Create a Beauty Website with Beauty Website Templates

How to create a beauty website that will stand out? What is the most efficient means of attracting your clients? These questions sound discouraging. Though it is too early to give up. Have a look at the best CMS and perfect beauty website templates for a website of your dreams. These beauty templates have all you need to make your business grow on the web.

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MotoCMS Beauty Website Templates to Create a Beauty Website

No doubt, elaborating layouts with these beauty templates won’t leave you indifferent. Choose beauty web template according to your desire to see that your website won’t go unnoticed by the clients. Still, stunning design and impressive variability are not the only strong sides of our beauty website templates collection.

MotoCMS team is aware of the fact that not all talented beauticians possess technical skills to create a beauty website. So, we created a user-friendly beauty salon website builder to assist you. Our convenient admin panel will make the process of a new website building easy and delightful. Besides to make a beauty website, you will need only a few hours! Amazing, isn’t it?

What Are the Best Beauty Website Templates?

All website templates for beauty salons, cosmetic stores, makeup artists, hair care, and skincare from MotoCMS have a striking and feature-rich layout. Beyond that, some designs got the most of customers’ reviews, and we would like to highlight them below.


Crafted specifically for barbershop, Beardy is a professional-looking, premium hair salon website template that lures at a glance. It comes with a captivating design which is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Thus, your future web project made with this template will look amazing on all devices and in all kinds of web browsing tools. Relating to the MotoCMS beauty website templates, this hair salon website design also boasts excellent ready-made content blocks. They will help you to place all the essential information about your salon so to represent your brand in the best light!

Melissa & Lauren

It's a spa salon website template that comes with a well-crafted set of ready-made pages and is completely SEO-friendly. Thus, feel free to customize your website made with this design in detail. Apply diverse widgets, play with colors, and add compelling content!

The design also has a valid coding, clear documentation, and a seamless admin panel which allows you to edit and publish it on the fly. Melissa & Lauren is the best salon and spa website design you can find on the web!


Naillasi is a compelling nail salon website template that belongs to beauty website templates devoted to nail care. It also is a part of MotoCMS premium website templates, which means that is boasts a block-wise editing system and allows you to launch a site effortlessly!

Beautiful design, vivid widgets and integrations, stunning fonts, and premade blocks make this template a perfect match for building a world-class nail art web page. You can try out the full potential of this nail salon website design by requesting a two-week free trial.

Barber Shop

This is a mobile-friendly barbershop website template with a clean and minimalist, but catchy layout. It is the best website design for a men’s hair care website. Thanks to a variety of pre-designed pages, you can provide all the details about your personality as a professional barber.

Furthermore, a Color Picker tool will help to design the color palette of your site with all your creative ideas in mind. The template comes with a user-friendly website composer that boasts drag-and-drop editing. So, you can create a full-fledged site for the beauty services you provide code-free!


Prestige is one of beauty website templates that amazes from the first sight. It's an exquisite beauty salon website design that has a dark but compelling color palette. The design is responsive and intuitive so that the workflow with this template will be easy and fast.

Grab this website template for beauty salon, and you will understand why so many clients love it for their salon businesses. Prestige has a bunch of impressive features that will help you to create an unforgettable online presence!

How to Create a Beauty Website with Ease?

On the top of this, you will be able to enjoy our handy widgets, advanced SEO solution, and 24/7 technical support service. If you want to create a beauty blog – you won’t have any difficulty with our blog building tools. Of course, you will also have an opportunity to grow your audience by sharing your content on social networks thanks to MotoCMS beauty website templates.

Hopefully, these arguments are enough to persuade you that our designer websites are the most attractive way to present your beauty business online. Do not hesitate to launch a 14-day free demo version of any beauty expo website template to check it out yourself!


The first thing one should pay attention to while choosing the one from beauty website templates for any beauty establishment or subtopic is the appearance of it. MotoCMS beauty web templates are designed with an exquisite taste using a harmonious combination of colors and taking into account modern web design trends.

The beautiful color palette and spectacular galleries will help you to demonstrate your talent or capacity of your institution to the fullest. However, they differ significantly depending on the topic they are devoted to.

Appropriate Look

For instance, a tattoo website template usually has a dark background with bright elements and extraordinary fonts. A spa website design, on the contrary, should have a calm palette and pleasant huge background pictures.

The control panel is equipped with an extensive media library, where you can upload your attractive images for their further publication on a website. You can create as many photo galleries as you need, and all of them will be unique because of the variety of gallery designs that MotoCMS with its beauty website templates offers you.

Magnificent Colors

Most people are eager to be healthy and beautiful though some of them don’t admit it. That is why beauty services have always been in demand. So, nothing is surprising about the lion’s share of them found online nowadays. If you feel like helping people become more beautiful and you are ready to share your knowledge with them, starting your beauty website is a great idea. But a considerable amount of the existing beauty websites may be a problem.

What is more, our beauty website templates are pre-equipped with a powerful Color Picker tool, which allows you to change color palette easily up to their taste and fashion tendencies. If you are not satisfied with the colors selected by our pro developers, you can change them without trouble applying this useful tool. Experience the real magic of designing your color palette!

Effective Representation

Large images scrolling in sliders create an attractive presentation of the products or beauty services and set the website aim correctly. The visual content dominates over the text as there are many images of the interior of your salon or other beauty establishments.

The navigation bar is usually compact and convenient as well as all buttons working well on all beauty website templates. There is also a spot for placing your clients' feedback, which raises the trust of clients. Therefore you can create a beauty website that makes your brand by glare on the web!

Beauty Website Templates - MotoCMS Features

The most comprehensive choice is offered to you in the category of beauty salons and artists’ portfolios, though it is incredibly easy to make the beauty product website design and content you need based on any beauty website which is to your liking. How is it possible? It is not at all challenging due to the intuitive website builder and comprehensive admin builder in all our beauty website templates.

Topical Kinds

Actually, the following topics and purposes can be covered by our beauty web templates:

  • skincare website;
  • hair salon online presence and hair stylist portfolio;
  • cosmetic introduction or advertisement and cosmetics estore;
  • tattoo parlor website;
  • spa & wellness salon page;
  • barbershop or individual barber website;
  • nail salon online presence and nail artist portfolio;
  • makeup artist portfolio;
  • massage therapy and spa resort website;
  • beauty products online store and organic goods e-shop;
  • sauna website;
  • alternative medicine therapies website, including acupuncture and homeopathy.

So, meet the best health and beauty website designs from MotoCMS, which will let you create a beauty website effortlessly.

Comprehensive Website Builder

Our elegant beauty web templates are created to save your precious time and money. Their main advantage is the authoritative website builder. Equipped with the pre-made pages and the drag-and-drop website creator, our beauty website templates will help you launch a successful visual representation of your beauty parlor or salon.

With the friendly and manageable drag-and-drop website composer that comes with all beauty web templates, you will enjoy (re)organizing the layout of your future website the way you want. With its help, you can customize any content block within seconds just moving and changing content blocks as a child does it with a kids constructor.

This way you can create a beauty website to make your competitors envious or help your future clients start a successful journey in the beauty world today!

The Admin Panel

Once you opt for MotoCMS, you are given the full control over the great admin panel. What is more, the admin panel of these premium beauty website templates is unbelievably user-friendly. So, you can redesign the whole beauty website anytime you feel like it. All the steps taken are simple and understandable.

So you don’t need any special programming, coding, or web designing skills to create your first site devoted to beauty. It is non-difficult to edit, add or delete any element of design. Even functional features can be changed if you need it. This characteristic will 100% facilitate the process of starting your e-store or beauty website.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The 100% responsivity and the many content blocks make beauty website templates the ideal choice to create a beauty website for any beauty establishment. Move, change, and design all the website elements in the blink of the eye to create an atmosphere full of elegance and style! Due to cross-browser compatibility, templates will look equally great in all the browsers, no matter which you prefer.

Responsivity of Beauty Website Templates

Why is responsiveness so important? Let’s take, for instance, a tattoo salon. All modern tattoo salons need a professional website. A tattoo is a unique art product, and your site has to reflect the fact that you know it visually. What is more, all the beauty should be of the same quality on all the modern devices including laptops of different screen resolutions, tablets, PCs, and mobile phones.

What if a person wants to look through a portfolio of a tattoo artist or choose a design on the go? MotoCMS beauty website templates are ready for that! They will not lose quality on any device possible. So, we offer you to test our impressive tattoo website design or any other theme out of the list of beauty templates!

Stunning Galleries

Eye-catching galleries also contribute to drawing your website visitors, whereas blog pages with a rich interface will keep your visitors updated in the latest beauty trends. The sliders are also filled with excellent images. There are separate blocks with photos. Most of the beauty website templates contain a grid-based catalog of images on the homepage too.

Besides, a separate gallery page can be quickly filled with the inspiring images and descriptions of the beauty items you offer. If you need more – add other gallery widgets in the admin panel! Don’t forget about the variety of outstanding features like a bunch of Google fonts, different button and menu presets, pre-installed video and audio players, tabs, managed just by dragging the objects from the widgets tab of the control panel.

Niche-Perfect Pages

With MotoCMS beauty website templates, you will also be impressed with cute social buttons. They say that customers first look and then buy, so we at MotoCMS did everything for your future beauty website to look beautiful and not irritate your clients with any tiny element.

Stylish stock photos, perfectly chosen text fonts and website color ornament will make your beauty website more popular, multiply the number of your visitors, and increase your profit rate.

There are separate pages for services, products, and contacts, which is convenient. You can also edit the original look of any beauty products website design or make the one from scratch, using a bunch of helpful widgets and tools.


What if you feel the need for some extra functionality to create a beauty website? Everything is possible with MotoCMS beauty website templates! Due to the seven categories of handy widgets, you will find in most of our beauty templates (e.g., social, media, blogging, gallery widgets, etc.), your website will function like no other. Use this unique chance to start your own online company with minimal investments or to create a beauty blog which does not resemble any other on the web.

Handy Widgets

Want to share your vision of beauty or fashion with the whole world? Not sure which beauty template to choose if you don’t have coding skills? We have a perfect and trouble-free solution! Packed with different widgets, our beauty website templates are a reliable tool for managing your online blog, store, or studio at ease.

For example, let your customers know where your studio is located via Google Map. Use Google Analytics to track your progress and see how many clients are attracted to your website every day, week, and month.


The widgets like social media, video, and a contact form help you to enlarge your clientele in the blink of the eye. In all beauty website templates, there is an opportunity to create a beauty website with a blog. It can be the essence of your site or just a part of it which will attract new customers with exciting articles containing beauty advice or reviews of favorite cosmetics and trendy stuff.

Write posts about your special offers and publish them on your blog. The blog can also be used to share your experience of running a successful studio or salon. Remember, that thanks to the blogging functionality, you can attract prospective customers and inform loyal clients about your special offers to make them stay with your company longer or get your service more often.

Social Media

With our beauty website templates, you may also build your online audience and encourage discussions via the Disqus widget. With MailChimp, you can make sure that your loyal customers stay well-informed about all the special offers and new products. There is also a handy tool which can connect all your social network accounts to your beauty blog or online store.

So, customers will feel comfortable visiting your pages on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. You should also use these social media widgets to the fullest. If used properly, they can guarantee a constant increase in your client base worldwide.


Also, you can propagate your website through the whole web, thanks to well-optimized template coding and included powerful SEO tools. If you have already started an excellent beauty site, you should think about its SEO indicators. Our beauty website templates boast handy search engine optimization options that enable adjusting your site to appear on the top of SERP. Make your choice and create a beauty website today!

Beauty E-Store

People seem to care a great deal about their health and beauty these days. Probably this is the reason why beauty e-stores are the it-thing nowadays. If you also want to help customers on their way to a healthy lifestyle, then launching a beauty website is worth a try.

With MotoCMS beauty website templates, you do not have to be a web design guru to launch and maintain a profitable beauty estore on your own. What you have to do, though, is to register a free two-week trial. Just fill in your email address and get the immediate access to the admin panel of the best website design. Yes, it is simple.

Ecommerce Features

Furthermore, with our beauty website templates, you also get a bunch of wonderful tools needed to create a beauty website with an excellent e-store. For instance, you can demonstrate that you respect your clients’ time by adding various product filters. With their help, every product on your list could be found in the blink of an eye. One more key feature of most of our beauty templates for e-commerce is the variety of payment methods it offers.

Giving your customers a chance to choose a payment gateway means a lot in the turbulent modern world, as we all know. You can choose from the list of manual payment, 2Checkout, PayPal Express, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, QuickPay, etc., at your disposal. The menu of your beauty e-store will be logical and will draw immediate attention to the assortment.

Live Demo

With our responsive beauty website templates, your business is in strong hands. It does sound promising. Watch the live demo of any massage website template you like and realize how great it is.

In this demo, you can see what your future website will look like right away. When viewing the live demo, you will also notice how well the layout and the content are organized to suit any beauty website. It is excellent news because you are not buying a pig in a poke!

Free Trial Version

As you are an expert in the sphere of beauty service, you may feel the need to try the favored beauty website templates before purchase. If you didn’t get enough details about our beauty templates, feel free to register a 14-day trial to see more information about what is inside of every theme.

Certainly, it is given to you entirely for free. To get it, you need only to have an email or social account. In case you want to make sure that everything is the way it should, test it out. During this period, you will use a template with full functionality and so can examine all the features.

24/7 Support

In fact, the moment when you register a trial version is also when you are going to get to know your assistant who will work with you 24/7 for free while you are personalizing your beauty website templates. It does sound great. Our support agents are well-prepared to any questions you may have or to any assistance you may need.

Moreover, they are available at any time and through all possible communication channels, including e-mails and a live chat. Choose the one which fits you best! Moreover, there is an effective Help Center where you can get to know with MotoCMS products and submit your request.

Seamless Workflow

It will take you less than the trial period to create an attention-grabbing website for your business. Yes, even if you know next to nothing about the web design. Our beauty website templates contain all necessary tools to reflect the spirit of beauty establishments or demonstrate the assortment.

In two weeks or less, you will get a fully-functional website of your dreams without the need for hiring programmers and website designers. If you buy the chosen skincare website template within the trial period, all the changes you made to the project will be saved for sure. If you don’t do that there is still a chance to buy the preferred theme or to choose the other one and try a demo period once more. Take your time and choose a template which fits you best!

Best Beauty Website Templates - Create a Beauty Website of Your Dreams

As you can see, it has never been easier to create beauty website! Browse the collection of beauty web templates and pick the one that appeals to you the most. In case you’re stuck with anything, feel free to contact our tech support team. They are more than happy to assist you with this piece of software that can help you to create and update the site of your dreams.

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