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MotoCMS presents Free Templates that are designed especially for non-profit and charity organizations. Using these templates anyone can spread important information online, find volunteers and collect donations. It would be an honor for our team to be a part of creating informative websites for charitable purposes.
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Please Note: MotoCMS reserves the right to deactivate your website license if you use one of these free templates not for charitable purposes.
Benefits of MotoCMS free html5 templates
Built-in Admin Panel
Edit and customize your website without any technical skills by using user-friendly admin panel MotoCMS user-friendly admin panel gives you a full control of the website data. Your could easy edit & customize your website without technical skills.
Lightning Fast
Through using the progressive technology, the websites built on MotoCMS load in the blink of an eye.
100% Responsive
You create one website that will automatically adjust to any screen resolution.
With the set of SEO tools, you can easily add the metadata to each page of your website.
Social Media Tools
Professional tools for social media promotion give you the opportunity to grow your website audience through the social media channel.
Useful Widgets
Increase your website functionality easily by adding one of the built-in widgets: grid and carousel galleries, audio player, video widget, google maps & more.
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Free Tutorial
If you don't know how to build your responsive website, sign up for the MotoCMS free email course and learn how to create your own website in 5 days.
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Free eBooks
Download free MotoCMS eBooks and find useful information on how to build an online brand, increase your website's search rankings, create an email and advertising campaign, and promote your business on social media channel.
Use free HTML5 templates for your responsive website

Do you want to create a perfect web page design without spending a small fortune of money? Then you are in the right place because this collection of free HTML5 website templates by MotoCMS can help achieve your goals.

For starters, let's go to the basics and find out how free HTML5 templates differ from the premium ones. You might have some doubts concerning their quality and design. However, we can say right from the start that the free templates on this page have all features of any responsive one page website and full functionality. The only reason why we have released them free is to help charity organizations and other startups go online while having a limited budget. Sounds cool, right?

One more thing that often makes people uncertain is whether they will be skilled enough to build one page website without any professional help. Well, with MotoCMS website builder that is not a problem at all. One of our noble principles is to make all our one page HTML5 website templates user-friendly. That`s why we have incorporated a drag and drop feature which is aimed at easy content and layout editing.

Summing up all the above mentioned, we can come to the conclusion that free HTML5 templates are outstanding products that can make your web page design rock. All that remains is to choose yours and launch your awesome one page website right now!
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