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MotoCMS Review

Thousands of people have come to us for the sake of wonderful website designs. On this page you can get to know their opinion and find reviews to discover how our hard work influenced their business.

It doesn’t matter how good you are if your customers do not come back to you over and over again. MotoCMS has a special attitude to every client and always struggles to do the best. And we are happy that our efforts are not in vain! Such great resources as Trustpilot and Sitejabber fully demonstrate our strengths. Check them below to see what clients say about MotoCMS.

Our Customers Satisfaction Statistics
Said good
Weren’t so sure
Overall goodness
Start 1 Start 2 Start 3 Start 4 Start 5
Community rating 4.9 out of 5
Start 1
Start 1 Start 2 Start 3 Start 4 Start 5
Community rating 4.9 out of 5

MotoCMS testimonials on Trustpilot:

Trustpilot stands as the most trusted source for customer reviews for a long time and that is why people rely on this resource when choosing a product or service. We are full of gratitude that tons of people worldwide mention us as a reliable company and share our website builder reviews on Trustpilot! You are welcome to learn the information from real customers and leave your review.

Frank A Romeo
Working with John Novac
Working with John Novac
This was the Hands-Down BEST experince I ever had with someone from technical support. Not only was treated with respect but John was determined to help me until the problem was solved. I cannot say enough good things about the support. Amazing. Outstanding. I am a fan now and always of the MOTOCMS crew. Thank you John.
Website template issues resolved
Had a couple issues with my template and the technician was super helpful and patient. Amazing!!
Thank you!!
Ron way absolutely brilliant and on…
Ron way absolutely brilliant and on point. He showed me how to make changes using screenshots and short video tutorials. Excellent service.

MotoCMS testimonials on Facebook:

This is not only a social network. Facebook is a huge source of information and a large community that brings value all over the world! Here you can also find MotoCMS review and so learn more about our company and customers satisfaction level.

Art O'Connor
Allow phone support and have a dedicated point of contact. I bought an SEO and Content package in March. As of today June 2 I still have no site. I do have a massive thread of obtuse emails from at least 9 different people filled with jargon and acronyms. IF my site was about terrible service I would have a ton of content.
Nancy D-g
Hello Nick, On the first day of our order, we kindly asked for a full refund and your company has been making fraudulent activity and accusations about us. Refunded us in full by the end of the day. Thank you, Nancy Dahdah Nick Bergman (MotoCMS)Apr 14, 10:05 EDTHello Nancy, Thank you Best regards, Nick Bergman Head of MotoCMS Support Team Unsatisfied with the service? Claim here! You may tell people about your experience with us here: - - - Support Portal -
Tim Bronx
Great service and easy to use software

MotoCMS testimonials on Sitejabber:

If you are not familiar with Sitejabber, you definitely should know that it is an extensive platform for customers’ ratings and reviews. Over 100 000 reviews of different kinds of businesses are posted there and MotoCMS is not an exception. Find out how good we do with the help of versatile MotoCMS testimonials on Sitejabber!

James S.
Good tech support with installation
Purchased template a couple of days ago and tried getting it to work on a local VM but was unable to get it working. Always file/folder permissions problems ( even though permissions were set correctly ). Moved it to live server as instructed by support, but ran into some problems during installation ( initially sql related ). Reached out to support again and they were able to help get it working rather quickly. I am now working with the template, learning the ins and outs of it. Hoping all goes well from here on out.
Kevin L.
Nice customer service and well performing product.
I am profoundly impressed by the customer service and how they called me less than 20 seconds after entering my phone number even if a small network problem hindered us from hearing each other correctly, they quickly offered to continue through the chat and correctly addressed all of my concerns.
As for the product, It is beautiful ,fast and suits all of my eCommerce needs.
I am still in the trial period but I am already convinced it would be a good investment.
Eric B.
Outstanding service
WOW is the first word that comes to mind.
My hosting provider completed an upgrade without telling me and Moto CMS came to the rescue to resolve the issue.
They upgraded my php version and completed other needed tasks to get me back up and running within an hour of me submitting my ticket.

They were so quick and kind when working on my issue.
These folks are world class!

Video testimonials:

We highly praise our clients and as a feedback some of them make videos with MotoCMS review! It is a great way for us not only to make sure they are satisfied and see what exactly they love about us but also to hear their desires for our further development!

MotoCMS Success stories:

A long time ago, MotoCMS was a little project with a huge passion to grow. We remember our path and we are happy that our efforts help other projects to develop and to grow. There are many stories when people underpinned their idea with our products and achieved success! Learn more about them and, who knows, maybe, your success story will be next here!

MotoCMS Product testimonials:

We have already designed over 2500 of templates and it is only the beginning! Learn what customers like about our products, how they use them, and how they help them when making a business.

Why Choose MotoCMS

Being popular, MotoCMS is a kind of business that is not about work, it is about pleasure and hobby. Reputation is a checkpoint of all our actions, we stand for quality, we stand for customers, and that is why we are sure that we have satisfied consumers everywhere! And MotoCMS reviews fully show it up!

What We Actually Produce

Basically, our main product is a fully-featured website builder, which was created to help you build full-fledged websites in a simple way, just as playing with Lego constructor. This website builder comes with a drag & drop functionality and so lets people of all occupations and ages succeed in website building with no need to code. Also, our builder has a comfy admin panel, which was constructed to help you edit a website in little things. If you want to learn more about the main product from our clients, feel free to check website builder reviews above.

All website builder reviews come from a technical side but what about the look? For this reason, we turned our website creator into a big toolbox, which contains the builder as a foundation and also boasts versatile website designs related to multiple kinds of businesses. So, when you look through the products in our catalog, you see gorgeous pre-made designs that contain a powerful website builder inside. It is just like a book with a beautiful cover and a comprehensive filling.

For you to be more familiar with our products and services, we created this MotoCMS review page where you can find a plenty of real and honest MotoCMS testimonials. It will help you to get to know with us not only from a new buyer’s side but also from a side of an experienced user.

We hope that this MotoCMS review page will help you to create your own view about us. We are proud of all website builder reviews here and promise that we are moving onwards and upwards!
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