agents have a robust knowledge base and expertise in website development. Thus, they can back you up efficiently and on the fly. All the representatives are waiting for you in a live chat and via email or phone. You can also leave your request visiting the Help Center.

Artists Website Builder from MotoCMS - Your Website Essentials

When it comes to creating website for artist, you should pay attention to several aspects. We will mention all the necessary details for you below.

Top Must-Have Pages

Being an artist, you need to share the most significant facts about your personality with others to capture the audience with your biography, experience, and, of course, with your masterpieces.

Thus, make sure your web page has a complete set of essential pages such as:

  • valuable Home page with the most compelling info about yourself which is brief and well-structured;
  • captivating About page where you will share your bio, proficiency, vision, whatever;
  • portfolio page where you will showcase your artworks with remarkable galleries;
  • the page for representing the upcoming events and the Contacts page that will assure you that you are real and will help clients reach you with any question or suggestion.

By the way, this set of pages you get in all artist website templates as MotoCMS serves you with a mix of pre-made pages in every template. You can edit them the way you like via the artists website builder.

Appropriate Website Design with Artists Website Builder

The only thing you need to grasp concerning the website design is keeping it clean as the critical point here is your artworks. If you choose a too overloaded design, visitors will not be able to see your masterpieces well. So, your website will be a complete distraction, and you do not need it at all.

Pick a pleasing color palette that will highlight your creative pieces of art at a glance. Use the photographs and videos of the highest quality. Moreover, enhance media with a target description that will help users to understand the idea of your work and learn more about your personal style.

Fortunately, all artist website templates from MotoCMS have a classy, minimal design that will surely make your artworks stand out. Also, thanks to the Color Picker tool available in the best website builder for artists, you can select the most suitable color scheme with no effort.

Artworks Promotion

To let the world know about new masterpieces that joined your collection, you need to promote your website and its updates. Here a newsletter and social media come as your best tools. Thus, use MailChimp service to create a top-notch email and send them to your potential clients. If you are not familiar with this service but would like to start your email campaign, MotoCMS suggests an additional service related to MailChimp email campaign creation on-cart when purchasing the artist website templates. Also, take advantage of social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, whatever. Creating accounts is your way to get a bunch of social traffic to spread the word about your personality and talent.

Making Money Right On Your Website

The thing is that with artists website builder, you can sell your artworks directly on your website as there is an eCommerce plugin that is easy-addable to any photographer portfolio website template related to the category of Moto 3 templates. The eCommerce plugin in the artists website builder allows you to add a fully-featured e-store right to your web page based on MotoCMS artist website templates. Thanks to versatile payment gateways, product categories, filters, and plenty of other features, you will sell your masterpieces and get profit at a glance.

Site Optimization

Once you enriched a selected tattoo website design with your personal content, it is the right time to optimize it. A decent optimization is your key to making your site appear on the top of SERPs to grab more new visitors right from the search on an ongoing basis. That is why artists website builder from MotoCMS contains default SEO options with you can use to achieve a proper search engine optimization. With MotoCMS artist website builder, you can generate a sitemap, create a well-structured robots.txt file for your site, optimize titles, specify ALT attributes, and even more.

If you want to sell your artworks in the specific locations, do not forget to add your office or studio to Google My Business and create a YouTube channel linking to your website. It will surely help you to promote yourself well.

MotoCMS Artists Website Builder - Create an Artist Website

We would like to provide you with a checklist with steps you need to complete to create website for artist with MotoCMS artist website templates. Heed them below.

Get Domain and Hosting

Basically, web hosting is necessary to main your artist web page perform well 24/7. Meanwhile, the domain is your site’s address on the web that follows visitors right to you when they click on your link somewhere online. Thus, look through verified CMS hosting providers to pick the web host that offers you the most suitable plan. Moreover, most of them suggest a free domain when purchasing their services.

Pick the Design

As far as there is a broad choice of artists website builder templates, you need to select the one that perfectly meets your business requirements and makes you feel obsessed about the design. In case you need any help with choosing a template powered by the artists website builder, feel free to get in touch with our professional support.

They will advise you, and so, you will make the right decision that will correlate with your personality and requirements. Also, bear in mind that you can test out any favorable artist gallery website template for free before the final purchase.

Edit and Publish

Customize the chosen songwriter website template by managing blocks, adding widgets and applying your content. Everything is simple so that you can create artist website yourself just in your web browser. Feel free to play with the color palette, delete something, add new pages, or start over the customization. With artists website builder, you get full control over the layout so will have a smooth and enjoyable website building. Once you’ve finished, save and go live!

Best Website Builder for Artists - Go Online with MotoCMS

Look again through an astonishing variety of artist website templates, and see for yourself that MotoCMS artist website builder is your complete tool to create an artist website. Here you get a diversity of features tailored just for you to get the most out of website creation with MotoCMS! So, grab the design you like the most and promote yourself as an artist today!

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