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Are you looking for a high-end web solution to empower your community? Welcome to the world of ready-to-use web cases, among which you can easily choose the ideal solution that you can quickly adapt to individual needs without code and huge investments! Pay attention to this community website design, which combines several essential features to create the best business web resource. The theme is ideal both for promoting educational programs and for finding like-minded people, and presenting your unique proposals. The responsive design is highly scalable and offers drag and drop customization in real-time. Give it a try and see that web development can be fun and exciting!

Best Community Website Design for Creative Co-Working

As a multifunctional and versatile web product, this coworking website template is a web case with many pre-styled web pages. Each section offers a set of ready-made groupings, structures, and blocks for placing photos, video content, texts, and elements with call-to-action options. An intelligent menu in the topic header and intuitive navigation with competent linking make interaction with the community website template as convenient and understandable as possible for both visitors and editors. Interestingly, you can quickly transform the default design into something new by adding or transforming web pages, changing color schemes, and even functionality!

The original workspace website template is six separate web pages with a homepage that you can use to post information about:

  • your company, unique offers, services, and products, if any;
  • locations of your offices and workshops, their distinctive features, and benefits;
  • proposed training programs, courses, and training;
  • coaches and team members, project participants and your partners;
  • contacts and ways to get in touch with you, including feedback forms posted at various site locations.

Plus, you can easily personalize this coach theme – for example, turn one into a website for a creative agency or an online educational portal. Community website design is a blank slate that you can color and modify however you like. Extensive functionality is limited only by your desire and availability of free time.

Take Tech Benefits of Coaching Website Template!

There are several primary advantages that you can use to create a web resource based on a coaching website design, no different from professional web products. Firstly, it is a vast toolbox, offering more than 100's options and functions for customizing the appearance, display parameters, animation, etc. Just a few minimal edits, and you will be able to launch an original web resource that has no analogs! Secondly, it is an opportunity to focus on the quality of the content since our developers have entirely taken care of the technical nuances.

Using built-in tools and widgets from an extensive collection guarantees fantastic performance and responsiveness of social website design. Your future web resource will pleasantly surprise visitors with its fast loading and ability to adjust to the size of their screens and browsers. Every user will enjoy all the functionality of the coworking space website template from any desktop, mobile, or tablet! You can also integrate multiple modules to improve interactivity to provide 24/7 communication and fast feedback. A blog with open comments, social media widgets and subscriptions, extended contact forms, call requests – all this will make your web resource better.

#1 Pre-Made Solution for Business Free Time Activities

We also took care of the relevance of the community website design, which you can maintain regardless of rapidly changing web trends. Regular updates to the builder and the ability to return to edit mode at any time simplify the management of the web resource dramatically. You can also familiarize yourself with the pre-made settings for on-page site optimization for search engines and tools for tracking its performance in the future. It doesn't matter how much your creative business grows as your online customer base increases; a responsive coaching website template is susceptible to interference. Take a test drive now and make your first edits without delay!

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Nannie Odling Verified buyer

I recommend MotoCMS to everyone. Just amazing . Thank you. This admin panel helped me in a lot of of things. Thank you <3

Kaia Rigby Verified buyer

This admin pane - great! Easy to use, it works, I would recommend it for beginners and beyond. Choose the right template to fit your future site.


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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