High Quality Premium Website Templates

The collection of MotoCMS premium quality website templates contains excellent themes for websites that strike with a diversity of design elements. This category is a compilation of the best web templates, referred to varied industries. The mixture of perfect decoration, convenient navigation, fast speed, and cool animation will surely be persuasive. Browse the full assortment of our high quality premium website templates and enjoy the selection of exceptional designs that MotoCMS offers!

Conference Web Design
Marketing Summit
Accounting Firm Website Template
Recycling Website Template
Eyelash Extension Website Design
Mechanical Engineering Website Template
Altra CAD
Dry Cleaning Website Template
Plumbing Website Design
Music Band Website Design
Furniture Maker Website Template
Wulf Wilson
Minimalist Website Template
StayAtHome Website Design
Foundation Website Design
Real Estate Investor Website Template
Fashion Magazine Website Template
Influencer Website Template
Travel Agent Website Template
Luxury Viator
Pressure Washing Website Template
Pro Pressure
Crowdfunding Website Design

High-Quality Premium Website Templates on MotoCMS Web Creator

How do you like the features mentioned above? Well, this is not the end. One more essential characteristic of all premium web design templates that will surprise you is the complete customization provided by MotoCMS. There is a broad choice of integrated widgets and tools inside. They turn the whole process of required design and content changes on high quality premium website templates easy and code-free.

Feel free to modify each element of these premium website templates into the new one or remove it entirely if needed. Instead, you can add new photos and videos according to your liking. Everything is simple, even without programming and web design skills. There is also a reliable support team that is ready to assist you whenever you need and to guide you on any stage of your website development. Let us contact you in a live chat, email, phone or go to the Help Center to get to know with all the necessary information.

MotoCMS Premium Website Templates - How to Make a Website?

Well, there is nothing complicated here. We guarantee that the whole site creation workflow with one of the premium templates powered by MotoCMS will be seamless and pleasant for people of varying ages and occupations. There are some simple steps that you need to follow.

  • Step 1. Pick an appropriate domain name that will emphasize and describe your business;
  • Step 2. Select the hosting provider that suggests you an optimal plan;
  • Step 3. Pick one of premium designs from MotoCMS collection;
  • Step 4. Customize the design up to your preferences via the control panel;
  • Step 5. Enrich the chosen premium web design with personal content;
  • Step 6. Double-check your modifications and go online!

There is no need to waste your time searching for alternatives. MotoCMS with its high-quality premium website templates is your best solution to create a professional, beautiful website with ease!

Instantaneous Configuration of Premium Website Templates

The turnaround process of setting up a MotoCMS premium site template takes a few minutes and requires zero coding skills. MotoCMS website admin panel filled with a large variety of helpful tools that help to completely set up unique website design templates by selecting checkboxes and picking up options from drop-down lists. A dedicated settings tab in the admin panel implies 11 sub-settings tabs that allow configuring any aspect of high quality premium website templates like fonts, analytics, SEO settings, integrations, etc.

Drag and Drop Functionality for Codeless Editing

MotoCMS website builder that comes with all premium web templates for free has the most convenient to use interface. The admin panel allows changing a template’s design and applying any modifications to premium website templates for business without editing even a line of code.

The list of pages provides the ability to duplicate pages and set up a home page on top website design templates. Moreover, the system provides the ability to change widgets’ placing, update their sizes, and spacings according to your needs. The block structure foresees the option to arrange widgets into blocks with content and compose a hierarchy site’s structure.

Perfect Premium Website Design on All Devices

People use different devices to browse websites on the internet. Each device has a unique screen dimension. Moreover, more than half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Since cellular internet connection becomes faster and cheaper, the number of mobile devices used as a primary device for browsing the internet will increase significantly.

Thus, the layout of high quality premium website templates is fully responsive and adapts to a previewed device by itself. MotoCMS website builder panel rearranges the content on new website design templates to display a website professionally.

Additionally, the website builder creates images’ thumbnails to display pictures with smaller a dimension on mobile devices. Once a new image uploaded to the media library, the system creates two copies of the image and updates its size for tables and smartphones. Furthermore, you can set up items behavior when the system changes the layout on mobile devices and hide particular widgets on specific devices.

To set up the display options, you need to select a widget in the admin panel and pick up devices on which the widget will be displayed. Everything is easy and sets up in a few clicks with MotoCMS website builder.

Leading Edge Navigation on Premium Website Templates

Convenient navigation is one of the most important parts of a successful website. It implies a lot of factors as an accessible navigation bar, well-integrated anchors, buttons, text links, and breadcrumbs. All these elements combined perfectly on premium website templates and help website users to use a website quick due to the intuitive premium website design.

MotoCMS admin panel provides the ability to build the main navigation bar with up to three sub-menu bars and pin it to the top edge with no effort. Moreover, the main menu transforms into a hamburger button on smartphones providing the best user experience on mobile devices.

Anchors are the most significant elements on a website that make the website browsing process quick by scrolling the content to a particular place on a website upon a click. It will help you to lead website users to the most relevant information avoiding the necessity to scroll high quality premium website templates reviewing all the content. Buttons and text links are the most basic navigation elements on best selling website templates.

Navigate users to particular pages or show popups with additional information that appears upon a click by using the essential navigation elements. You can modify these widgets with no limits. Add breadcrumbs to show a path made by a user on your site. Also, it helps to jump to one of the visited pages in a click.

Social Media Integration in MotoCMS Premium Web Templates

To make a successful and popular online portal, a thorough integration with social media is required. The ability to integrate social media content into a website and share the content is one of the things that makes social media marketing effective and powerful. Promote your website on the internet and drive traffic from social media networks by using the inbuilt social media integration tools. The pack of social media integration tools helps to share and broadcast the content from social networks in one click.

Social Media Widgets on Premium Website Templates

Promote your social media profiles, public groups, or events with easily using the social links in the MotoCMS admin panel. Social buttons lead to your profiles on social media upon a click. A large set of social media icons in the business marketing website design implies more the 100 ready-to-use icons. MotoCMS website builder allows you to change the design of social links widget by picking up one of the pre-built design presets.

Moreover, there is the ability to change social icons’ color and update background and border colors for both normal and hover conditions. You can add an unlimited amount of social links on premium quality website templates in the MotoCMS admin panel.

Content Sharing and Broadcasting in One Click

Build a leading-edge website and fill it up with new content regularly by transmitting it from external online services without integrating embedded code on your site. A broad system functionality foresees the ability to broadcast the content from the world's most popular social media, display videos from YouTube and Vimeo, cast music from SoundCloud and show slides from SlideShare on high quality premium website templates.

Hence, you can enrich the best cryptocurrency website design by adding a Twitter timeline or a Facebook feed that updates the content in live time. Additionally to the broadcasting option, MotoCMS website templates have the content sharing feature. The share buttons allow spreading information about your company, sharing interesting content to social media, and promote your site in just a click.

The inbuilt share buttons foresee the ability to share a website’s page to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A shared post content form indicates by Open Graph meta tags. The OG tags set up a page’s title, image, description, URL address, etc. The inbuilt functionality offers the opportunity to specify Open Graph meta tags directly in the admin panel.

Quick Website Creation with MotoCMS Customer Care

Make your website live in 3 days with the help of MotoCMS technical support team representatives, a complete user’s guide, and step-by-step video tutorials. Feel free to contact or customer care team in case you have any questions on how to register a free trial or modify high quality premium website templates. Our agents will gladly guide you on how to achieve an expected result or resolve any possible issue. We provide 24/7 support via live chats, tickets, and outbound phone calls.

Free Software Update for MotoCMS Clients

Building a brand new website with MotoCMS does not require using external software from third-party developers. We provide a full pack of useful services that will make the entire turnaround process smooth and easy. Keep your tea shop website template up to date with free software updates. MotoCMS premium website templates receive new updates monthly and install them by itself. Thus, there is no need to upload any files on a server and modify coding to install a new update. MotoCMS software updates fix bugs and bring new features to your website.

Loyalty Program and Personal Account

Each MotoCMS client gets a free personal account, registering a free trial or making a purchase on our website. The account ties to your email address and phone number. It allows to manage purchases, activate or deactivate purchased high quality premium website templates, and download their source files.

Moreover, by using a personal account, you can replace all MotoCMS logos in the admin panel with a custom one click. Manage trial versions of premium website design templates, review your MotoCMS subscriptions, submit support tickets, and participate in the loyalty program. Complete tasks from MotoCMS, collect achieves and get your rewards that include discounts and special services.

Free Two-Week Demo Period

Haven’t found a perfect website design yet? Try out high quality premium website templates on the MotoCMS website builder with no charge for two weeks. Browse the category of and find the best website template that captivates your attention and start a free trial. The demo mode of premium site templates provides the ability to use all the features of the MotoCMS website builder with no restrictions.

Update the content, create and remove pages, and implement all your ideas quickly with MotoCMS website builder. When your demo website is ready-to-use, purchase the template and request for files with your demo template modifications. We will send your website template files with all the changes from your demo account. Thus, you will get a ready-to-use website without a need to re-do any modification.

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