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Optimizing your Facebook for conversions with MotoCMS premium Facebook Ads Customer service is super easy!

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Desperate to find professional Facebook ads customer service that works?

Our SMM team provides the first-class Facebook ads management service for individual and commercial users.

Facebook ads customer service from MotoCMS is a next step and a whole new level in building up your audience on Facebook. Our team specializes in Facebook ads optimization and audit. With MotoCMS, you have a 100% guarantee that your Facebook ads campaigns captivate the target audience of yours without exceeding the budget!

  • Accurate Facebook ads audit to identify your top business priorities

  • Facebook ads management service to balance your budget

  • Facebook ads optimization tools to improve the lead conversion rate

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    English, Russian

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  • ETA:

    3-7 business days

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Facebook Ads Customer Service: Brief Overview

Facebook Ads Customer Service includes several operations, each aiming at optimizing the performance of your Facebook page.

Facebook Account Audit

Facebook Account Audit

By tracking the conversion and your target audience, you can discover patterns of how visitors react to your current ads.

Facebook Ads Budget Optimization

Facebook Ads Budget Optimization

Implement effective tools to boost your account expenses without compromising the content quality.

Facebook Ads Management Service

Facebook Ads Management Service

We will create up to 3 campaigns (1-2 ad sets in each campaign) to generate more leads to your page.

Facebook Audiences Creation

Facebook Audiences Creation

Our SMM specialists will create custom audiences for retargeting based on your Facebook page activity.

Ads Copywriting & Images

Ads Copywriting & Images

Facebook lead ads optimization includes creating a captivating copy and choosing memorable imagery for your ads.

Our Results in Numbers


Increased brand awareness by

for our customers


Impoved conversion rate by

for our clients


Optimized Facebook budget by

for our users

How Facebook Ads Customer Service Works

  1. Determining the goal

    First, you need to decide what service fits your business project better. The Facebook ads customer service is an umbrella term for two different packages that are related to Facebook. The first package is all about Facebook ad account audit. It is a #1 service if you want to get deep insights into your Facebook page performance. The second package is aimed at launching professional Facebook ads campaigns. The final goal of this package is to make sure that you have a fully-packed Facebook business page with up to 3 captivation ads campaigns at your hand.

  2. Drawing up a Facebook ads optimization plan

    After that, to understand the peculiarities of your Facebook page activity, we will ask you to answer a couple of questions: 1) Have you ever created Facebook / Instagram ads? 2) What is the primary purpose of your Facebook ads optimization (increase followers’ base, bring people to your website, retarget your website audience)? 3) Can you describe your target audience (profession, age, country of origin, place of residence, etc.)? 4) Do you want to run your ads on Facebook only, or Instagram too? 5) What is your monthly/daily budget for ads?

  3. Providing technical details

    Then, to enjoy the Facebook ads management service from MotoCMS, you need to have a business Facebook page. To start the audit or launch ads campaigns, we will ask for your Facebook page URL, your Instagram profile URL, and a website URL (if applicable). After that, you will be asked to add Employee access for our manager Julia Blake ([email protected]). To do so, first, you need to navigate to Business Settings -> People in your Facebook business account. Next, add Julia as Facebook Page Advertiser to the page you would like to improve/analyze.

  4. Facebook Ads Customer Service in action

    After that, based on the activity of your Facebook page, its current target audience and conversion rate, we develop practical recommendations and ads sets (both content and imagery).

  5. Client approval phase

    Then, we will send you the document describing all the necessary Facebook optimization ideas in detail. For Facebook Ads Audit and Optimization plan, this is a final phase. For Facebook Ad Campaign Launch, there are two more phases described below.

  6. Implementing Facebook optimization ideas

    If you choose Facebook Ads Management Service, you can rely on our SMM team to launch the developed ads campaigns. The service includes ads copywriting & images.

  7. Conversion tracking & statistics

    Finally, once all the campaigns are launched successfully, our seasoned consultants will track the progress of your Facebook conversion rate. Also, we will provide you with the statistical analysis of how well your target audience has responded to the launched campaigns.

Facebook Ads Customer Service Plans [Updated]

Facebook Ads Audit

Facebook Ads Audit


  • Retargeting audiences

  • Facebook ads budget optimization

  • Ideas for Facebook lead ads optimization

  • Analyzing ads content and placements

  • Suggestions for generating more traffic

  • Conversion tracking & statistics

Facebook Ad Campaign Launch

Facebook Ad Campaign Launch


  • Facebook Pixel setup and analysis

  • Audiences created based on your Facebook page activity

  • Up to 3 campaigns setup and settings

  • Up to 2 ad sets in each Facebook campaign

  • Ads copywriting & images

  • Conversion tracking & statistics


What if I do not have a business Facebook account?

If you don't have a business account yet, our team will help you to set it up. It is essential as we are creating all ad campaigns within your Facebook Business Manager account.

Are the expenses of the ads included in the MotoCMS pricing?

No, the expenses of the original ads are not included in the service price. It means that campaign results can vary depending on your budget.

Does Facebook ad account audit include an implementation of your recommendations?

A Facebook ad account audit includes a Facebook ads audit checklist and our recommendations on how to improve the functionality of your business page. A practical implementation of recommendations is not included in the price. However, you can contact our team if you want us to make all the necessary changes for you.

What Facebook ads campaigns can you audit?

Our SMM team can audit for all Facebook campaigns, i.e., Brand awareness, Traffic, Conversions, Messages, Conversions, etc.

Is checking the Facebook pixel included in the Facebook ad account audit?

Yes, while analyzing your page performance, we always check whether the Facebook Pixel is installed correctly.

I want to increase the number of followers on my Facebook page. Can you help me with this?

Our SMM team will define a custom audience for your page, create visually attractive and informative content, and set up powerful ads campaigns. However, you need to remember that the quantity of followers depends not only on the quality of ads. Your budget, an ads campaign duration, a business niche, and peculiarities of your target audience are also decisive factors.

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You are professionals, and you do your job so well! My brand campaigns look amazing on both Facebook and Instagram.

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My Instagram posts are converting, still can't believe it can work that simple! Thanks for creating ads for me.

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