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This is an exceptional category of daycare website templates because it is related to kids. Childcare website templates should appeal to both kids and their parents. Not an easy task, isn’t it? On the contrary, it’s a piece of cake with a daycare website builder featured below. Browse all of these cheerful designs and make your pick!

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Daycare Website Templates on MotoCMS Daycare Website Builder

Websites related to family and kids usually look pleasant and funny. They aim to help people with daycare, babysitting and give advice on how to enjoy parenting on its every stage. Thanks to a vivid collection of family website templates from MotoCMS, you can launch a compelling site that will lure visitors and potential clients!

A cool thing is all daycare website templates from MotoCMS let you start your website in minutes even if you are an absolute beginner in coding. You won’t need those skills as MotoCMS daycare website builder boasts simple visual drag and drop editing. This platform will give you everything you need to power your new website and start your own online business.

How to Create a Website with MotoCMS Daycare Website Builder?

Well, pretty easy! The goal of MotoCMS is giving you the tool that can be used both by amateur and professional web developers for creating their dream sites. Your age and profession also don’t matter. You can create any website on your own without asking for professional help. Just use our ready-made daycare website templates and pre-made blocks of content.

Step 1. Choosing One of Daycare Website Templates

Picking the right daycare website design is always the most exciting part. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first as we have more than 2500 pre-made website templates for different business niches. When you see something that appeals to your taste, grab this template, edit its structure and color scheme via the daycare website builder, and install the theme to your domain.

In case you still have no domain name and hosting provider, please turn to our customer care team, and the guys will help you find the best option for your particular case together with one of striking daycare website templates.

Step 2. Theme Customization

Well, when the child care website template is selected, it’s time to try out the power of daycare website builder and edit the layout the way you need. When using daycare website templates, you are free to:

  • change the color scheme,
  • adjust the structure,
  • upload your images,
  • add the logo design,
  • write and insert custom texts.

We are sure that the final result will surprise you as it will differ a lot from the initial template. Nobody will ever tell that you used a template to create your website. All you need to do is reveal the imagination, which will make your kids' website unique and exclusive.

Step 3. SEO and Analytics

Now, when your design is ready, it's time to think about its search engine optimization and performance. Again, using our super simple daycare website builder, you will be able to add basic SEO settings to your website with any of daycare website templates. You need to follow simple tips from our SEO guide to do that. We have created it specifically for MotoCMS clients.

We kept your needs in mind. You will be able to track the results of your efforts better with Google Webmaster Tools, and Analytics integrated with the website admin panel.

Step 4. Publishing and Promoting Online

That’s it, your website is live and ready for visitors’ feedback. You can promote your website online via the admin panel powered by daycare website builder and connect it to social networks. With daycare website templates, you will be able to share the latest feed right on your website using several helpful widgets, such as the Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board. Besides, you can add Social Buttons to simplify sharing the content.

Daycare Website Builder - Website Design Tips

If you are running a child daycare business, you probably worry a lot about the look of your online facility look. Why is the layout of your site so important? Because parents will decide if they are going to leave their kids with you or go to your competitor.

Many daycare business owners fail because they don’t pay enough attention to their websites. You should think of your daycare website as of the front door to your facility. If it looks beautiful, you’ll increase your revenue.

It’s quite natural that parents spend a lot of time researching all possible daycare, nursery, and school facilities online. You must make an excellent first impression on parents during their online search because it is critical to growing your business.

We recommend you to use only the latest website design trends to blow those parents off their feet. Below we list some of them, which are surely available in our daycare website templates. Be sure to adopt the enumerated features for your childcare website.

Select Mobile-Friendly Daycare Website Templates

No matter how beautiful your website is, it won’t work if it’s not mobile-friendly. We believe responsiveness to be one of the essential features for any website. Google continues to update its algorithms. The new updates prioritize mobile-optimized websites, which means they appear higher in organic search results.

We will give you another good reason to have a mobile-optimized site. Parents are constantly busy, and they are always on the go. Besides, they are likely to believe friends who tell favorable things about your childcare center.

Most probably, parents will review your website on their cell phones. So, you surely want them to see the site that adjusts to their screens, is easy to navigate, and provides all the information they need. All daycare website templates powered by Moto CMS daycare website builder are responsive and cross-browser compatible so that your site will perform well everywhere.

Opt for a Simple Design

Do you like minimalism in home interior design? But minimalism is not only a trend in home decor. It’s a widely popular website design trend. We recommend you to throw out all the unnecessary graphics from the front page and show only essential information. Too many design elements and long texts on the homepage are distracting for visitors who have just landed on your web page.

People don’t read the web page, they skim it. So, make sure that a particular phrase sticks out in each section of your website. People will pick up your keywords and get the gist of what you are trying to say.

Prominent CTA & Striking Testimonials in Daycare Website Templates

What kind of CTAs can you have on your daycare site? For instance, your CTA can prompt the user to check out other parents’ testimonials. Moreover, your CTA can inspire a parent to schedule a tour over the facility or, say, download a brochure. Most of the marketers consider social proof, those effective pieces of content, as one of the most potent tools.

Parents like to share recommendations from each other. They talk to the ones they know and the ones they don’t know. They share their experiences with kids’ products like nanny care formula and daycare centers. Display testimonials on the home page of your site prominently as well as other pages of your website. Daycare website builder is user-friendly, so you can easily cope with the task. It will help parents understand that your childcare center provides a great experience.

Well, thanks to a multiplicity of pre-made pages in MotoCMs daycare website templates, you can place various captivating CTAs and reviews properly.

Stay Up-to-Date with Daycare Website Templates

Update your childcare website with the design tips above. That will help your business stay ahead of the competitors. Additionally, it will ensure that your website is better than other daycare centers in your area.

MotoCMS Daycare Website Builder - Features

The benefit of drag and drop website builder is that you don’t need to know how to code. You can edit your website in visual mode just dragging and dropping elements the way you like. Daycare website templates provide you with such functionality, so it’s safe to say that MotoCMS is the easiest way to create a website even if you are a beginner.

It’s always great to intuitively create a functional website without touching a line of code no matter of your skills. All of us like shortcuts and easy ways. That is why MotoCMS provides a fantastic possibility to drag and drop images, texts, blocks and make them live in a couple of clicks, which is a walk in the park.

Responsive Design

Our daycare website builder allows you to create a responsive website that will work across all known screen sizes. Website creator by MotoCMS was developed with the application of the latest techniques. It allows you to make every page of your website appealing and 100% responsive.

Why is it beneficial for you? Because your site will look amazing on any contemporary device, be it a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. But that’s not all. Your responsive website will get better mobile search ranking.

Lightning-Fast Loading Speed of Daycare Website Templates

Do you like to wait? Nobody likes. Excellent news, the fast loading speed of MotoCMS child care website templates is one of the most significant advantages. All websites powered by MotoCMS daycare website builder load in an instant thanks to the advanced system architecture. It ensures the visitors of your website the best UX, which will increase your sales and boost the conversion.

Integrations and Plugins

Skillful developers of MotoCMS system add new functionality to the latest releases of the admin panel all the time. For instance, they include a new Google Map Pro widget, Advanced Contact Form plugin, Instagram Post widget, new Tile Gallery, Popup widget, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable and Airbnb Booking Integration, and others.

SEO Settings in Daycare Website Builder

Gorgeous layout of your website is not everything you need for success. It will stay unnoticed if you don’t apply the best SEO practices to rank it high. Daycare website builder by MotoCMS offers advanced SEO settings which will help you optimize your website for both bots and humans. All necessary functionality and comprehensive SEO guides for building the proper URLs, meta tags, etc. are provided.

Technical Support & Customer Care

Daycare website templates by MotoCMS are delivered with customer support available for you 24/7. Whether you need help with your website customization or can’t choose a proper template for your business, there is no issue or question that our support fairies cannot help you with.

14-Day Trial Before the Purchase

We encourage you to try our product before closing the deal. Why not? The trial we offer to clients is free. Why are we doing this? Because we are sure that you will like the functionality of MotoCMS daycare website templates. We are also confident that our products are of the highest quality, so you can freely experiment with them, study them inside-out, and do whatever you wish during the trial period. We are sure that you will enjoy the experience.

How to sign up for a free trial? Just pick out a lovely daycare website template and give us a valid email address to send you a link according to your request. Please note, we don't require any payment details, so there is no risk for you. What’s more, you can check as many products as you wish before making the final decision.

Get Started with Daycare Website Builder Today

MotoCMS with its daycare website templates, aims to simplify the entire website creation for you. Each of the products mentioned on this page is your all-in-one solution for building a marvelous website related to kids care. So, grab a perfect template and go online today with MotoCMS!

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