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Welcome to the category of new web templates powered by a seamless and efficient content management system. Here, in this catalog, you will find plenty of fresh website templates. We apply only cutting-edge trends in programming and web design to delight you with our brand-new website design templates. So, be sure that your website will not only work like magic but also will attract new visitors with its fashionable design at once.

Webinar Website Design
Your Webinar
Nail Website Design
Fitness Studio Website Design
Fitpress Fitness Studio
Horse Training Website Template
Horsieside Equestrian
Towing Company Website Design
Pull Out
Acupuncture Website Design
Dating Website Template
Painting Website Design
Diagnostic Center Website Template
Medical Diagnostic
Accountant Website Design
Consulti NY
Exterior Design Website Template
Interna Design
Fragrance Website Template
Islamic Website Design
Islamic Center
Pet Adoption Website Template
Meal Prep Website Template
Airline Website Design
Private Airline
Towing Website Design
Wrecker Towing
Farm Equipment Website Design
Rentallo Farm

New Website Design Templates from MotoCMS

The most contemporary solution is always in high demand. Particularly when you look for a website to spice up your business project. Well, seeking for fresh website templates is pretty easy now. We do our best to serve you with innovative web templates for your projects. Thus, you could get the most out of your sites without any technical background. New website design templates come with up-to-date features that will help you to create a sustainable web project of any complexity.

Different Topics of New Website Design Templates

The collection of fresh web design templates implies best selling website templates for various purposes. You can find landing-page, multipage, and ready-to-use eCommerce website templates on this page. Unlike the multi page layout, the landing page website template has one home page and two system pages.

Besides, various page layouts of our new website design templates correspond to different niches. Almost any company, restaurant, store, or those who make their first steps to web development will find a suitable website templates from this collection of new website designs. Our website templates represent the following topics:

  • personal page website templates;
  • air flight company;
  • thematic party designs;
  • restaurant website templates;
  • car dealer and salesman design;
  • travel blog and tour agencies;
  • house rent website design.

New Website Design Templates with Captivating Visual Effects

MotoCMS latest website templates from this collection enriched with visual effects that include scrolling effects, animations, and hover effects. Website elements that respond to visitors actions boost a website’s user experience and attract users' attention to particular elements on high-quality premium website templates.

There is a large set of animation effects available for new website design templates. Highlight some important information or call to action elements on your site, by applying an entrance animation to a particular widget. When a website loads, an animated widget moves captivating users’ attention. Additionally, you can entice users’ attention by using hover effects that change widgets' appearance when selected.

To add scrolling effects on a website, enable the parallax and fixed visual effects. These visual enhancements will allure users' attention and gain a website's design significantly. The parallax effect makes the content moving dissimilarly to the background adding a three-dimensional effect on new website design templates. The fixed scrolling effect keeps the background static while browsing top website design templates.

Unequal Forms and Unique Layouts by MotoCMS

The asymmetrical design with broken grid layouts becomes trendy this year. Creativity design of our new website design templates captivates user attention from first sight and keeps in memory for a long time. Moreover, the minimalism trend in the new website design is still strong, and it's going to stay that way.

The clean design allows a website to load faster and has better screen compatibility that gives an elegant impression when using a website. The combination of appealing images, beautiful typography and innovative solutions in web design make these simple website templates for beginners the best choice for those who need an all-in-one solution.

User-Friendly Interface of New Website Design Templates

Well-defined elements can visually indicate to your users how to move on your website without any documentation or annotation. The ease of simple website templates for beginners makes the navigation process smooth and easy. All navigation elements on unique website design templates match the overall design and look great with any content. However, call to action widgets that motivates a user to sign up on your site, highlighted by bright colors and animation effects.

The design is fully responsive and looks great on all devices with any resolution. MotoCMS website builder rearranges widgets and renders the content accordingly to the screen size of a previewed device by itself. Thus, your website will take topmost positions at Google Search due to its flexible design and mobile-ready content. Additionally, you can hide particular widgets on specific devices to gain a site's user experience significantly.

Alluring New Website Templates - Select the One Today

Each website template boasts a fully-editable nature, which means that you can adjust it the way you like when creating a website with MotoCMS. Pick a theme that appeals to you to join the lucky beggars who build excellent websites with a convenient and straightforward built-in admin panel. Here is the selection of the best new website design templates that you can use for your website. Redesign an original template with WYSIWYG editor and turn it into an excellent site for your business!

1. Mexican Restaurant Website Design

This website template is suitable for a taco bar or any other fast-food restaurant. The bright and juicy design professionally enriched by a creative layout with thematic images. Moreover, the template’s visual appeal complements by unique hover effects that allure visitors’ attention. Ready-to-use menu bars and image galleries will help you to represent your restaurant and bring new visitors from the Internet.

2. Book Writer Website Template

Clean and monochromic design of this website template is an all-in-one solution for an online book store. The book store website template for writes has a full-width banner on the homepage that represents an author and foresees the ability to navigate on a website. Additionally, the new website design of this template supplements with a large variety of books listing blocks. The book selection blocks show the bestsellers and other book categories separately for quick navigation. A purchase button allows you to buy a book in a few clicks directly on a website.

3. Trading Company Website Template

Are you launching a startup and looking for a well-built website design that will show your proficiency in a particular field and represent your services on the Internet? This template’s design perfectly suits all the needs of an investment company. The template’s layout created in the form of blocks that represent a company, services provided, and pricing converting a website’s visitor into a happy company’s client with the help of CTA elements.

New Website Design Templates - Get a Comprehensive Solution

Primarily, the latest website templates powered by MotoCMS feature with:

  • rapid loading speed;
  • a fully responsive design;
  • efficient website builder;
  • rich toolkit and a diversity of customization options;
  • free testing period and an award-winning tech support.

MotoCMS suggests you outstanding new web templates that will make your business grow online fast and efficiently. Our fresh designs correlate with all your needs and preferences.

New Website Design Templates - Lightning Fast Loading

Professional website templates from this collection take the best results on Google Page Insight due to the fast uploading speed on both mobile and desktop devices. Well-structured code of the admin panel processed by all browsers quick. All images and media files on new website design templates are well-optimized and take small disc space on a server. Moreover, the system implies a large variety of backend tools that will reduce the size of transferring data and make the construction company landing page loaded in a blink of an eye.

The set of inbuilt tools for increasing a website’s loading speed consists of the lazy loading mode that loads the content while the user scrolls through the page. Thus, the content appears instantly when a website opens. MotoCMS website builder adjusts the size of images and creates images’ thumbnails for devices with a small screen resolution. It saves transferred data on smartphones.

Additionally, you can save cellular data of your website visitors by disabling video and rich-content widgets on mobile devices. Each widget has a device selector in the admin panel that allows choosing the devices that will display a particular widget.

Flexible Layout of New Website Design by MotoCMS

The primary Google requirement for modern websites on the Internet is a fully responsive layout that looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. MotoCMS website builder measures the screen dimension on a previewed device and renders the most appropriate version of a new website design automatically. The system rearranges widgets to convert the layout of the yacht club website template from landscape mode on desktop devices to portrait preview mode on smartphones and vice versa. Moreover, the system replaces the main navigation menu on mobile devices with the hamburger button to provide the best user experience.

Simple Website Building with Drag & Drop Interface

MotoCMS new website templates have marvelous ease of use that impresses even proficient web developers. The built-in admin panel provides instant and limitless access to the new website design. The drag&drop interface allows building a website with no coding. The online admin panel works in all browsers and provides the ability to create new pages, move widgets, and change their appearance in one click. You can easily build a unique website design from scratch by combining pre-built blocks with content and updating widgets’ appearance by using a set of pre-built designs.

Royalty-Free Imagery and Inbuilt Image Editor

All new website design templates by MotoCMS come with attractive images that enrich a template’s design. All media files have a royalty-free license that allows you to use default images on your site. All images come in the original dimension. Thus, you can modify them with no restrictions. There is no need to use external image editors from third-party developers. MotoCMS website builder has a built-in online image editing tool that foresees the option to make any modifications directly in the admin panel. Thus, you can easily update any image from the latest website templates to fit your website’s design in a few clicks.

MotoCMS Customer Care and Help Center

In case you don’t know how to improve the new website design, supplement it with unique content or resolve any possible issue. Refer to our online help center with a comprehensive user’s guide that includes useful articles on how to set up a website, detailed specifications of all widgets and settings, and step-by-step video tutorials. Moreover, if you have a specific question that needs a unique solution, we are always glad to provide you online assistance via a live chat, ticket system, or an outbound call. Our technical support specialists and pre-purchase agents work 24/7 for you.

Free Demo for New Web Templates

Examine any of the new website design templates without a change for 14-days. A free two-week demo is available for each website template. After registering a trial period, you get unlimited access to all customization tools developed by MotoCMS. Change the preferred simple website template, reconfigure the layout, create new pages, and fill them up with the content or reset all the changes if needed easily by using a web-based MotoCMS admin panel. All the changes from your demo account stored on our server. Hence, you can download website templates with all the changes from your demo account easily. Pick up your future website design and start building your website now!

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