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Need an Expert Email Campaign Creation?

If you need to launch a successful email campaign – you’ve hit the right place.

Launch a high-flying email campaign for your business with the help of MotoCMS professionals. Whatever your needs are, we'll come up with the best email solution for you. Our email campaign services include 1 email campaign creation using MailChimp service. We’ll help you with your project and launch your email campaign.

  • Professional email campaign services

  • Thorough text and design revision

  • Expert email campaign launching

  • Languages:

    English, Russian, Ukrainian

  • CMS:


  • ETA:

    up to 10 business days

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Benefits of MotoCMS MailChimp Customer Service

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Professional MailChimp Campaign

Professional MailChimp Campaign

We’ll provide the best email campaign services for your business to meet your needs.

Knowledgeable Project Review

Knowledgeable Project Review

Our email marketing expert reviews your project and helps to segment your audience.

High-standard Email Content

High-standard Email Content

We’ll produce unique content and design for your business with regard to your requirements.

Careful Text and Design Revision

Careful Text and Design Revision

Our team will provide the text and design for your thorough revision and approval.

Qualified Campaign Launching

Qualified Campaign Launching

We provide only unique and original content that will help your brand grow and succeed.

Email Campaign Report

Email Campaign Report

We’ll analyze the campaign after its launching to make you a convincing report.

Superior Quality at Affordable Price

Superior Quality at Affordable Price

We’ll provide you with effective MailChimp customer service at a reasonable price.

Fast Release and Order Completion

Fast Release and Order Completion

Our experts will complete your order and launch your email campaign as soon as possible.

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Offer Milestones - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details

    When you place your order, our team will contact you to find out your specific requests. We’ll need to clarify what type of campaign you need and what your expectations are. Also, you’ll need to give us your MailChimp account details because we provide a MailChimp campaign. If you haven’t got a MailChimp account, our experts will instruct you on how to get it.

  2. Strategy Analysis and Campaign Mockup

    When we know your requirements, we’ll analyze your current email strategy. After the analysis, our experts will help you to create a targeted email list. Also, our team will be able to provide your new email campaign mockup. We’ll give you the campaign mockup for a thorough revision. When you approve the mockup, we’ll be ready to start designing your MailChimp marketing campaign.

  3. Campaign Design and Content Writing

    Email campaign creation includes making a design of the email and writing the content. Our experts are ready to use their creativity to develop the best possible email for your campaign. We’ll develop catchy subject lines and include the best calls-to-action. When the design and text are ready, our team will send them to you for your approval. If any changes are needed, we’ll make one revision of the email.

  4. Email Campaign Creation and Launching

    When everything is settled, our professionals will create and launch your campaign. Your customers will start getting your unique emails and reading relevant information.

  5. Accurate Data Measuring and Analysis

    In 2-3 days after sending the email, our MailChimp services suppose receiving and analyzing data. Our professional team wants to make sure that the campaign is successful. We’ll use various marketing tools to track the progress and evaluate the results of the campaign. You can be sure that we won’t leave you the moment we have launched your campaign.

Choose Your Plan

Email Campaign Creation

Email Campaign Creation


  • 1 email campaign

  • business niche analysis

  • content creation

  • email design

  • campaign launching

  • data analysis


How can I make an order?

Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

What services do you work with?

We work only with MailChimp services. You will need a MailChimp account to launch your email campaign.

Will you take into consideration my desires and suggestions?

Yes, we will. To guarantee the best result, our experts will create email campaign marketing with regard to your needs. You will approve the design and content of your email.

I need email marketing automation. Can you do it?

Email campaign services don’t include email marketing automation because it is a custom project. Such a project is specific for each business and should meet the requirements of a particular client. The number of emails in email marketing automation can be different. Such projects have to be discussed individually. You can order email marketing automation at MotoCMS.

I have an email design, but I don’t know how to launch the campaign to get the best result. Can you help?

We can launch an email campaign with your design. We’ll have to analyze it before and make corrections if necessary. If you have just a design, we’ll create the email and make it ready for sending.

What kind of email campaign services do you provide?

We can create different emails to meet your needs. It can be a newsletter, a greeting email, a sales campaign, or whatever you find appropriate.

How do you make sure that the email campaign is effective?

After launching your campaign, we’ll gather data and analyze the results. Our experts will give you a report proving the results.

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Josh Young

Thanks for launching my sale email campaign! I got the highest conversion rate ever.

Emily Blake

You made such a beautiful design of my Christmas sale email, and the content was so brilliant. I like it! Thank you!

Amanda Dawis

It was the first time I launched such a well thought-out email. The open rate was unbelievable. Thanks for your help!

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