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Welcome to the broad assortment of feature-rich beauty salon website templates from MotoCMS. Thanks to the reliable and user-friendly beauty salon website builder in the core, you will experience a fast, smooth, and useful website construction yourself with no coding at all!

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Beauty Salon Website Builder from MotoCMS

The beauty industry is broad, and various salons offering professional care and wellness services take a significant place in the entire niche. Every customer wants to find the best location and a specialist with extensive expertise to entrust one’s health and beauty. That is why this industry is a high-competitive one, which forces you to do comprehensive market research and create an original business strategy to enter the niche with dignity.

MotoCMS beauty salon website builder is your lifesaver if you want to stand out with your beauty establishment and open yourself to a source of new clients. With beauty website templates powered by MotoCMS, you will be able to enhance your business with a prosperous online presence on your own, with no need to hire outside experts. So, examine the advantages of MotoCMS and browse the collection of beauty salon website templates to pick the design for your beauty project!

User-Centered Beauty Salon Website Builder

We offer you the all-in-one solution that allows you to create stunning web page right in your favorite web browser. You do not need any proficiency in design or development as MotoCMS drag and drop website builder has everything you need to deal with the website creation yourself.

You get a tool which enables you to create a website by managing various blocks and filling them with widgets and content only. No technical background is required at all. The entire workflow with beauty salon website templates is smooth as you also get a convenient admin panel featuring with helpful tutorials and guidance.

Multiple Customization Options

Thanks to the control panel of beauty salon website builder, you get access to the variety of editing opportunities that allow you to personalize the ready-made beauty salon website design and go live efficiently. Thus, feel free to play with the color palette, modify pages, apply widgets, whatever, in a few clicks. Everything is easy-customizable for your comfort.

Top-Notch Beauty Salon Website Templates

The collection of beauty salon web templates boasts multiple responsive, well-documented, and outstanding website designs that will help you to represent your business on the web accurately. Each tanning salon website template has an unusual look that will surely draw visitors to your web page. Moreover, all designs have a lightning-fast installation process, SEO-friendly nature, set of pre-made pages, and other features for your online business success.

In this collection of MotoCMS beauty salon website builder templates, you will find the perfect solutions for:

  • barbershops and hair salons;
  • makeup and nail artists;
  • massage & spa salons and tanning centers;
  • tattoo artists, etc.

Additionally, each nail salon website template is fully-editable and so feel free to customize it according to your requirements.

Blog Option

Well, no doubt, blogging is an excellent way to capture visitors and stick them to your website. Furthermore, it is also a great promotional tool for your beauty business. There is a thing that you will surely love about MotoCMS beauty salon website templates - the blog functionality.

It means that choosing any spa salon website template, you have an opportunity to enhance your web page with a fully-featured blog. Use it to advise clients on the best spa services, explain the essentials of procedures you provide, and more. With the help of beauty salon website builder, you also will be able to customize the blog up to your taste.

Widgets and Integrations

MotoCMS beauty salon website templates have multiple widgets, tools, and modules which you can use to enrich your beauty web page with advanced functionality. For example, if you take a close look at any hair salon website design, you will see that it allows you to add an Appointment by Acuity Scheduling widget. It will help clients book appointments for your beauty parlor services directly on your website.

There are also many other tools that will help you to create gorgeous galleries, represent services with captivating slides, spice up your website with eye-grabbing images from Unsplash, connect your social accounts, and even more. All these add-ons are available on the admin panel of MotoCMS beauty salon website builder.

Two-Week Test for Beauty Salon Website Templates

Well, we understand that buying digital products differs from the goods you can touch and examine with your own hands. Thus, MotoCMS offers you a 14-day free trial period for any tattoo studio website template powered by beauty salon website builder.

Feel free to check any of the beauty salon website templates, get to know the website creator and control panel, and even make a mockup of your future web page. During the trial, we store all your edits so you could get the design containing all your changes after your trial has expired. Nevertheless, please, notice, that we will not keep your modifications if you do not proceed with the payment after the free trial.

Worthwhile Technical Support

If you need any help with the beauty salon website builder or need a recommendation concerning the beauty salon website templates, our support agents are always at your disposal. Not only MotoCMS professionals can guide your workflow, but also can help you with any question or issue you might face on the way to a perfect web page. There is also a Help Center, where you can submit your formal request, take advantage of helpful users’ guides, and join the MotoCMS community.

Beauty Salon Website Builder - Website Must-Haves

There are some essentials that you have to consider before publishing your beauty salon website online. MotoCMS with its exquisite beauty salon website templates created for you kind of checklist that you surely need to follow to achieve your business goals and make your beauty salon website flourish.

Mobile Version

The thing is that the professional-looking and fully-functional desktop version of your website is not a privilege anymore. For now, it has to be optimized on default. That is why we decided to remind you about the mobile one. The number of searches made from mobile devices only grows up. Thus, if your web page is not ready to meet and draw visitors from multiple devices, you will lose the game.

Beauty salon website templates from MotoCMS beauty salon website builder are mobile-friendly right from the outset. It means that you can create a full-fledged web page that looks gorgeous and performs well on any device.


As far as the niche is a high-competitive one, you should perform a decent search engine optimization to stand out among others. So, collect the site of your competitors, analyze the keywords they attempt to target and create a personal keyword map that will work for your web page. Beauty salons provide services in specific areas. Thus, ponder choosing queries that contain a particular location you want to cover and add your beauty salon to Google My Business.

Optimize your website with meta tags and create unique, interesting content enhanced with accurate keyword phrases for the website pages. If you are unfamiliar with something, use a search engine optimization guide from MotoCMS professionals.

Keep in mind that beauty salon website templates from MotoCMS boast a default set of SEO options that will help you to configure your website precisely right from the get-go.

Loading Speed

Also, do not forget about the loading speed of your web page as it could make visitors close the site right after the entrance. Well, no one wants to waste time waiting for something unknown. Consequently, make sure your website has a cruising speed of load both on mobile and desktop devices. To avoid the site’s overload, examine and compress your images and use only significant add-ons. You can always check current loading speed of your site via the PageSpeed Insights.

Fortunately, all beauty salon website templates you can see on this page are rapid and allow you to create a particular web page with proper loading speed.

Comfy Way of Connection

It doesn’t matter what kind of beauty salon you’re operating, any online representation should contain contact information and solutions for a quick getting in touch. Whether it is a tool for online booking, a live chat, instant callback, whatever, your clients will surely appreciate it at a glance.

Moreover, consider showcasing the essential info or a call-to-action to connect on the front so visitors can reach you immediately after having in mind to choose the beauty services you provide. For example, beauty salon website builder templates by MotoCMS are enhanced with all the essentials that will help clients not only to find you but also to get in touch with you effortlessly.

Our collection of beauty salon website templates has Google Map, contact and subscription forms, tools for online booking and scheduling, etc. Additionally, there is also an Advanced Contact Form plugin that you can get on-cart with any beauty web template.

Compelling CTA

Well, the call-to-action is the best way to persuade customers to make a target move kindly. The thing is that each page of your website should contain at least one powerful CTA. The main point here is to keep things logical so to navigate the user to the action the one surely wants to take on the specific page of your beauty salon website templates.

For example, if it is a homepage, consider adding a catchy CTA button that will help users to book an appointment. You can also add another call-to-action suggestion to take a look at the portfolio of your salon or a button to get in touch with you, whatever. With beauty salon website builder, you can play with effective CTA the way you like as the structure of any skincare website template is so intuitive that you will see where is necessary to place the appropriate CTA at a glance.

Real Photos

For sure, stock images are high as people on them usually look perfect. However, stock photos do not build trust, especially in the sphere of beauty where potential clients want to see real works and people. Therefore, try to minimize the number of stock imagery on your website or even consider removing them altogether.

Instead, make some shots of the original workflow in your salon to represent the pleasant atmosphere that hovers at your place. It will give a professional look to your business and will surely help you to create a good reputation. Just make sure the images you want to upload to your beauty salon website templates have good lighting and high quality.


Social proof is paramount as it can boost your reputation and draw more new clients to your beauty salon. Hence, do not ignore to post clients' reviews on your website. You can do it by adding them to your home page or even creating a separate page on your site. It will help visitors to get to know the level of quality and expertise of your salon and make the final decision in your favor.

By the way, each massage website template from MotoCMS beauty salon website templates comes with a set of pre-made pages. Thus, you can use one of them to create a place for testimonials representation. Moreover, with a beauty salon website builder, it is also easy to compose a completely new page for customers feedback. Thanks to multiple widgets and editing options, you can customize this page according to your preferences.

Salon Style

To succeed with your beauty services website, you need to make yourself recognizable and original. And the point is not only in beautiful logo design or website’s color scheme. It is also about a complete pack of elements related to a proper brand showcase. Your site should look like a masterpiece with an exquisite appearance that shows us in detail. Consider creating one style for everything: content, fonts, blog writing, etc.

If it is pretty challenging for you, take a look at beauty salon website templates powered by MotoCMS. All the templates have an accurate, niche-perfect design that will help you to stand out with your beauty salon on the web.


For sure, your existing customers know the quality of services you provide and the proficiency of your team. However, the potential ones have no idea how the workflow goes, how long your salon is in the industry, etc. Hence, you surely need to specify an eye-grabbing About page that will contain all the info about your beauty establishment.

Tell your story in the layout of the beauty salon website templates, mention your approach essentials, showcase the vision, represent your majestic team, and more. For example, go to the admin panel of the chosen salon and spa website design and set up a proper page to introduce your salon with elegance and passion.

You can also create a separate page for the team of beauty specialists who perform their artworks in your salon. Use the beauty salon website templates to create and customize that page correctly. Just stay creative and sincere, and add engaging media to win the visitor’s trust and friendly attitude.

Salons’ Social Life

Beauty salon website builder offered by MotoCMS has plenty of handy social widgets which allow you to connect your official salon’s web page with your social accounts. As social media is a powerful tool for brand growth, you surely have to take part in it by creating social profiles on various popular platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

It will help you to boost your business and get some social traffic to your website. Update your social profiles with relevant posts about upcoming beauty workshops, salon’s news, the armory of new products and technologies that you are going to use to provide excellent service to clients, whatever. Create new content on an ongoing basis, and you will see how the awareness of your brand raises and brings you a steady flow of new customers.

MotoCMS Beauty Salon Website Builder - Extras

We also suggest a number of additional services that you can get on-cart purchasing any makeup artist website template. For example, if you are not familiar with content creation, you can request web copywriting services to let our content wizards empower your beauty website with engaging texts.

In case, you would like to discover the SEO improvements you need to apply for your web page, get the SEO audit service performed by our experts. MotoCMS with its beauty salon website templates can professionally cover you in template installation and customization, hosting services, on-page SEO optimization, logo creation, social media brand establishing, Google Ad campaign creation, MailChimp email campaign launch, etc. Pick a favorable beauty salon website builder template and see all the services suggestions in your shopping cart.

Best Beauty Salon Website Builder - Start Today

As you can see, MotoCMS beauty salon website templates have everything you need to create, update, and operate your website efficiently. Thanks to the drag and drop interface, a collection of stunning widgets, and a bundle of top-notch, outstanding designs, you will experience the easiest and the most enjoyable website construction ever!

If you need any help or assistance, feel free to contact us at any time. We are always waiting for you in a live chat or via email and phone. By the way, we update the entire assortment of templates with new goodies regularly. Thus, you will inevitably pick the most appealing beauty salon website templates that will ideally correspond to your business needs. We hope that our solutions will make your salons prosper online!

So, choose beauty salon website builder that aims to help you succeed and go online with a beauty services website that compels!

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