Best Simple Website Templates for Beginners

Check out our collection of the best simple website templates for beginners with a neat, simple website design that looks great on all devices. MotoCMS easy website builder comes with simple website templates for practice. The convenient, intuitive system provides the ability to tune up the design of these website templates with no technical background.

Agriculture Web Template
Music Composer Website Template
Albert Maroon
Car Salesman Website Template
LUXURY 4х4 Cars
Bed and Breakfast Website Template
Yoga Website Template
Thai Restaurant Website Template
NGO Website Design
Hair Extension Website Template
Travel Company Website Template
Bobo Travel
Blogger Website Template
Olive Oil Website Template
Bruno Olive Oil
Tattoo Website Design
Real Estate Website Design
Book Writer Website Template
Mary Anderson
Astrology Website Template
Vacation Rental Website Template
Academic Personal Website Template
Michael Kurt
Handyman Website Template

Fabulous Design of Simple Website Templates for Beginners

Are you making your first steps in web development and looking for a ready-to-go solution? Examine our website building platform and a selection of top-notch simple website design templates. There are a lot of website templates on different topics presented in this selection so that you can create simple website on the fly.

  • Car dealer website templates;
  • Agriculture & healthy products;
  • Music & radio website design;
  • Website design for non-profit organizations;
  • Personal pages and resume websites;
  • Travel blog and tour operator;
  • Real estate & rental website design;
  • Beauty and tattoo salon website templates.

Pick up one of our simple website templates for beginners and create your website easily. Creative website designs, along with a large variety of design patterns, will help you to modify the blogger website template quickly without editing even a line of code.

Responsive Design of Simple Website Templates

Internet users browse websites by using different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. All these devices have a different dimension and preview mode. Thus, our developers supplemented all simple website templates for beginners with a fully-responsive layout that looks great on all devices. The system rearranges the content on responsive website templates according to the screen width by itself.

Block Structure of Simple Website Templates for Beginners

All simple website designs by MotoCMS have the block structure. Blocks hold widgets that add content on simple website templates for beginners. The hierarchy structure of MotoCMS simple website design templates allows reconfiguring the layout quickly with no coding. Also, it makes the navigation process in the admin panel easy and intuitive.

Moreover, there is a large pack of pre-built blocks with content available right out of the box. Thus, you can easily supplement the business marketing website design by duplicating blocks with the content or create new pages by composing ready-to-use blocks in a particular order. No additional education is required to start building modern designs with simple website templates for beginners.

Full-Screen Banners with Dynamic Content

All simple website templates for beginners supplemented with full-width banners for promoting new products and upcoming events. The system makes banners with content full-screen on all devices by itself. Furthermore, you can set up a banner to adjusts to the screen height of a previewed device. The system rearranges the content from landscape to portrait preview automatically.

Additionally, you can supplement the design of simple website templates for beginners with dynamic content to enrich a website’s design and show more information on the fashion model website template. Supplement sliding banners with content, video presentations or add a video as a banner’s background to impress your website visitors from the first sight.

Videos on Easy Website Templates for Beginners

Represent your company or tell your story effectively by using videos on simple website templates for beginners. Well-made videos will help you to attract customers’ attention and deliver information significantly. Furthermore, videos on best selling website templates will help to promote products or services provided. The inbuilt functionality will help you to broadcast videos from YouTube and Vimeo or show self-hosted videos uploaded to the media library in just a few clicks. The simple website builder by MotoCMS will avoid you from coding at all.

Royalty-Free Media Files

Purchasing a website design for beginners by MotoCMS, you get a ready-to-run website with the content and all media files in the original dimension. Thus, there is no need to purchase media files separately or replace the default pictures with your images. You have the right to modify and use all default media files on simple website templates for beginners.

Popups and Rich Content Widgets

MotoCMS designs are simple website design templates enriched with widgets that show additional content upon a request. Feature-rich widgets imply the accordion and tabs widgets. These widgets toggle the content and show it on the universalwebsite template upon a request. Popups show a block that hovers over the content. A popup can appear upon a request, automatically or when a user opens a web page or scrolls to a particular place on the page.

Superior Features of Simple Website Templates for Beginners

Additionally to the innovative design, our website templates have a lot of amazing features that make the website building process quick and easy. The inbuilt tools will avoid the necessity of using third-party software while tuning up your site. Hence, even those who have no technical skills, can edit images, use custom font and accept online payments using our high-quality premium website templates.

Online Image Editor for Quick Customization

Do you want to update default images or adjust custom pictures size according to your website requirements? Use the in-built image editor with amazing functionality by MotoCMS. Unlike pro image editing software, the presented image editing tools work online on simple website templates for beginners and require no special qualifications. Thus, you can resize, crop and sharpen images on the best cryptocurrency website design template easily with MotoCMS website builder.

Text Editor with Extended Functionality

Supplement text on your website with attractive texts in just a few clicks. MotoCMS easiest website builder supports all Google Fonts and foresees the ability to upload custom fonts and customize them according to your needs. Moreover, you can set up a different font size on various devices to make your website looking great on both mobile and desktop devices.

The advanced text editor allows supplementing texts on new website design templates with icons, images, and bullet lists. Additionally, you can add links and configure on-click actions. A large variety of on-click activities allows to lead visitors to an email manager after clicking on an email address or lead a customer to phone manager after clicking on a phone number. This feature reduces the number of activities required to make a call or leave an email.

PayPal Integration for Online Payments

Do you want to start selling online but don’t know how to set up eCommerce on a website? Use our simple website templates for beginners with PayPal integration to accept online payments with no effort. The in-built PayPal button foresees the ability to sell products online and accept donations. Thus, you can set up a price and payment details for each product separately or place a donation button on the volunteer website template with a free payment value without embedding code from third-party developers.

Countdown Timer and Progress Bar Widgets

Show your company’s progress by using advanced progress bars on simple website templates for beginners. The appealing animation of progress bars fills them up to a particular value when a page opens. Progress bars are fully adjustable in the easiest website builder by MotoCMS. You can set up an achieved value for each progress bar and tune up their design in a few clicks.

Motivate with the most significant call-to-action element presented in the easy website builder by MotoCMS. With the help of a countdown timer, you can show the time left to an event starting or a price drop ending. The functionality of the countdown widget on top website design templates allows displaying the same countdown timer for all users or show a personalized timer for each website visitor separately.

Extra Services for MotoCMS Clients

Every client who opts simple website templates for beginners gets plenty of additional services that will help to build a website or boost your business significantly. The package of additional services includes a free 14-day trial period, 24/7 live support, a white label solution for web developers, and a personal MotoCMS account that gathers all these services in one place. Furthermore, a personal account foresees the ability to manage your subscriptions and participate in the loyalty program.

Loyalty Program and Software Updates

Get free 1-year software updates purchasing any simple website template. Our developers release software updates for the MotoCMS website builder monthly. Each update brings new peculiarities and enchases the simple website builder functionality. The turnaround process of installing a new update takes less than a few minutes and requires no manual adjustments. Participating in the MotoCMS loyalty program, you will be able to achieve discounts for completed tasks. Achieve the ‘Guru’ status and get 50% discount for all MotoCMS simple website templates for beginners permanently.

Blog on Simple Website Templates for Beginners

Start a career as a professional blogger with MotoCMS. Inform your website visitors about the latest news or post interesting articles on your website easily with MotoCMS. The dedicated blog section on simple website templates allows you to share your thoughts and spread them around the globe easily. Well-made blog posts will boost your website ranking and attract new visitors. Shared blog posts will help you to promote your site on social media.

User-Friendly Dashboard for Quick Posting

The easiest website builder by MotoCMS has a detached blog section. The blog dashboard of all simple website templates for beginners provides the capability to create new posts quickly using pre-built templates. You can publish new posts simultaneously, set up a publishing date, or save your blog posts as a draft for further improvements. Moreover, the website admin panel provides the ability to tag and categorize blog posts on unique website design templates for quick searching. The in-built commenting feature by Disqus will provide the ability to leave feedback on your site and rate your blog post.

Get Started with MotoCMS Website Templates for Beginners

Register a free 14-day trial and create simple website with no charge today! The functionality of demo website templates is no limited. Hence, you will get extensive access to all the features of the MotoCMS website builder. We provide simple website templates for beginners with all the modifications from your demo account after purchasing a template. In case you have any questions on how to create a simple website, refer to our help center or start the live chat. Our customer care specialists will guide you and help to create an astonishing site.

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