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Looking for a chance to make it big? Share your business type - and we’ll create a professional website tailored to your niche and audience in just 20 business days!

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MotoCMS free online course website design for a landing page is a great option to attract people from anywhere you wish. The design doesn't stop at free online courses only; it's versatile and provides our customers with various opportunities - from online courses with an emphasis on some perks, incentives, or freebies, to any other educational goals and even more. The key features of the design include clarity, conciseness, and elegance.

You can search for more inspiration in other Moto's products of the same topic like our distance learning website design or any other business niche templates. But before that, explore the benefits this free online course website design offers.

First Look at the Free Online Course Website Design

General appearance of the free online course website design reflects the sense of calmness and professionalism. It is achieved by a perfectly readable black font on the white background, and black and white illustrations with highlights of bold colors. There are six short and brief sections on this landing page preceded by a block with a simple subscription form:

  • About - highlighting your company's best features;
  • Trial - with only the most important, vivid information;
  • Tutorials - the best courses you've got with catchy slogans or brief enticing descriptions;
  • Win a course - with an amazing chance to get the knowledge for free;
  • Testimonials - reviews from your regular clients or famous people;
  • Contacts - for people to get in touch in the most convenient way.

One-Page Free Online Course Website Design

Save Users' Time

Our one-page free online course website design is a perfect solution for you to send your message to the target audience efficiently and fast. People will get a chance to quickly understand your main idea and address you when they need extra details. Landing pages are simple and comfortable; they show that you appreciate the time spent by your potential clients. This one-page design with your unique content helps provide users with everything in the fastest and the most efficient way.

Choose Brief and Catchy Content

After the first impression, users will move to the content. It's important to create unique, brief, and sincere content that will make your landing page more credible.

There Are Always Many Other Options

At MotoCMS, we expand the borders of our designs and templates to deliver the best result to our clients. Opt for other one-page designs of the similar or any other direction or choose our multi-page templates, such as our online education website design for educational courses, or find more ideas or valuable insights by browsing our templates and exploring live demos and trials.

If Our Free Online Course Website Design Isn't Exactly What You Want

The MotoCMS team works hard to satisfy various needs and tastes. If anything in this or any other design doesn't work for you, you always have several solutions. First, do give our free online course website design a try. Don't use it exactly as it is; change whatever you wish, customize it easily with our great builder that doesn't require any prior experience in web development or coding - just drag and drop. Moreover, you can try it for free with our free 14-day trial for registered users. The second option is to choose another design or template of a similar topic like our online course website design or any other that you feel will meet your expectations. Other options may include ordering some extra services from Moto's professionals. No matter what you choose, you can always rely on our customer support experts' help 24/7.

Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Mark Gustaff Verified buyer

I tried various landing cms - this one is my favorite, as it's a best combination of price and all-included functional. Seriously considering to upgrade it to the full version in time as it has even more to offer

Mike Buffet Verified buyer

Landing templates serve a very specific purpose and I like the simple design with tons of widgets, like in this example. It lets you re-imagine the design anytime and create a long-term solution for any type of business


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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