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Are you a broker at a real estate agency? Do you provide property management services individually? Well, if you help people to find the dwellings of their dreams, having a professional website is a must! Do you know next to nothing about coding or web development? There is no use in worrying about it. MotoCMS has something great to offer you, and namely our real estate website templates. These realty website templates will make your life easier and your work more productive. And, what is not less important, they are a real value for money!

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Real Estate Website Design
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Smart Home Website Template
Home Automation Company
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Squire Platform
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Sweet House
One Page Property Website Template
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Jack Smith
Property Management Website Template
Real Estate
Property Rental Website Template
Apartment for Rent
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Comfort 4U
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Property Management
Real Estate Rental Website Template
Website Design for Real Estate Company
Real Estate 24

Best Real Estate Website Templates

You do not have to waste time, resources, and efforts to create a real estate website. You already have everything you need in every real estate website design from MotoCMS! We offer you authentic and precious realty website templates only. Each real estate agent website design comes with a unique look and boasts many compelling features that will help you build a real estate website that matters.

Use a drag & drop website editor to design the layout of your website and adjust it to your preferences. Moreover, if you browse through our real estate templates, you will be pleasingly surprised by our attention to details.

Outstanding Real Estate Website Templates from MotoCMS

Have a look at fabulous galleries for the photos of the dwellings you work. You can make amazing photos and add the descriptions to them, using a variety of robust visual tools. What is more, our realty website templates are professionally animated to attract new customers to your website. Your website is your appearance.

So, if you want to look professional, opt for best cms for a real estate website. With a 100% responsive design of our real estate agent website templates you can be sure that, first of all, your clientele will have immediate access to your site from any device. What is more, your business will be presented to your clients at its full beauty.

Real Estate Website Templates - Best Tool to Create a Website

We have one more feature that you will find handy, i.e., the SEO integration. It is an essential feature of all our realty website templates. Thus, if you make a real estate website with our help, we guarantee that search engines will get your site found and indexed in no time. And we charge no extra fees for this. Thus, you have a particular opportunity to try our real estate web templates. Let your career grow fast as well as your profit increase!

Well, we can cover you on every stage of website building process thanks to a variety of features that we suggest when opting for our real estate website templates. See some of them below.

Innovative CMS

The thing is that MotoCMS is a trustworthy content management system that serves clients with its functionality, usability, and realty website templates for over ten years. It boasts a leading loading speed and allows customers to build professional-looking websites themselves without any expertise in web design or development. The system is feature-rich and comes with outstanding updates on an ongoing basis.

Website Creator

MotoCMS suggests you not only the collection of high-end real estate website templates but also a user-oriented website builder with drag & drop functionality. This tool simplifies the whole website development workflow and allows both newcomers and professionals to build powerful sites easy.

The website creator comes in a form of the intuitive control panel which you can use to edit and update any element of your site. The good news is that you do not need to know anything about code to deal with it. Everything here is based on moving content blocks and placing them wherever you need.

Broad Choice of Niche-Perfect Responsive Designs

The whole variety of real estate website templates in this catalog was designed to meet all the needs and business requirements of our clientele. All realty website templates are mobile-friendly and fully-compatible with all popular web browsers. Moreover, each real estate website design is flexible and fully-editable.

Thus, you can adjust it up to your taste via the simple MotoCMS admin panel. Well, in this collection, you will surely find excellent designs for:

  • realtors;
  • real estate brokers and agents;
  • homeowners assosiations and neighborhood communities;
  • land brokerage;
  • lending and loans;
  • rental property and property management businesses;
  • commercial real estate;
  • home inspection and staging;
  • mortgage services companies.

Search Engine Optimization Features

Well, the real estate industry in one of the most competitive ones. That is why SEO is essential here. It will help you get new potential clients not only from the paid advertisement but also from the organic search in Google. MotoCMS real estate website templates come with high-end search engine optimization features that allow you to create real estate website that is notable for search engines.

With these tools, you can quickly enhance your content with page titles and meta descriptions, add alt attributes to your images, and even more. Additionally, all realty website templates in this collection have a fast loading speed that is also essential for a proper ranking.

Easy-Editable Blog

One more great feature of our real estate website templates is a blog website builder. It allows you to add a full-fledged blog to your website effortlessly. Moreover, with a diversity of customization options, you can spice up your blog with tags and categories and optimize your blog posts with in-demand keywords.

It is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience with all the ins and outs of real estate business and advise them on how to find their new homes. Besides, with a well-optimized blog, you can get even more leads that will purchase realtor services from your agency.

Efficient Contacts Page

Your real estate company location and properly-implemented contact information come as vital points that can boost your business as a reliable source of beautiful property. Your clients should feel the ease of contacting you and finding out your main details.

Fortunately, each of real estate website templates from MotoCMS allows you to create a real estate website with compelling contact page that will contain your phones, emails, address, etc. Moreover, thanks to Google Map Pro widget, you can display your location in the form of a customized map with various markers.

Helpful Support

MotoCMS provides professional assistance for all clients 24/7. It means that you get a necessary piece of advice or can ask for help when building your website with real estate website templates at any time. Our support agents have superior expertise and so can efficiently assist you in any question or issue. Additionally, there is a Help Center page that is useful in case you need to learn more about typical errors, get to know with any user’s guide or need to find out some essentials about MotoCMS product types.

Real Estate Website Templates - Your Website’s Must-Haves

In fact, there some essentials that you surely need to implement when building a real estate website. MotoCMS prepared for you a simple guide with the top things you need to follow.

Appropriate and Fresh Content

The proper content is your way to showcase your reputation to clients. Make sure you describe your activity professionally and provide all the details concerning your kind of property business. The main thing here is to be brief and clear. Add essentials that will emphasize your business and will look reliable for site visitors.

Pay attention to the About Us page as it should have decent content that will represent you in the best light. In case you need any additional help with unique and appropriate content creation, web copywriting services from MotoCMS will come in handy. Our professional team can enhance your real estate website templates with original content to make it perform for you.

Powerful Social Proof

When it comes to buying a new home, people look for dependable companies that could help them to deal with it. If you want to become the one who will provide them with this kind of service, you surely need to add some evidence to your site.

Do not hesitate to add testimonials as they are your best way to prove your proficiency in real estate business. Well, all real estate website templates from MotoCMS allows you to add clients’ reviews to your site pages and, thanks to social media widgets, will help you to get more reviews for your services.

Images and Videos

Speaking about real estate and property management, it is vital to present high-quality images and videos to your audience. The thing is that people want to see beautiful estate pictures to find their homes instead of reading your texts only. Moreover, if you decide you add some fabulous videos, it will bring even more traffic to your website.

Do not hesitate to tell stories with images that will make the whole process of searching for the property even faster and more effective. Nevertheless, notice that image size may affect your sites’ performance. So, keep in mind that you should optimize all the files before uploading them to your future website. Marvelous images of the available property will be your number one tool to make your websites made with real estate website templates even more stunning.

The Detailed Story

If your client wants to buy a new house, the one is wondering about any detail regarding it. So, make sure you provide all the essentials about the neighborhood, schools, supermarkets located in the selected area, etc. Providing this information, you pull potential homebuyers to your company and show that you care about clients’ comfort. Fortunately, all realty website templates from MotoCMS come with a variety of pre-made pages that will help you to place all the information in the best way.

Real Estate Website Templates - Build a Website for Free

We offer you a free test-drive of any real estate agency website template. During your free trial period that lasts for two weeks, you can use the full functionality of our website builder to create a real estate website. Also, feel free to apply your modifications as we store all your edits. The good news is that you can get the design containing all your changes after using the trial version. You can request a trial period by providing us with a valid email address.

Now you understand that website building is simple and effective with MotoCMS! View out our real estate website templates and select the one to create real estate website of your dreams!

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