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The present-day business world is fast and rapidly-changing. To survive and to prosper in this world, you need to react to the changes as quickly as possible. Whether you have a global enterprise or are only starting your small local business, you need to create a business website that will enable your prospective clients to find you on the Internet. The collection of our small business website templates offers you the opportunity to make a business website without spending extra time and money!

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Business Website Templates from MotoCMS

Being online, you have a valuable chance to provide your future customers with the most detailed information about your small business or corporation. So, it means that having a professional business website design is of vital importance. It is the easiest and the most effective way to impress your future clients, to market your business, and to succeed. The MotoCMS team always finds new ways to help you with achieving all these goals.

Choosing one of our professional business website templates will help you design, market, and maintain a beautiful professional website with literally no efforts. The good news is that you need no coding skills at all to fulfill this task. The editing process is simple with our handy widgets. You can easily change the look of your MotoCMS business website, starting from its layout to content and coloration due to our effective and user-friendly small business website builder.

Intuitive Website Builder

A simple enterprise website builder from MotoCMS boats a drag & drop principle. It means that you can create a business website for small business, make the one for a large corporation or spice up your local enterprise with an active site without coding or design skills. This product makes you forget about sleepless nights full of time and money-consuming discussions with hired developers or designers. With MotoCMS simple business templates, you are the only designer and manager of your site.

Seamless Admin Panel

Thanks to a secure website creator with a smart control panel that features with different widgets and tools and a rich collection of multi business website templates, you can create a business website, edit it up to your liking, and update it yourself effortlessly. MotoCMS business website design templates allow you to build a business website through various content blocks, a multiplicity of customization options, helpful tutorials, and seamless workflow only!

Pleasant Customization

Make a business website for your web project unique and express yourself by customizing your images, texts, and layouts. The responsive design of MotoCMS business web templates will make your website look great on any device. They are user-oriented, simple-in-use, feature-rich, and here is why they come as your best solution to build a business website.

Vibrant Business Templates to Create a Business Website

When it comes to website development, it is essential to pick the best startup website template that not only will help to boost visitors engagement thanks to an appealing look, but also will give broaden opportunities to get the most out of the website.

Business web templates on this page are genuinely diverse and allow you to enrich any business you have with a professional-looking website of any complexity. Basically, with these templates, you can create a business website that meets your needs perfectly.

Startups, Crowdfunding, and Business Consulting

Here you will find various templates to present your business startup in the best light, to represent a new crowdfunding platform, etc. The category also has a wide variety of ready-made designs that cover everything from detailed market research, proper business planning, business and project management services, corporate events' management, whatever, to the top-notch company and business profiles.

Financial Industry

The financial website is not boring any more thanks to a variety of personal business website templates for financial advisors, banks, credit card processing, accounting firms, financial consulting and investment companies, insurance agents, brokers, collection agencies, debt settlement companies, the stock market businesses, and even more.

Law Industry

Whether you need to create a business website for a lawyer, looking for the design to showcase your immigration consulting services, or search for any other business website design connected with the law niche, you will find it in this collection. The category contains only the best business templates that will help you to represent your business related to the law industry with no effort.

Conferences and Other Business Events

Diverse, responsive business website templates that will help you create a business website for corporate events presentation. Whether you need a professional-looking business landing page or look for a proper template for a multi-page business website, you will surely find it in our collection.

Cryptocurrency Market

Following the latest trends in world businesses, we prepared a collection of designs for cryptocurrency companies, bitcoin sites, ICO communities, and more. With these templates, you will create a business website for your cryptocurrency business effortlessly and get more new leads.

Marketing Industry

If you need to create a business website for a marketing agency, expert advertising services, internet marketing, personal marketing consultant, or any other digital agency site related to this niche, you will find the solution here. All business website templates on marketing and advertising are responsive, boast niche-perfect design options, and provide you with broad customization opportunities.

Business Recruitment Niche

If you own a staffing agency, provide employment services or manage a recruiting agency, our designs will help you create a robust online presence for your businesses. All the templates related to this subcategory of business website design templates come with an appropriate function that will help you to get the most out of your recruiting website.

SEO Industry

Agencies and companies related to the search engine optimization services are extremely popular nowadays. Moreover, the niche gets competitive enough. So, do not waste your time and make some efforts to stand out among others. These multiple business website templates will help you to take online any project related to search engine optimization such as large SEO companies, local SEO agencies, etc.

IT Niche

Another industry that beats all the records of popularity is information technology. To succeed, you need to create a business website that will kill all your competitors. In the category of business web templates, you surely can pick a perfect IT services website template that will help you to boost your IT consulting company on the web.

Mobile App Development

If you have launched a cool mobile app and want to reach a broad audience to get more users, our alluring web templates will surely help you to deal with it. MotoCMS business website templates have accurate designs that will make visitors stay focused on the apps you develop and, thanks to a variety of CTA buttons, will guide them to make a target action.

Retail, Wholesale Stores and Malls

Shopping is always accessible. However, you need to represent your business accurately to gain more potential clients and make them visit your store or mall. Thus, MotoCMS prepared a mixture of designs produced primarily for you. So, you could promote your wholesale or retail business all over the web. These beautiful business templates will help your trade-related projects prosper online. Primarily, it is only a small part of niches that you can easily cover with business web templates from our selection. The solutions we offer come with a responsive design and numerous features that will help your businesses stand out on the web. Just browse through the entire assortment of designs and pick the one that meets your demands and expectations the most.

Features of MotoCMS Business Website Templates

The collection of business web templates that you can see in the entire MotoCMS catalog boasts plenty of additional features that will help you create a website for your business project on the fly and provide you with the best user experience!

High-End Widgets and Tools

With MotoCMS business website templates, you get full freedom when building your website. The control panel contains multiple widgets, options, modules, and tools that you can easily add to your site. For example, there is a Google Map Pro widget that besides displaying your business company location also allows you to customize the map and add required markers to it.

This widget is a number one tool to make a business website look more reliable and stable. Meanwhile, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling widget allows you to schedule major meetings directly on your website. It can be particularly helpful if you have a conference website or want to create a business website for consulting services, whatever.

Site Boost Options

There are also many social media widgets, various contact forms, tools for SEO. The last ones allow you to enjoy an integrated Google Analytics that will help you to track your site’s progress, explore your audience with its interests and location, and make a proper analysis of your website and its content.

Moreover, all business website templates have default SEO options that come as a must for a successful business website development. They allow you to write proper meta tags, enrich your images with alt attributes, and more! The full list of widgets and tools is pretty broad, and so you will surely find the best ones to implement them in your future business website.

Efficient Support that Works 24/7

Although we produce first-class business website templates, we understand that every client might have some questions concerning the product or the website creation workflow in general. For this reason, we have the round-the-clock support team that is ready to assist you. Our support professionals always discover your issues in detail and are prepared to help you create a business website and to guide you through any other essentials. Plus, there is a convenient Help Center that contains all the information about the website builder, its versions, and the community. You can also submit there your request if necessary. MotoCMS updates the resource regularly, and so, you can find the latest news and modernizations there.

Free Testing Period

MotoCMS provides a free trial period for all business templates in this collection. Feel free to use any business website design for two weeks free of charge. Due to the free test, you can learn the control panel from every angle and create a draft of your business website. Choose the design that appeals to you, tap your email address in the required field, and get a perfect template for the trial! Additionally, we would like to inform you that we store all the edits you make during the free test. So, after it, you can get the template that contains your modifications. However, if you do not purchase the design after your trial version is expired, you lose all your changes. Also, keep in mind that the number of templates you can select for the trial is not limited.

What Are the Best Business Website Templates?

Besides versatile business web templates with an outstanding design and rich toolkit, we also offer you MotoCMS flagship templates with specific features and universal design. So, you could build a business website with a sustainable look at a glance.

1. Gravitas

Gravitas is a new multipurpose business website design for large, small, local enterprise from MotoCMS business website templates collection. Whether you operate a small business that is localized in your area or own a large enterprise or even a corporation, this business website design is a perfect match for you. It comes with six impressive and well-designed home pages that you can implement to multiple businesses.

With this best business website design, you get a perfect design for consulting, shipping, travel, charity, financial, and interior design web projects. Purchasing Gravitas, you get eCommerce plugin and Advanced Contact Form for free! It also comes with 30 ready-made pages, drag & drop content editor and many other features that will surely grab your attention.

2. Spectrum

Among all business website templates, Spectrum is an all-in-one outstanding business website design that will help you to create a business website with ease. It comes with over 100 various pre-made blocks for every part of the layout and 19 excellent ready-made pages. You can use them to compose the perfect website yourself, without anyone’s assistance.

Moreover, this ultimate website design is fully responsive and boasts a unique look that will surely please the web surfers. Being pre-loaded with loads of fascinating widgets, it also comes with five niche home pages for the restaurant, consulting, financial, photography, and industrial businesses.

3. Evolution

Searching for the best business website templates, you surely will point out this one. Evolution is a universal website template that covers the whole industry of business thanks to its design and advanced features.

It contains over 120 blocks, a fully responsive layout with conversion-optimized elements and user-friendly navigation, 16 well-structured pages, and six gorgeous child pages for medical, web design, hotel, real estate, car repair, and law industries. This cosmic-cool website design for business also boasts a blog functionality and diverse presets. Additionally, the Evolution web template is fully SEO-friendly.

4. Skyline

Skyline is a top website template from MotoCMS that is great for any type of business you have. It boasts over 100 pre-made content blocks, extremely responsive, trendy, and user-friendly layout, 20 ready-to-use pages, set of helpful widgets, and more.

Additionally, there are home page layouts for house construction, travel agency, and dentist businesses and a dark theme for customizing the universal main layout. With Skyline, one of the best business website templates, you can create business website and edit it effortlessly.

Create a Business Website with MotoCMS - Extra Services

We offer you high-quality business website templates for all business affairs you may want to come up on the web with, but also suggest you a branch of helpful additional services. You can get a full services overview right when adding a desirable template to your cart. Nevertheless, please, see some of them below.

White Label

Sometimes we understand that it is the right time to come up on the web with something special and unique. If you are a developer who would like to create your own business and retail MotoCMS business website templates under your brand, it comes in handy. Choose the products you want, customize them, and sell websites to clients at your own cost. Feel free to develop your marketing strategy. It is comfortable with MotoCMS.

SEO Services

You can also get advanced on-page SEO optimization service or SEO audit from the MotoCMS team with all business web templates here. Our professionals will help you analyze your site’s performance, plan a competitive strategy, optimize your content, and even more. Feel free to buy these services on-cart or purchase them separately if necessary. Everything will be delivered to you in 10 business days, right from the moment of your task specification and receipt acknowledgment.

Page Speed Booster

All business website templates from MotoCMS are lightning-fast. However, if you fill them with large images, you can make your future site slow down. The page speed is crucial if you want your next business website to be friendly for search engines and so to rank good and bring more traffic. Our experts can fix your site if it is slow using images optimization.

We will measure the loading speed so you can easily track the service's result. Usually, it takes no more than two business days, of course, after receiving your site details. In case you know nothing about the speed of your website, check it using the PageSpeed Insights.

Web Copywriting Services

If you create a business website for your company with ready-made business templates, you definitely should enrich your site with unique personal content. Thus, web copywriting services from MotoCMS team will help you to deal with it professionally. Purchase a top-notch content creation for your niche-specific business project and enjoy the result!

Whether you need new articles on your site, a proper text for site’s pages or landing pages, content for social media, writing to describe your products of business services, or any other type of material, feel free to let us know. We also provide up to three revisions of your text and can rewrite and optimize an existing copy on your site. You can receive the purchased content in 3-5 business days.

Grow Today with MotoCMS Business Website Templates

Expand your customer base and let your clients sign up to your mailing list with a few clicks. Link your new website to social networks accounts, and the traffic will be snowballing! We also try to support the budget-conscious business by offering great discounts and affordable sales to loyal clients. MotoCMS business web templates allow you to create a business website that matters and brings benefits. Launch one of our business templates, and we will help your business flourish all over the web!


Can I customize or change the business website template by myself?

Savings are important in any business, so a technician is exactly what you can take out of your budget. MotoCMS online builder will help you do all the work yourself in an easy and exciting way. A selection of templates, color palettes, widgets, ready-made blocks, many background options and animations will help you create a unique and recognizable look for your site. Moreover, in the admin panel you can add all the features you need for your web resource, spending no more time than you would for a standard business meeting.

Can I get a business website template for free?

Unfortunately, we don't offer completely free website templates for businesses. However, we are sure that MotoCMS templates are the best offer you can find on the market. Thus, we suggest you to take it as a way to save money, time and effort spent on creating a website by hands. We offer a complete set of fonts and tools, constant updates to our widget library, and 24/7 support for our customers.

Can I share website templates for business with a third party?

Sure. If you bought a business template website from MotoCMS then it belongs to you. MotoCMS online builder provides you with a full package of features for site configuration and administration. You can create and customize a website for your business or use the templates created by MotoCMS as a base for your job to develop websites for your customers.

What can I do with drag and drop menu in the admin panel of the business website template?

Drag-and-drop menus in the admin panel of the business template mean that you can use the template as a canvas for the painting which later will be your site. You can add, remove, or merge two blocks into one. You can add a video presentation to the site page or place information about your services in the most advantageous place. MotoCMS constructor gives the opportunity to do all this simply only with the mouse or sensor without writing code or involving the UI/UX designer.

How to choose the right type of business website template?

There is no one answer to this question, it all depends on your needs and tasks. Fortunately, website templates for business are presented with a demo. You can literally feel and see how your site will work and look. You can add or remove features, edit a landing page, or turn it into a multi-page resource. All these features are available in MotoCMS, you only should let your imagination run wild.
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