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Need an Expert Google Ads Service for Successful PPC Campaigns?

Want to get the maximum of your existing or upcoming digital advertising campaigns? MotoCMS Google AdWords service is the very thing you need to turn your dreams into reality!

A well-organized PPC campaign is a reliable, cost-effective way of driving the right traffic to your website. Whether you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to create and manage your campaign, our Google Ads service can help. We have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing advertising. We know which ads, keywords, targeted audience, and bid strategy to use to increase your conversion rate. With our Google Ads customer service, you’ll raise your brand awareness, generate leads, drive sales, and beat your competitors easily.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your running campaign performance

  • Right conversion goals and bidding strategy

  • Highly convincing geo-targeted and scheduled ads

  • Languages:

    English, Russian

  • CMS:


  • ETA:

    5-10 business days depending on the requested Google Ads service

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Benefits of MotoCMS Google Ads Customer Service

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Thorough Google Ads Account Analysis

Thorough Google Ads Account Analysis

We carefully review your existing advertising account to find out the ways to improve your Google Ads campaign management. With our PPC advertising service, you get detailed recommendations that let you increase the conversion rate.

Right Conversion Goals

Right Conversion Goals

We learn as much as possible about your company to fully understand your expectations and budget you are ready to invest. We help you set clear conversion goals to move your campaign in the right direction avoiding undesired delays.

Highly-Relevant Keywords

Highly-Relevant Keywords

We conduct extensive keyword research to find the keywords with the best potential for your specific business needs. We determine the most relevant ones that will definitely bring you customers and guarantee the success of your campaign.

Powerful Adverts Content

Powerful Adverts Content

With our Google Ads service, your adverts will not only be based on the relevant keywords. They will also stand out for their appealing titles and convincing original texts capable of making potential customers click on your ad without hesitation.

Varied Ads   Extensions

Varied Ads Extensions

We add various extensions to improve ads performance by giving your potential customers more reasons to click. Our PPC campaign management service offers the creation of any extensions from location and site link to affiliate and price ones.

Precise Geo-Targeting & Ad Scheduling

Precise Geo-Targeting & Ad Scheduling

We target and schedule your ads accurately following your business goals. With our Google Ads management service, your adverts will appear only in front of your potential customers in certain locations on specific days and time.

Helpful Remarketing Tag

Helpful Remarketing Tag

We implement a remarketing tag allowing you to reconnect with customers who visited your site but didn’t take action. Our Google AdWords service will help you turn your window shoppers into real buyers to increase your income.

Meticulous Tracking & Optimization

Meticulous Tracking & Optimization

Our Google Ads customer service includes 7-day campaign management after its creation. We intensively monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign performance to find ways for improvements to achieve maximum results.

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Google Ads Service Milestones - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details

    As soon as you order a Google AdWords management service, we ask you to answer several basic questions to specify your business needs, expectations, and budget. Also, we ask you to give us access to your Google AdWords Account. In case you don’t have one, we create it for you.

  2. Competitive Research & Setting Conversion Goals

    We take time to understand your industry and its leading players. We research and analyze the digital advertising strategy of your competitors’ campaigns to make our Google Ads service more efficient. Next, we set clear conversion goals that you approve.

  3. Google AdWords Campaign Creation

    Our Google Ads management service experts do thorough keyword research and create ad groups (3 adverts in each). Then, we add extensions and negative keywords, apply geotargeting and scheduling. We also implement a remarketing tag on your site and link AdWords Account to Google Analytics.

  4. Careful Measurement, Analysis, & Final Report

    After we launch your campaign, we don’t sit back. Our Google Ads service provides your campaign management for 7 business days. We track the progress consistently, monitor conversion, and make improvements if necessary. Finally, we send you a detailed report on your campaign performance.

Google AdWords Service Pricing

Google Analytics Setup Service

Google Analytics Setup Service


  • Google Analytics setup and integration;

  • Google Tag Manager setup and integration;

  • Connecting Google Search Console;

  • Google Ads integration (if you have);

  • Events and goals configuration;

  • User interaction configuration;

  • Remarketing audiences setup.

Google Ad Campaign Creation

Google Ad Campaign Creation


  • conversion goals creation

  • highly-relevant keywords research

  • target audience list research & creation

  • ads copywriting

  • campaign creation & setup

  • conversion tracking setup

  • extensions creation

  • negative keywords list creation

  • 7-days campaign management after its launch

Google AdWords Campaign Management Services

Google AdWords Campaign Management Services


  • Paid campaign analysis and improvement;

  • Keyword research and planning;

  • Budget analysis;

  • Competitor review;

  • Website analysis and optimization;

  • Google Ads campaign set up;

  • Google ad copy creation & testing;

  • Conversion rate analysis;

  • Google Analytics review;

  • Keyword bid adjustments;

  • A/B testing;

  • Detailed monthly report.

Google Shopping Campaign Setup Service

Google Shopping Campaign Setup Service


  • set up a Google Merchant Center and a Google Ads accounts;

  • set up GTM, Google Analytics;

  • collect and input your product data feed;

  • set up conversion tracking tag;

  • set up and collect dynamic remarketing audience;

  • create a Google Shopping campaign;

  • place bids, targets, schedule on the Shopping campaign;

  • build products ads groups;

  • add negative keyword list;

Google AdWords Pack

Google AdWords Pack


  • conversion goals creation

  • Google AdWords Account creation

  • linking AdWords Account to Google Analytics

  • highly-relevant keywords research

  • target audience list research & creation

  • ads copywriting

  • banner set design with custom content (16 images)

  • 2 search campaigns creation

  • remarketing tag implementation

  • 1 display remarketing campaign creation

  • 7-days campaign management after its launch

Google AdWords Account Audit

Google AdWords Account Audit


  • Google AdWords Account analysis

  • campaign quality score review

  • CTR measurement

  • negative keywords revision

  • highly-relevant keywords research

  • target audience list revision

  • bid strategy analysis

  • detailed pdf report

  • recommendation on account & campaigns optimization


What types of digital advertising campaigns do you audit?

AdWords Account Audit includes all types of advertising campaigns (search, video, Gmail, social media, and product ones), ad groups, and settings of your AdWords account.

Do you check AdWords account & Google Analytics linking errors?

Yes. During the audit, we verify the correct setup of your AdWords account and right linking to other Google services.

Can you make all necessary changes to AdWords Account after its audit?

Yes. Our Google Ads service includes an offer on AdWords Account Optimization. The proposal involves complete optimization of existing campaigns, negative keywords implementation, optimization of ads to increase CTR, adding new highly-conversion search inquiries, target audience list research, and creation. The service takes up to 7 business days and costs $150.

Do you launch video campaigns?

Yes. Alongside with Google AdWords management service, you can order video campaign creation. The service includes YouTube channel creation, advertising campaign design and setup, target audience list research and creation, conversion goals set-up, complete campaign optimization, 7-day management after its launch. The service takes up to 5 business days and costs $99 in case you provide video materials for the campaign. If you want, we can create videos ourselves for an additional price.

Do you create other advertising campaigns?

Certainly. With our Google Ads service, you can get all possible types of digital advertising campaigns on your request.

Can you offer advertising campaigns for online store promotion?

Of course. We can launch product campaigns and manage them for 7 days. The service takes up to 10-15 business days after you provide all the necessary details.

Do you manage advertising campaigns after their creation?

Yes. We offer monthly AdWords Account Management service. It includes optimization of the running advertising campaigns, design & launch of new campaigns, A/B testing of existing campaigns for increasing conversion. This PPC management service is available for 1 month in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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Antoine Fraser

When we wanted to run a Google AdWords campaign, we didn’t know much about how to do it effectively. We’d already dealt with the MotoCMS team to get our website optimized for SEO. So, we decided to entrust them our campaign creation, and it was the right decision. With MotoCMS Google AdWords service, our clientele has grown several times within a month, which let us start expanding our company.

Walter Hall

I tried to promote my online store using Google Ads for a couple of months with almost no results. I understood that I had no chance to succeed without expert advice and ordered Google Ads Account Audit from MotoCMS. I got an exhaustive report with valuable recommendations in no time. They helped me optimize my campaign by making it max targeted. Am I satisfied with the results now? I’m ready to jump for joy!

Eva Ryan

I’d like to express sincere gratitude to MotoCMS for their professionalism and attitude to clients. From the very start, I felt that they understood what my business needed. Besides, these guys were always friendly and patient every time I had questions. Their Google Ads service proved to be really helpful. My ads bring me new subscribers regularly and ensure the stability of my business.

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