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Are you looking for a convenient and easy option to create your eCommerce website? We suggest looking at a timely, transparent, and easy-to-use toy shop website template from MotoCMS. Our product differs from competitive propositions. It offers creating a website from scratch without hassle and offers many advantages.

With us, you can save a massive amount of resources for the development of your business, including material, moral and time costs. Want to know more about our offer? We will tell you now.

Moreover, you will find dozens of related templates in our store and hundreds that you may also like. We advise you to go to the catalog to get acquainted with a large number of options.

Toy Shop Website Template by MotoCMS

This toy shop website template is a multi-page eCommerce template with all its benefits. Inside, you will find many pre-designed pages and a convenient control panel that serves to change the functions, interfaces, structure, design, and other website elements that we have configured.

The first advantage is a ready-made design and many ideas on how to improve it included in your toy shop website template. You can use our format and add only relevant information about your store, products sold, and services. After that, you can immediately launch the store.

If you want to create a truly unique and unlike any other platform, you will find all the necessary tools. You no longer need to spend vast amounts of money on a development team. Now you can save that money to promote your website and business further. Also, creating a website from scratch is a laborious, complex, and lengthy process that can take weeks or even months. Our toy shop website template is the best option to avoid it. You don't need any courses or special knowledge to work with our template, website installation takes only 5 minutes, and you can add essence content and information in just a few days. And this is where the benefits only begin.

Built-In Catalog

It is not a problem to start selling your products using our toy shop website template.

You will find many pages in the template, including:

  • Homepage (to give potential customers initial information about their store, leave customer reviews there and whatever you see fit);
  • About (leave even more details on the site, methods of work, history, payment, and other information that is necessary for your clients);
  • Shop (here, you will find a pre-designed catalog. All that remains for you to start the store is uploading images of your products, making a description for them, and setting a price. After that, your eCommerce platform will work autonomously or with minimal human resources);
  • Blog (each of our templates on the Moto 3 and higher platform has a free built-in blog feature where you can chat with your customers);
  • Contacts (leave contact information, and it is also possible to integrate your toy shop website template with google maps and mark the location of the offline store on the map so that people can get there without problems).

Control Page

The built-in control page in the toy shop website template allows you to do whatever you need to set up a quality eCommerce website.

Basic settings:

  • Working with pages (you can add, remove, clone pages installed by us, and change any content located on the pages of your website. In addition, you will find the ability to customize main and side SEO elements including meta title, description and other tags, names for URL pages, and so on);
  • Lots of design options (customize the main background, color palette on the website, set up all the necessary sections, and add a considerable number of valuable and modern widgets);
  • Media library (add your images, documents, archives, audio, and video files to the site, as well as use the stock images that we have specially selected for your needs);
  • Advanced settings (you can add integrations with other sites, audio and video players, stream content from other sites, make changes to our code, and much more using advanced settings in the toy shop website template).

Live Demo

You can see all the features of our toy shop website template right now. Just go to the live demo section, where you can preview the initial website design and all the built-in control panel tools and even try using some of them.

If you still have any questions regarding the purchase or customization of your template, you can contact the support service of our store.

Also, we advise you to look at one of the templates that may also suit you. Our kids website design has already been chosen by dozens of people and have created an equally high-quality eCommerce website based on it.

Support Service

Our support service works 24/7, so you can ask for high-quality and complete advice at any time regarding any aspect of cooperation with MotoCMS. You can write a letter to our email or contact a support representative in the live chat right now. You can do this on any of the pages of the website.

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  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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