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Welcome to the MotoCMS world! We are pleased to introduce to you our collection of family website templates! Here you will find beautiful family themes with elegant designs. They will surely help you to create a family website and attract your visitors in no time!

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Family Website Templates from MotoCMS

A family has always been considered one of the most significant aspects of our lives. So, why not use this to start a successful online business? There are many niches that you might examine. For example, you can create a nursery site, sell goods for children, launch a summer camp, etc. Of course, you will need an advertising campaign to let the world know about your business. Well, the best way to inform everybody about your prospective venture is to build a website with one of the family website templates. With a website, your business grows faster. Moreover, you are not limited in terms of geographical location. Thus, there are more chances to become successful within a short period.

Beautiful Family Website Templates

What makes our products unique is their diversity. Templates are covering the needs of various parent-child organizations, clubs, and camps. If you open a course on parenting or kids' upbringing, you will surely be pleased with the full range of daycare website templates for that purpose. Do not forget about babysitting classes website templates. Their popularity rises very fast. We also believe that we offer the best cms for a family website. Also, all the themes boast numerous handy features.

Feature-Rich Designs

For example, the admin panel we are so proud of will help you with your future site's layout. The built-in widgets will enable you to engage your customers, especially kids’ parents, into fruitful communication and further cooperation. Moreover, you can integrate video and audio into your site, adding life to your content. The marvelous photo galleries will present the most memorable moments of your family center to the whole world! Your task will be to choose the child care website template you like, try it for free for 14 days, and create a family website you can be proud of!

Convenient Solution for Any Business

The business in the family industry is genuinely diverse. People open kindergartens where they provide premium care for kids of different ages and various summer camps, whatever. The main thing is to display your direction of family business professionally. This category of family website templates includes perfect designs for representing:

  • shops selling family or children-related goods;
  • family portals & clubs;
  • family health care businesses;
  • nurseries and daycare centers;
  • babysitting services;
  • art schools;
  • scout organizations and children summer camps;
  • baby clubs;
  • parenting support centers;
  • family leisure parks;
  • web projects for newborns.

Easy-Customizable Family Website Templates

Besides, all family web templates in this category are fully-editable. So, even if you haven’t found the right design here, feel free to modify a favorable kids website template up to your liking. There are no limits when it comes to customizing MotoCMS themes. Any detail can be changed, edited, or deleted. As the pages of such a topic are pre-populated, your task will be to provide your center, club, or course content. With us, you can create top family websites. For example, various sites for parenting, child education, family magazines, and many others.

Specific Design Features

The color palette of our family website templates is moderately bright to ensure that your potential clients stay in a great mood. They are usually very light and shiny, so that will surely win the visitors’ favor. Such designs are beautiful, pleasant, and unobtrusive. A cute detail in most of such themes is typography. The font of the logo and the phrases should be fun and childlike if we talk about a kids' center. Furthermore, a significant number of colored icons are very engaging too. They provide better visibility of the content and make the site more attractive for users.

Family website templates are all about visuality so that you can attract your prospective clients, both grown-ups and children. The collection of fonts, text styles, and icons available will undoubtedly help you draw attention to your current projects.

Website Composer

Thanks to the website creator, the color picker, and numerous presets, you will be able to create a family website that reflects the unique spirit of your site for children or family center. The powerful drag and drop editor will help you to figure out the layout that suits your vision. Thus, you will enjoy the process of building your site within days or even hours. If it is a family shop, you will be able to track the statistics, start sales, and add discounts. It is comfortable with MotoCMS family website templates and the round-the-clock tech support.

And most importantly - you will have an opportunity to edit all the beautiful site elements in the future. Therefore, you will not need outsourcing expenses and long meetings with web designers and programmers. Believe it or not, you do not need anyone but you to handle the fully-functioning family site from any place in the world.

How to Create a Family Website? - Family Website Templates

It is essential to create a family website that compels visitors at a glance. It should have a fantastic look, a full-fledged menu, a unique, exciting content, and more. The distinctive features of our family templates are:

  • fresh and cosy design;
  • responsiveness;
  • additional widgets and modules;
  • the convenience of modification thanks to the site builder;
  • demo with full functionality for 14 days.

These features will help you implement all the ideas you have right on your website and showcase them in the best light. Moreover, the whole workflow with MotoCMS is pretty simple. Thus, your future family website will be ready in hours!

Best Family Website Templates - Essentials

The essential characteristic of our family templates is their feature-rich functionality. If you choose to make a family website with a favorable counseling website template, you know right away that you get a unique product. The first thing to mention is that only the family templates from MotoCMS come with the secure website editor. It facilitates the process of creating and editing a site. It is essential for a kids or parenting center site as you need to update your information quickly.

So, instead of hiring a web developer, you can add photos from the previous show at the children center or a child's birthday party at some events to your galleries. You can post information about your employees, including portfolios of animators and their photos. Moreover, you can control the registration form. And most importantly, you can create a family website yourself without having to leave your center or home!

Admin Panel as an Advantage

Thanks to a comfy admin panel with a vibrant choice of handy widgets and tools, you can spice up any activity for kids or adults you provide with excellent media. Also, you can quickly test family website templates for 14 days without any fees. Provide us with your email, and we will send you the demo instantly. If you have any questions concerning any kindergarten website template, feel free to contact our friendly support team, which is ready to help you 24/7. Remember, you do not need to learn programming or web design to create or edit your site. Besides, the admin panel and all the additional tools are user-friendly.

Compete Solution

To create a family website, you need to show up your family business's main idea and provide visitors with your location. Also, to showcase your advantages among competitors, the number is getting higher every year. Family website templates powered by MotoCMS drag and drop website builder have everything you need to help you attract new clients and promote your center on the web. First of all, the design of these family templates is responsive and bright, and captivating. So, it fits any kids or family center perfectly.

Variety of Tools

Well, our ready-made family website templates combine everything to attract new participants to your institution. You get a fantastic layout with excellent color selection and effects, a collection of thematic stock images, a large contact form, a subscription form, as well as social media buttons to promote your business in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. All home & family templates are SEO-friendly and allow you to make your websites appear on the top of SERP right from the start thanks to a variety of search engine optimization options that you can find on the control panel.

Blog Functionality

Besides, our family website templates are equipped with an opportunity to start a blog. Sharing your thoughts with your online audience of parents and specialists will surely help you involve more people in your organization. Paying attention to feedback nowadays is also crucial. So, do not forget that you will be able to answer your visitors’ questions and comments on the site. There is also an opportunity to create a family website that will inform people about some events or the latest news. And this is truly important in the family-oriented sphere. In the blog, you can also post articles about raising kids, developing tools, parenting, and means of entertaining children.

High-End Support

Producing user-oriented family website templates, we understand that sometimes you may need additional help to guide you through the whole process or clarify some essentials in detail. Therefore, we provide round-the-clock assistance for all clients via phone, live chat or email.

Our expert support representatives will not only help you with any issue or question but will be your best advisors when building your family sites. Moreover, there is a Help Center that MotoCMS created primarily for you. There you can submit a request, discover versatile video tutorials and user’s guides or discuss something with a large community of customers.

Create a Family Website Today with MotoCMS

All these features of family templates that you can view out here will help you build reliable family websites that regularly grow your business. Showcasing on the web your services, mission, team members, your specific approach on what you do, whatever, you will promote your activity or organization and attract newcomers to it on the fly!

So, if you hold a question on creating a family website, you have an answer - based on MotoCMS family website templates. Then you will also have an opportunity to optimize your online presence for search engines, connect it to the most popular social media, upload media files, embed videos from well-known video hostings. If you want to try this site before purchasing, sign up for the trial period. Make a family website that matters and enjoy the whole functionality and the perfect design of it!

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