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Do you consider yourself an excellent teacher? Do you have the experience to share with newcomers to the profession and make money using only your knowledge? You can easily do it if you create your website. In our time, a true master is an eternal disciple. It means that a huge audience can be interested in your courses. You will gain invaluable experience, many new students, and an excellent online reputation with the online course website design. Using MotoCMS designs, you can earn a lot of new knowledge while developing a high-quality website.

Online Course Website Design by MotoCMS

If you want your courses to be successful, resonate with many learners, and a broad audience, you need a quality website. We provide an opportunity to create a great website using only the built-in features of our templates. Why is it worth paying attention to the online course website design from our company? Because it is the best, cheapest, and fastest option for creating a perfectly optimized, user-friendly, functional, and convenient website. Using the functionality built into the template, you can easily create a website within three days. Our experts have worked for years to structure and add all the features you could dream of. Because of this, you can now save a lot of time, nerves, and money on creating a unique website. You don't need a team of developers and designers anymore. All you need to succeed in your course’s online promotion is online course website design and a little patience.

Already know what you need but haven't decided on the best template to achieve your goals? Motivational speaker website design is one of the best MotoCMS designs for creating online courses. Mentor website template is another great offer.

Superior Design Options

We create unique designs and content for each of our templates. The online course website design template is no exception, but one more proof that we care about our client's needs. Many useful pages are already built into this template. You can use them immediately after purchasing the template. All you have to do is use one of the design presets, which are also implicated in the template, to launch great ads for your courses the very next day. Also, we give you the ability to manage the template's design under your own goals. This way, you get the tools to customize your layout and make it even more unique.

Among them:

  • Tools for changing the color palette on the entire website, on a single page or information block;
  • Ability to change text styles, size, and selection for subheadings or regular text;
  • Structural elements including headings, bulleted and numbered lists;
  • Control the main background, use your images, presets, or colors to create it;
  • Change any size of your site’s elements, including the size of photos, spaces, information blocks, and other elements without using code;
  • Add convenient and multifunctional widgets.

Perfect Optimization

Online course website design empowers you. With this template, you will create a perfectly optimized website. Any potential student of yours will be pleased with each element's loading speed and the page as a whole. Regardless of the number of added widgets, your site will load in less than no time. Despite the device's technical characteristics, the performance of each element has always been our top priority. You can take a look at the website after full customization. To do this, you will not need to run it. You can use another nice feature and see how the site will look right from the control panel. Using our online course website design, you will be sure that you do not miss a single client due to incomplete technical aspects.


To attract your target audience, you need clear information about website visits and other analytical data. With the online course website design's endless integration features, you can get this and other data without any hassle. To integrate the website with other platforms, you only need to go to the Settings section. There you will find a particular subsection that serves precisely for this purpose. Each template already has the built-in ability to add an office location on Google Maps. To integrate with Google Docs, Google Analytics, and other services of a well-known company, you need to specify the URL. Then, learn about the simple step-by-step method of action. You can also stream content from other sites or add audio and video players to display it.

Besides, the Media Library is already built into the online course website design template. You don't have to search for photos or images without watermarks on stock pictures services. It will help you cut down on your design time. If you have your developments, you can just as easily download them from your website or computer.

Advanced Features

For professional developers and people with high goals, we have many advanced features and technologies.

These include but not limited to:

  • The ability to make changes to our code using built-in widgets;
  • The ability to create excellent SEO for your website, add alts, meta tags, and other crucial elements;
  • Simple tools for customizing user support services, callback function, and other built-in communication tools;
  • The simple drag-and-drop user interface that helps you not to miss a beat;
  • Feedback function;
  • The ability to customize the site together with other members remotely;
  • Possibility to set the Time Zone on the site.

You can learn more about all the built-in features using the Live Preview option. In such a way, you will also learn about pages included in the template. Our support team will be happy to answer all questions regarding the online course website design and any other template from our catalog. We work 24/7 to keep you up to date with the most relevant news.

Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Nyle Wilkinson Verified buyer

It is a good CMS that is very simple to use even for beginners. I would recommend to install it.

Todd Molloy Verified buyer

I bought this product for the first time and i can honestly say that I was 100% satisfied. Thank you for your support.

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