Best One Page Website Design Templates for 2020

Welcome to the assortment of exceptional one page website templates on easy MotoCMS site builder! We cannot overestimate the value of a website for business - too many advantages and benefits promise a solid and well-made website. If you want to get maximum efficiency with a minimum of resources, a landing site is ideal for you. Pay attention to one page website design from MotoCMS. We have put together the best solutions that meet all the fashionable web trends in one place. Just choose single-page website templates and get a practical web resource today!

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Halloween Event Website Design
Horror Night
Instagram Influencer Website
Wedding Card Design Website
Astrology Website Design
CVcard Website Template
Wedding Invite Website Template
Love Event
Ballet Website Template
Ballet Academy
Summit Website Template
Influencer Website Design
Free Online Course Website Design
Social Influencer Website Template
Daniel Burbank
Manifest Website Design
Katie Williams
Robotics Website Template
Exhibition Website Template
The Mous
Attraction Website Design
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Donate U
Anime Fest Website Template
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Homestead Website Template
Fundraiser Website Template
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Luxury Apartament
Marketing Guide Website Template

Best One Page Website Design Templates from MotoCMS

A one-page site is to attract a visitor to a specific action as clearly and efficiently as possible. The target action may be the purchase of a product, subscribing to courses, training, ordering a service, agreeing to participate in an event, engaging in some social activity. The landing page will cope with these tasks much better than a large corporate Internet portal.

Create a one page website design is not much more accessible than a large site, and sometimes even more difficult. Any web resource is a collaboration of many designers, programmers, and marketers. A useful landing page is the perfect combination of simplicity of design and high-quality content. You can entrust the creation of a web resource to a team of specialists, however, is it worth the sacrifice of time or finances? MotoCMS pros are sure that you can do a great job with responsive landing page templates. See for yourself by discovering a world of new opportunities!

One Page Website Templates for Any Taste

A one-page site made with a captivating tailor website template is a universal option. After all, you can use this solution to create one page website design for business cards or event banners. And even if your business already has a corporate website, a landing page will always be a great addition or help for new projects.

A variety of functionalities of a one-page website builder will allow you to realize any idea. You can also change the site in the future beyond recognition, if necessary. A wide range of cool widgets, many useful modules, and plugins, compliance with fresh trends in web design. What else can MotoCMS offer its customers? The best single page website design by leading experts! Your ultimate web resource will not go unnoticed among many like it indeed.

Top Features of One Page Website Design from MotoCMS

Today, the company's website is more of a necessity than a pleasant addition. Moreover, the IT world is developing actively, and now no one will be surprised at the presence of a web resource - commonplace. High-quality content, compliance with technical requirements, and the right one page website design templates are the keys to the success of your online business. And if you have to think about filling the site, then MotoCMS will take care of the appearance of one and its functionality. Simple one page website templates differ not only in their beauty and conciseness but also in the technical capabilities provided by default.

1. Adaptability

Innovation expands opportunities because ones affect what sites users want to see. Thus, the desire of visitors forms new trends. You can create a one page website that will be unique using a stylish beauty landing page. But if you do not follow directions a little, the web resource will not be so useful.

According to Awwwards, several popular trends have become must-have. In the first place is the adaptability of sites - when pages will adjust to the size of the screens automatically. One page website design from MotoCMS has always been responsive. Moreover, landing page templates not only adjusts dynamically to the orientation and size of the display but are also compatible with various browsers.

Thus, choosing one page website templates, you will demonstrate awareness of the latest trends and get a 4-in-1 web resource. Including versions for:

  • desktop computer (primary);
  • mobile phone;
  • tablet;
  • a laptop.

2. One Page Website Design

The presented one page website templates meet all modern requirements in web design. The structure of the site is spacious, comfortable to read, concise, and therefore has a low weight and high load speed. UI/UX specialists also work on the appearance, this makes navigation on the one page scroll website template very comfortable, and the arrangement of elements is logical and convenient.

By the way, the simplified interface is also one of the latest trends in one page website design. The conciseness of single-page website templates implies:

  • hidden navigation bar;
  • minimum colors;
  • lack of additional graphic design details (shadows, variety of fonts);
  • minimum buttons.

3. Optimization Tools

All functional features of one page website design templates run the risk of being lost in millions of search results. Therefore, competent page optimization is a must-have for accessible web resources. Landing page templates are optimized for the search engines initially. And with the help of SEO tools available in the simple one-page website builder and every one page music website template, you can improve the content quickly:

  • add meta tags and keywords;
  • configure page indexing;
  • work on unique URLs and titles;
  • optimize your media.

Why spend time looking for third-party specialists if you can optimize one page website templates yourself in just a few hours? If necessary, you can always seek advice from our support team or delegate complex tasks to the pros from customer services.

4. Quality Assurance

All single page website templates come with lifetime technical support. Before you start, you can always test any selected solution in demo mode. Find the one page website design that will combine all the qualities your business needs. Moreover, after activation of the creative one page website template, you can modify the future site of your choice for free for two weeks. Thus you can try out all the features that MotoCMS provides.

By purchasing one page website templates once, you also get free access to all updates. The world of web design is changing continually. Therefore, create a one-page website, knowing that thanks to the support of MotoCMS, one will remain relevant for years.

5. Versatility

One page website templates are universal, and that is a fact. In the collection section, you will find many one page website design themes for different purposes. Are you afraid that you will not be able to choose one or the other? You can always combine the functionality of one-page website design templates with the simple tools of the landing page builder! Nevertheless, we have collected several ideas about business niches for which ready-made solutions are perfect, namely:

  • medical landing page templates for medcenters, private clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers;
  • security and insurance companies;
  • sports clubs and gyms;
  • restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars;
  • electronics stores, home appliances, and digital appliances;
  • consulting and service companies;
  • travel agencies and advertising agencies;
  • beauty industry, incl. fashion web page template for fashion landing.

Also, one page website templates will help you in organizing:

  • parties and important events;
  • charity events;
  • advertising campaigns;
  • various courses, training, coaching.

Grab More with MotoCMS One Page Website Builder

All presented variations of one page website design from MotoCMS are ready-to-use solutions. If you want to launch the project as soon as possible, you can replace the existing content and publish the site. However, we always welcome your desire to personalize landing page templates! Moreover, to do this is no more difficult than playing Tetris. Welcome to the editing mode of the best one page website builder. Check out the incredible features of a favorable one-page car salesman personal website and make your web resource even better!

One page website builder is elementary to learn and does not require specialized technical knowledge from you. Using the drag & drop interface and convenient admin panel of one page website templates, you can customize any element of the page to your liking, change, move, and add whole blocks. Create a one-page website by putting together a puzzle of useful widgets.

Simple Content Management

MotoCMS enables flexible customization of one page website design. You can add photos of your workflows, new wallpapers, videos, texts, animations, presentations. What about albums presented with gallery widgets spectacularly? (Grid, slider, carousel, tile).

The capabilities of the file manager in one page website templates will help save time on working with media content. Add files without worrying about load times and data types. Edit images in the Media Library directly. You can also use the uploaded files in any of the editing modes of a simple one-page website builder. Try it yourself - after all, with MotoCMS one page website design, creating one page website is as easy as having a cup of coffee.

Incredible Functionality of One Page Website Templates

To create a one-page website that would be convenient to use, a set of current widgets and plugins (Progress Bar, Countdown Timer, Iframe, Embed widget) is provided. To increase confidence in your resource, you can add social network buttons and a section for comments and reviews (Social Buttons, Disqus) to the page. For convenient mailing of letters, you can use the feedback form and Mailchimp. Extensions from Google (Google Map, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools) will be beneficial.

Moreover, you can edit all widgets and content blocks of the desired one page website templates in real-time. You can make significant changes to one page website design in a few clicks:

  • resize interface elements and their positioning;
  • create new content blocks and change the structure of single page website templates beyond recognition;
  • duplicate widget sets for easy editing;
  • customize color schemes, fonts, and display for each element separately.

Empowerment and Nice Bonuses

If you plan to distribute your products or services abroad, you can create one page website in several languages easily. To do this, you can study the understandable manuals in the Help Center or order service from our specialists.

The primary advantage of working with MotoCMS one page website templates is that we offer our customers fully-equipped web solutions. Thus, choosing one of the landing page templates you get:

  • unlimited access to the best one page website builder functionality;
  • a site designed following the modern requirements of one page website design;
  • 24/7 technical support of the best specialists;
  • help with resolving issues related to the maintenance of the site (hosting, content filling, promotion, audit, and optimization);
  • regular updates of the one page website designs and unique offers for regular customers.

How to Make One Page Website?

The modern variety of web tools can be confusing — so many different widgets, plugins, and other third-party apps that you can to equip into the site. But experienced online marketers and designers categorically do not recommend overloading the site — only the most basic and necessary. Of course, you can study thematic articles, consult with experts. Or you can not waste time and heed the advice of our team. MotoCMS has compiled several recommendations for you, combining unchanging classics with interspersed trends for the coming year. So what should you focus on when you create one page website design?

1. Individually About One Page Website Design

A web page should be readable and visually appealing on any screen or part of it. Therefore, adaptability is one of the critical requirements of web design. In 2020, developers are advised to place great emphasis on the mobile versions of one page website templates. Users need it to surf the Internet no less than computers and laptops.

In addition to items with text and media content, any functional elements may disappear from the screen when you resize it. But some of them can take on a different look, becoming easily accessible. So, the essential component of one page website design of the mobile version is the Menu button, which allows visitors to go to:

  • detailed information about the service;
  • Call-to-action button;
  • tariff information;
  • site settings (f.e. change of language);
  • main sections of the site.

2. Content Placement Nuances

The one page website builder from MotoCMS offers you to independently create one page website that will ideally meet all your requirements and perform the required task. Use simple tips with the preferable one page website design to make your web resource not only beautiful but also functional:

  • Intuitive navigation. High conversion is dependent on the design and layout of the page components directly. At first glance, the users should understand what you are selling, how it is beneficial for them, and where they will locate the "buy/order" button.
  • Specific offer. During the first 4-6 seconds, the user decides whether to stay on the page or not. Therefore, the heading is an integral part of landing page templates, because the demand for your offer depends on it.
  • Benefits of your company. Indicate on the page the moments that distinguish you from the background of competitors, give motivating figures, your advantages over competitors.

3. Visitor Interaction

In 2020, pop-up notifications are the trend of one page website design, which you have to treat with extreme care. Well-organized queries can simplify work with clients and automate some types of interactions. When adding pop-up elements to the one page website templates, it is necessary to take into account the target audience and its needs. It is essential to configure the subject and frequency of notifications properly. The element should help users, not scare them away.

The development of technology has led to the fact that a high-quality single page website design involves the creation of more complex, dynamic elements. But remember that it's better to place fewer items, but they will be vital than overloading web pages. If you wish, you can always use ready-made one page website templates as an example. After all, MotoCMS designers are still up to date with the latest trends!

4. Unchanging Classic

Trends come and go, but there are rules for the development of one page website design, which always remain relevant:

  • Catch a visitor's eye. The visual perception of the page should cause trust, positive emotions, the desire to stay on the page. Single page website design in all one page website templates may vary beyond recognition, but users always look at sites from top to bottom.
  • Take care of the harmony. Try to ensure that all aspects of the page, starting from the font and ending with the background pattern, are combined and look harmonious.
  • Personalize the information. Make sure that you have your feature, what characterizes your company, and your proposal. The way content is presented changing, but one's quality and personality must always be on top.

One Page Website Design Templates from MotoCMS - Stay on Trend

Create a one page website - means following a trend that is gaining popularity rapidly day after day. Such sites conquer the Internet due to its convenience and simplicity. The name itself indicates that this is only one page with all the necessary information. Customers like landing page templates that have easy navigation and a high degree of visibility of essential data are precise.

And how to make one page website yourself quickly, without resorting to the help of expensive specialists and studios? An affordable solution for everyone is the use of ready-made one page website templates from MotoCMS. The capabilities of ones allow you to make a full-fledged online platform without significant initial investments. In this case, you do not need a single line of code. Set up one page website design, fill the pages with content, and wait for new customers!

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