Best Small Business Website Templates

Small business website builder from MotoCMS is an easy and cost-effective way to create a robust online presence. Whatever business niche you represent, it lets you build a unique website using beautiful and genuinely the best small business website templates. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or an advanced user. In any case, you’ll create website for small business efficiently, and it will surely have a professional look and high functionality.

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Best Small Business Website Templates for 2020

However improbable it may sound, you need neither technical nor web designing skills to create your own business website. Everything you have to do is to choose one of the professionally designed small business website templates. Next, take your mouse and use imagination.

With MotoCMS small business website builder, it’s quite unnecessary to know a single line of coding. This powerful online tool offers you a handy drag-and-drop editor with numerous pre-made blocks. To begin with, select one of them. Then, drag it with your mouse and drop on any place of the layout.

Finally, edit the block via a couple of clicks to perfectly suit your requirements. Unquestionably, this task isn’t challenging even for a kid to say nothing of an adult capable of running a business.

MotoCMS Small Business Website Templates

Why doesn’t your small business have a website yet? According to recent studies, the majority of small companies name three main reasons for their absence online. They are as follows:

  • lack of tech knowledge;
  • lack of time;
  • lack of budget.

With MotoCMS small business website builder, any of these reasons is not an obstacle anymore. Can’t believe it? Then, see it for yourself. Using our small business website templates, you can create small business website that will flourish on the web!

Best Website Builder for Small Business Saving Your Time

Undoubtedly, time is money. Consequently, you can’t afford yourself to spend much of it to create a small business website. Moreover, being a human, you can’t work round the clock. You also need some time to rest. However, you still have a strong desire to take your business online and make it flourish. In such a situation, MotoCMS small business website builder is your real way out.

Honestly, it won’t take you long to create a website with this excellent time-saver. Seems impossible? Let’s count together. First and foremost, you’ll spend 2-5 minutes to install any of gorgeous small business website templates. Next, you’ll need only a couple of hours to customize the design. In the end, you’ll devote another couple of hours to adding your content. That’s all. As a result, you’ll get your website ready to go within one or two days.

Small Business Website Templates Easy on Your Wallet

Even though you aren’t a miser, you’re a sensible person unwilling to waste away money. That’s why MotoCMS small business website builder is the right solution you need. It will allow you to create a website for a small business that won’t cost you a fortune. At the same time, the available value will affect neither appealing look nor high functionality of your future website.

Firstly, with the best website builder for small business from MotoCMS, you save on web developers and designers. It’s not a secret that their services are not cheap. Secondly, you don’t have to purchase any additional plugins. Everything that is necessary for a decent website is already inside the admin panel.

Thirdly, you’ll automatically receive free system updates as soon as they appear. Finally, together with any of small business website templates, you get free tech support of the real pros.

MotoCMS Small Business Website Builder - The Undeniable Advantages

MotoCMS website builder for small business offers a wide choice of small business website templates, which are undoubtedly worth your careful attention. Are you looking for an attractive insurance company template or a niche-specific lawyer website design? Do you need a gorgeous financial advisor theme or a consulting company website template? Is your intention to find a marvelous theme for your crypto mining company or startup platform? In any case, MotoCMS gets you covered.

Whatever business niche you represent, you’ll surely find the proper solution with MotoCMS small business website templates. However, the variety of themes available for you with MotoCMS small business website builder isn’t the only advantage. The best news is that any of the website templates for small business is a real masterpiece created by professionals. Regardless of the business niche, each theme possesses all the characteristics necessary for your successful online start. Let’s focus on them right now.

Eye-Catching Design of Website Templates for Small Business

The appealing design is one of the most important aspects of your future website. The best business website design is a decisive factor when it comes to brand image and turnover rates. If a business website looks dull and unprofessional, people will never take you or your products seriously. Fortunately, it will never happen if you choose one of MotoCMS small business website templates.

MotoCMS small business website builder templates are crafted by skillful specialists. They look clean and modern. Their pixel-perfect design will highlight your professionalism and will help to evoke the trust of your visitors. At the same time, each PR website template is visually attractive.

These small business website templates can fully grab the attention of your visitors and win their hearts at first sight. What’s more, all of them are unique and stylish. Consequently, with MotoCMS small business web templates your website will never resemble thousands of other .coms present online.

Well-Structured Layouts

It’s a proven fact that even the most excellent content fails if it lacks logic and clear structure. Until your content is organized correctly, neither visitors nor search engines will find your website useful. With MotoCMS small business website builder, you won’t have to rack your brain to come out with the proper structure.

MotoCMS small business website templates boast layouts that are already well structured. It means that there’s no need to segment your content into categories on your own. High-qualified specialists of the MotoCMS team have already cared for it. The thought-out sections of any coworking website template template allow you to create the visual hierarchy with ease.

Thus, your future website will let your visitors absorb and memorize the more significant amount of useful information. Besides, the precise structure guarantees that your products will be found and indexed by the search engines faster.

All Necessary Premade Pages

If you’re a novice, it may take you long to define which pages you need to build a robust website. Moreover, even though you know what pages you should create, it’s not an easy task to make them from scratch. That’s when MotoCMS small business website templates are the answer.

Every event website template of MotoCMS small business website builder comes with a complete set of premade pages. These pages are quite enough to create a website for small business able to win the online competition. In other words, each MotoCMS theme is almost a ready-to-go website waiting to be launched. Everything you have to do is to fill it with your own content.

Small Business Website Templates - Tons of Helpful Features

Amazing website templates for small business are not the only factor that makes MotoCMS website creator stand out among the competitors. This best website builder for small business possesses all the necessary features to make your business shine on the web.

Complete Responsiveness and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Tastes differ. So the devices and browsers your online audience uses do. Nowadays, it’s a common fact that the usage of mobile devices has exceeded that of the desktop. What’s more, the number of browsers users exploit continues to increase. Thus, your future website pages should look good and work properly whatever devices and browsers your visitors prefer.

MotoCMS small business website builder guarantees an attractive look and smooth website performance on any device and in any browser as all small business website templates are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Consequently, your future website will automatically adjust to any screen size and any known browser. It will save your audience from annoying zooming and side-scrolling. Thus, your visitors will have only positive user experience while interacting with your website.

Endless Opportunities for Customization

Surely, you want your future website to look unique and memorable. It’s a piece of cake with MotoCMS small business website templates. Believe it won’t take much time and effort to customize your website according to your business requirements.

The admin panel of small business website templates contains a full set of tools to reach the desired result. These tools allow you to customize every element without exception. A convenient Color Picker lets you create your color palette within a couple of clicks. The collection of Google Fonts enables you to select the font types to present your text content. You are also free to transform the appearance of buttons and contact forms. In a word, you get everything for emphasizing your brand identity.

Handy Widgets for Any Functionality

It’s quite evident that your business requires a highly-functional website. With small business website templates, any desired functionality is at your disposal. Its wide range of fascinating widgets enables you to add any imaginable feature without additional plugins.

Firstly, you can use structure widgets to place the objects on the page according to your liking. Secondly, you can edit and customize the objects you add due to the necessary widgets. Thirdly, you are free to employ various galleries thanks to gallery widgets and add media content through the media ones. What’s more, you can insert like and share buttons via the social widgets and display your location with Google Maps.

Unlimited Ways of Content Presentation

Nowadays it’s a common fact that the attention span of users (regardless of their age) is rather short. Although text content is an irreplaceable part of any small business website, it’s not enough to make it useful. Of course, you’re not going to limit your content to the text messages. You plan to engage your visitors through various content types.

MotoCMS small business website builder enables you to use any imaginable type of content on your future website. You can implement background sliders to draw attention and convey your message without excessive text. You can create a sense of presence via adding a touch of depth with the Parallax effect.

Besides, with small business website templates, you may use various kinds of galleries to showcase your products and services or introduce your team. Also, you have an excellent opportunity to make your website look alive by adding audio and video content.

Small Business Website Templates with Ecommerce Plugin

MotoCMS also offers you a powerful eCommerce plugin to boost your sales. Due to it, you get all the tools necessary to create a fully functional online shop. With eCommerce plugin you can sort your products in a way which is convenient to you and your customers. You are free to specify custom properties and values as well as set up discounts for sales and promos. Also, you can include various types of taxes into the final product's price and set product shipping cost.

Furthermore, you are free to choose the currency and a payment method (Manual Payment, PayPal, 2Checkout, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, PayOne). Moreover, you get detailed statistics on your customers and their orders. So, you can check all billing and shipping details in no time.

Small Business Website Templates with Blog Functionality

Though you are not a blogger, your future website can’t do without a relevant blog website builder. First and foremost, you need it to engage your visitors and keep them well-informed about your new products and services. Next, it’s your chance to keep in touch with the audience and get instant personal feedback. Finally, it’s your opportunity to get higher rankings by making your content fresh.

With the blog functionality of MotoCMS small business website templates, you can demonstrate your professionalism in your business field. You can arouse your visitors’ interest in your products and promote new offers and services. Also, you can keep your website content relevant thus improving your positions in SERPs.

Powerful Tools for SEO

Unquestionably, today, SEO is one of the essential marketing tools for increasing your income. SEO promotes your visibility and branding. It favors your credibility and brings targeted traffic to your doorstep.

MotoCMS small business website templates provide you with a complete set of tools vital for search engine optimization. All of them are inside your admin panel. So, you don’t need any additional software to rank high in search results. You can enable permalinks and specific .html suffix, add meta descriptions, keywords, ALT and titles for images.

Lightning Fast Loading Speed

Unquestionably, speed matters. Firstly, page loading time is an essential part of the user experience. Possibly, you’ve already heard that 47% of customers expect your web page to load within two seconds. Besides, 40% abandon a website if it needs more than three seconds to load.

Secondly, the loading speed of your website is an essential factor when it comes to search engine rankings. Therefore, whatever high the quality of your products and services is, you won’t succeed if your pages load slowly. MotoCMS small business website templates ensure superfast loading speed of your website pages.

Thanks to the advanced system architecture, every page will load in a snap. As a result, you’ll have better chances to be noticed by the search engines and provide visitors with outstanding user experience. In other words, with rapid small business website templates, you are more likely to increase your conversion rates as well as sales.

24/7 Reliable Customer Support

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or an advanced user. Anyone may need professional assistance or a piece of advice from time to time. That’s when the level of tech support services plays a vital role.

When you choose small business website templates from MotoCMS, you not only receive stunning enterprise website templates with tons of useful features. You also get the team of the experienced pros at your full disposal. Whatever issue occurs, the MotoCMS tech team will give you a helping hand in the blink of the eye. Everything you should do is to contact these highly-qualified specialists via phone, live chat or email.

How to Create Your Own Small Business Website?

As soon as you choose one of the fantastic small business website templates, you’re ready to start building your website. Here are several tips that will help you create a small business website capable of drawing visitors.

1. Become a Welcoming Host

Your website is the online home of your business. That’s why you should do everything possible to make your visitors feel at home. To be more precise, you should take care of their comfort while they are browsing your website powered by small business website builder.

To begin with, focus on the color scheme and fonts. These things are crucial when it comes to user experience. Remember that too much color looks cheap and may discourage your visitors. Use no more than four colors: one dominant, two accents, and one for the background. As for the fonts, two highly readable are quite enough for a great design.

Next, concentrate on the part above the fold, visible without scrolling. It shouldn’t be cluttered but provide the answers to the most critical questions your visitors may have. Finally, use simple navigation not to confuse your online audience and ensure the ease of their journey through your website.

2. Take Care of the Effective About Us Page

Unfortunately, you can’t meet your visitors online with a charming smile to gain their inclination and trust. Nevertheless, you are still able to evoke these emotions with a carefully thought-out About Us page crafted with a small business website builder.

An effective About Us page should be a fruitful marriage of the relevant content and attractive design. Therefore, your main task is not to forget about one of these components in favor of the other. Though MotoCMS small business website templates include a premade About Us page, you need to customize it for your brand. Here are a few things to consider while optimizing the design and adding your content:

  • Thoroughly select the information not to overwhelm your page with useless content;
  • Use an inspiring mission statement that will highlight your brand’s unique identity;
  • Make your page tell a single coherent story reinforced by the design elements;
  • Humanize your brand to increase its recognition and trust.

3. Provide High Availability of Your Business

It’s not a secret that four out of five consumers use search engines while looking for local information. Your potential customers seek your business address, business hours, and directions. The conclusion is quite evident. You should give your online audience the opportunity to get in touch with you quickly. It’s not a problem with MotoCMS small business website templates.

Firstly, such items as About Us and Contact Us are already a part of your main navigation. So, don’t forget to place your contact information, namely your phone number, address, and email there. Secondly, use Contact and Subscriptions forms. They will enable secure communication with your online visitors. Thirdly, apply Google Maps. They will help customers find your business in no time in real life if they decide to visit you.

MotoCMS Small Business Website Templates - Start for Free

Perhaps, you already see that MotoCMS website builder for small business is worth attention. So, don’t miss your chance! Choose one of the professional small business website templates and try it for free within 14 days. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy the results you get and realize that you’ve made the right choice.

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